The Tans in 2019


For the first time in many years, there was no overseas travel in 2019 as things on the home front took precedence.  However, Cheryl and Arthur managed to sneak in a short 4-day break with Ripper the Jack (his first holiday) in the south-west of WA, based in Balingup.  While the SW is normally a cool and green area, during this holiday, the weather was unseasonably warm and  that constrained the amount of touring undertaken.  However Ripper the Jack enjoyed his holiday.  The photo on this card shows us in the Golden Valley Arboretum at Balingup.

Cheryl  joined a seniors group aquarobics work-out  once a week  and also started swimming lessons and is having fun.  She worked as the OIC of a polling station at  the Federal election in May. 

Arthur is continuing with riding his bike for exercise and spending time on the computer or with his iPad. 

Ripper the Jack will be 3 years old by the end of this year, and he is more subdued and obedient.  He's very loving and good with people, while at the same time being a great guard dog; we don't need a door bell – his barks are sufficient to alert us.  He loves squeaky toys, playing soccer and chasing, catching and retrieving a ball.

Cheryl's mother, Esme has suffered mental and emotional stress throughout the year; medical specialists were consulted resulting in changes to her medication and treatment plans.  She seems to be having a more positive attitude to life lately and hopefully this will continue.  Sadly, her dementia can’t be stopped.

Charmaine flew over from Adelaide in October to be part of a surprise birthday lunch for Esme, and remained for a few more days. She returned in early December for another short visit.  These  visits greatly supported both Esme and Cheryl.

Greg and Andrea celebrated their 15th anniversary this year – a great milestone.   Greg   went to Rochester NY for two weeks for work.  

Andrea continues to manage the backpackers inn that she works for and has taken up an additional role as a property manager.   She is active in the P&F of Aranmore School.  

Ainslie has completed   her first year of high school and working hard to transition to a new style of schooling.   She's still active in Cheer and her team won overall Division Grand Champion in a recent championship.  

Rhys was selected for a National Development Squad and continues to train long hours at gymnastics and his skills, techniques and strength are improving all the time.   He is still very into science and maths.  

Blake's speech has improved considerably and he has a great vocabulary.   He is quick-witted and can reduce us to uncontrolled laughter.   Recently he started wearing glasses.  

Now that all 3 grandchildren are at school full-time, Cheryl and Arthur only see them during school holidays – and are always surprised at how much they have grown physically, emotionally and in self-confidence.

Nick & Peta had a hard year. In April Peta lost her dad quite unexpectedly and then in May their beloved pet Zhaan's medical issues  progressed to a stage where her pain and suffering became too great and they had to let her go peacefully.

Nick is still a mad basketball fan and this year, as a result of a joke gone crazy, he's created a phantom basketball team called Perth Bandits, with logo and merchandise.  The team does not have players – but has an identity and a following!!   He also has a YouTube channel (with 7,750 subscribers) featuring videos of the Perth Wildcats. 

Peta has  a new job  requiring her to visit regional WA  and this takes her away for a couple of weeks at a time.

Molly now has a part-time job as a pet mascot in Nick's office every Wednesday. She still comes over to spend time with Ripper twice a week. 

Putt is happy to remain top cat in Nick and Peta's family.


The Tans in 2019