The Tans in 2016


Our Year In Review

2016 was relatively quiet – there was no overseas holiday (for the first time since 2009).  However in April, Cheryl and Arthur did take a very short 3-day cruise on the P&O ship Pacific Eden on a round trip between Fremantle and Busselton with their grandchildren Ainslie and Rhys.  Rhys had been waiting patiently for his turn to experience a cruise after Ainslie had her 'go' in 2014; the trip was enjoyable and was especially memorable for him.  Later, in September, after a particularly wet winter which gave rise to spectacular showings of spring wildflowers, Cheryl and Arthur took another short (road) trip to the Mid-West of WA following a wildflower trail.  It was not disappointing – there were wildflowers everywhere and the predominant colour this year was white; sometimes it looked as if there was snow on the ground!  They also managed locate lovely specimens of the rare wreath wildflower.

Cheryl's mother, Esme, decided that she missed her friends from Perth too much and so in March she returned to Perth from Adelaide and is now staying with Cheryl and Arthur.  She celebrated her 90th birthday in October, and a large chunk of the period leading up to the big day was taken up in preparations for the party; for Cheryl, this meant the baking and decorating of the 9-tier birthday cake (each tier showcased photos from each decade of her life) as well as an assortment of cakes for the dessert.  The party was a big success for family and friends, with some guests from Singapore and interstate making the journey to Perth.

Greg and Nick, both resigned from their jobs and both happened to join the same company – a start-up venture.  They have always been close as siblings, but this development was not foreseen by anyone.  Peta also is in a new job – she now works at the Health Department in the city – no longer in a hospital.  Andrea works part-time at a small hotel in Perth.  Greg has a 3-D printer and has produced a few items.  Nick and Peta spent a few months finishing and furnishing their holiday home in Lancelin ready for rental.

The grandchildren are growing fast, as expected (the photo on the card was taken in November).  Ainslie competed at the Australian Cheer-leading championships held in the Gold Coast in July and her team was placed first in their division.  Rhys maintains his interest in all things mechanical (particularly farming equipment) and scientific; and his speech has improved.  His swimming is also getting better.  Blake, on the other hand, does not speak much at all – he has his own way of communication through signs, his own unique sounds and the ability of his siblings to interpret his needs.  He has developed his own personality – cheeky and naughty.  He is the only child to come over every Tuesday to be with us (and attend swimming lessons with Cheryl).  His sister and brother take turns to be with Grandma and Granddad on Tuesdays during the school holidays.

Health-wise, both Cheryl and Arthur have benefitted from moving to a diet of fish and vegetables (and less meat). Arthur had a cataract operation in November and is delighted with the result.  The Federal Election this year saw Cheryl work at a Pre-poll Voting Centre and, on election day, as OIC of a polling station.  There were also some security issues in the strata complex, where she is secretary of the body corporate, which took up a lot of her time. 

Cheryl still loves making interesting cakes. They haven't got another dog – they still miss Flemington too much to replace him.