Covid-19 continued to be with us in 2021, and we even got the Delta variant in Australia.  The good news was that the vaccines were produced and we dutifully got doubled-jabbed and are now in the process of booking for the booster.  While some states (especially NSW and Victoria) suffered badly with extended lockdown periods to combat soaring cases and deaths, Western Australia, with its hard borders, kept the virus out and our lives were completely normal with no social distancing or mask-wearing but restricted to intra-state travel. 

The highlight for Cheryl and Arthur was their 50th wedding anniversary in October, quietly celebrated with family (see photo).  The closest thing to a holiday was an enjoyable 3-day staycation in a Perth hotel for the event.  Having not visited Perth city for around 10 years, they went sightseeing and dined in Northbridge; they noticed a reduction in the number of European eating places and a corresponding rise in Asian ones.  There were many new buildings and developments, but the outstanding experience was a visit to the new WA museum called Boola Bardip, which means 'many stories' in the local Nyoongar language – a must-see place.

They had booked a holiday on the Indian Pacific train journey from Sydney to Perth in August, with a stopover for a Murray River cruise in South Australia, but this was cancelled due to Covid.  The year was as usual very busy for Cheryl, so much so that she had to give up swimming lessons and aquarobic sessions, but she and Arthur still have their daily exercise taking Ripper and Molly for walks twice a day.  Ripper is maturing and more obedient.  He is getting more adept at communicating his needs and wishes.

Cheryl's mum, Esme's dementia has progressed quite quickly and she has been moved to a special dementia-care unit in the nursing home.  This year has been particularly distressing for her, especially as she has no recollection of the death of her husband, Philip, almost 20 years ago.  She keeps asking and waiting for him to show up and is incredibly distraught that he does not come to see her. She is still relatively fit physically (for a 95-year old), but her memory, even for normal routine activities, is diminishing fast.  It was good that Charmaine managed to come over from Adelaide for a week to be with her and join in her birthday celebrations.

Greg has changed jobs and is now working in an engineering company that is specialises in green tech, mobility and space projects. The workplace is located 4kms from his home so he has bought an electric scooter for commuting and is still getting used to it.  Andrea is still in property management and helps out in school and gymnastic events and activities.   All schools were fully opened this year and the grandchildren have been busy in their school-work and extracurricular commitments.  Ainslie is still into cheerleading; Rhys is training really hard and doing very well in gymnastics competitions held locally; Blake is completing Year 2 in mainstream school after finishing at the Language Development School, and is enjoying it very much; he is still the joker in the family – takes after Nick.   During the school holidays. Greg took them for a short holiday to Bridgetown and Pemberton.

Nick and Peta can't resist the travel bug and have taken staycations in Perth, little holidays in WA (Kalbarri and Broome) and Northern Territory (Darwin and Katherine). Their cat, Putt, passed away in June but they now have 2 rescue cats Splash and Munchkin who join their dog Molly in the family.

The Tans in 2021