2020 was the Year of the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Thankfully, In Western Australia it was responded to early and decisively and we are in a good place now, though still very cautious and vigilant.  With hard borders, any overseas or interstate travel has been impossible.

In February, Cheryl and Arthur went on a cruise from Fremantle to Broome and the Kimberley coast (off the north west of WA). 

This was a long-awaited trip to one of Australia's most beautiful places. 

However, 2 days into the cruise, a cyclone watch was issued for that region and the ship only reached as far as Exmouth before turning back, with an itinerary change that brought it to the Busselton region (south of Perth). 

It was very disappointing, but in hindsight it was the only holiday they would have this year because Covid-19 restrictions were introduced almost immediately after. 

They did however visit scenic places around Perth, and particularly liked going for walks in the hills areas where there were waterfalls and streams.  The photo this year was taken at the Lesmurdie Falls reserve. 

Life was very routine for Cheryl and Arthur but surprisingly also very busy.  Their car had 2 accidents, once when Cheryl accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake and hit a pole while parking, and then when an L-plater hit the car while it was parked (the upside is that the car's bodywork looks great now). 

Cheryl persisted in her swimming lessons, trying to master the breast stroke, but without success so far; Arthur now walks instead of cycles but he is still an avid user of his computer and iPad; and Ripper is getting older, smarter and devious. 

Received sad news from Singapore that Cheryl's cousin-in-law, Victoria, passed away in April.

Cheryl's mother, Esme has deteriorated further, exacerbated when nursing homes were placed under strict lockdown with no visits allowed for 3 months and all bus outings stopped (only resuming in November). 

Her mental and emotional health is poor and she frequently gets bouts of confusion that now last longer, when she is cannot understand her predicament and gets emotionally drained. 

Luckily, she doesn't remember anything about these 'episodes' after they have run their course.  Looking after her needs (even while she is in care) has taken a lot of Cheryl's time.  It's a pity that Charmaine has been unable to visit due to WA's hard border policy.

Greg is still a workaholic but enjoys more time with his kids these days;

Andrea is working as a property manager while still active in the school and sports activities of the children, including home-schooling them during the Covid-19 lock-down. 

Schools, playgrounds and gyms were closed and the grandkids were unable to have sports training.  To keep them fit and occupied a trampoline and an 8-week newspaper subscription were bought for them. 

Planned trips to Singapore and Kalgoorlie to attend gymnastics competitions did not eventuate as these events were cancelled. 

Ainslie became a teenager in February; Rhys made his First Communion in October; Blake is now in his final year at the Language Development School and has progressed beyond expectations.  He is a real joker with a wicked sense of humour. 

During school holidays they came over and played Monopoly, spent fun time at the local pool, visited a wildlife park and enjoyed lunches at McDonald's and Sizzler (just before it ceased trading in Australia).  The picture of the grandchildren on the card was taken in January and they are quite a bit taller now.

To maintain their work-life balance, Nick and Peta have been taking short breaks to regional centres in WA and booking staycations in Perth to attend theatre shows. 

Thankfully Covid-19 hit after the NBL season, so Nick has not been too affected. Peta is still very busy at work and  Molly continues to enjoy her 3 days a week doggy day-care.     


The Tans in 2020