The Tans in 2014


We travelled frequently in 2014, starting in January taking Ainslie on a 5-day cruise from Fremantle to Esperance and Albany before returning back to Freo.  It was a most enjoyable trip (except for Cheryl's travel sickness in the rough Southern Ocean) as we had missed Ainslie coming over every Tuesday since she started primary school. 

The next trip commenced in April in Singapore where we boarded the Voyager of the Seas for a cruise to Japan, stopping at: Hong Kong, Taipeh and Tainan in Taiwan and Nagasaki for day excursions.  The cruise ended in Tokyo where we stayed for 4 days, finally returning to Perth via Kuala Lumpur.  The cruise was good and the excursions that we chose were interesting and educational.  But we loved Tokyo, especially as we managed to catch up with Cheryl's old friend and his wife who she met in 1979; they spent a day with us, introducing us to the ancient town of Nikko.  Japan is really beautiful at this time of the year and we saw many cherry blossom trees in bloom in the countryside; another highlight was travelling on a bullet train.

June saw us in Singapore again, this time to be around for Arthur's mother while his sister attended a wedding in France.  It was a low-key visit but we took the opportunity to meet up with Amarjit Singh, Cheryl's ex-colleague, in his beautiful home.  Then, in July, Arthur's brother-in-law Paul passed away after a relatively short illness and Arthur went back to Singapore for a few days, to attend the funeral and be with family.

In August, we again set sail from Fremantle on a 15-day cruise to Indonesia, visiting Komodo Island, Semarang (where we took a long but rewarding drive to see Borobodur), Makassar (Ujung Pandang) in Sulawesi, Bali and Lombok.

Our final journey for the year was a 7-day tour of Myanmar, with short stays in Singapore before and after (including an overnight stay on Batam Island) in late November/early December.  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of  Myanmar – quite an eye-opener. A land of contrasts: ostentatious wealth and acceptance of poverty; old infrastructure and buildings, yet a brand new capital. There are so many pagodas and temples and so many donors/sponsors for their upkeep.  The people are friendly and laid-back.

Our family has expanded – Greg and Andrea had a second baby boy, Blake, in mid-May, and Ainslie and Rhys are happy to be big sister and big brother.  Our photo shows Blake at 16½ weeks. 

Ainslie has just completed Year 2 and has been very active in a cheer-leading group, placing well in competitions. 

Rhys has been attending pre-primary one day a week and next year will be in kindergarten.  He is still crazy over construction vehicles and is at the age when he is like a sponge and absorbs everything he hears or sees. 

Blake looks very much like Ainslie as a baby, and is just cutting his first tooth. 

Nick and Peta are comfortably married and also have a new addition to their family – a cat called Putt. 

Cheryl's mum, Esme, toured Cambodia and Vietnam. 

Cheryl worked at the re-run of the WA Senate election, and Arthur has been busy compiling holiday photo books

Fleming is suffering the effects of arthritis and high blood pressure, but he is under medication and sleeps a lot.


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