Our 2008


2008 seems to have gone very quickly, maybe due to watching the rapid progress of Ainslie as she races through her life.  She changes and grows before our very eyes, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.  She is still a delightful child and we have great fun together.  This year she has been attending swimming classes as well as continuing her playgroup sessions.  She went on a trip to Sydney and Canberra with Andrea and her family in January. Then in March, the family took a short holiday in Singapore where we stayed with Arthur’s sister Gracie; it was a very hectic week, meeting up with old friends and visiting tourist attractions; but the main purpose was to introduce Ainslie to her great grandmother.  The photo in this year’s card shows the Tan family reunion with Arthur’s 2 sisters and his mother – at that time Ainslie was 13½ months old.  Her christening took place in August.

Arthur and Cheryl took another holiday in August – to the Northern Territory where they visited Darwin, Lichfield and Kakadu National Parks and Alice Springs.  It was an interesting experience and helped them appreciate the expanse and wildlife of the area.  An overland trip to Melbourne to spend Christmas with Nick and Devon this Christmas is being planned. The next phase of home renovations continued – this time the ensuite bathroom was completely re-tiled and refurbished, then ceilings in the lounge and kitchen and bathroom repaired and repainted, and finally bamboo flooring was installed in the lounge/dining and all the bedrooms.  Flemington celebrated his 8th birthday this year, and is showing signs of slowing down.  However he is still as clever as he ever was.

Cheryl accepted another contract (on a part-time basis) and also worked during the State elections in September.  Greg has almost finished his MBA course and Devon has started her own floristry business in Melbourne and is active in amateur theatre. In February, she and Nick came over to Perth to attend an old friend’s wedding and in August they flew over to Oregon to be with her family, and had a short break in Honolulu on their way back. They now have only one of their dogs (Zh’aan) and she has recently had major treatment for obstruction in the intestines caused by eating whole bones.

Cheryl’s mum Esme has been on the move as usual – she did the Great Ocean Trek in Victoria in April and spent a month in Adelaide in November - and when she is not travelling she leads a very busy social life which now includes weekly square dancing sessions.

The Year in Review