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West Australians or visitors - visit the Margaret River wine region and rent a fabulous beach house in Dunsborough as a base.
Adelaide Rd, Dunsborough
Geographe Bay Rd, Dunsborough - pure luxury

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"Weinberg's Corollary:
An expert is a person who
avoids small errors while
sweeping on to the
grand fallacy. "


Welcome to the Web pages of Tek Soft Consulting (
These pages were created to support the SCADA mailing list. ( - to subscribe send a message to with subscribe in the subject).

The pages also feature a comprehensive collection of links to SCADA resources on the WWW. You can submit your firms web pages for inclusion and if you do most of the pages at your site will be indexed and included in the SCADA Search Engine. This indexing acts like a "Web Spider program" indexing around 2000 SCADA related pages and creates a highly specific search facility for SCADA information. This unique search engine is one of the most popular pages at this site. Currently the depth to which sites are indexed is limited due to limited disc space, so all of your site may not be currently indexed.

The search engine is temporarily unavailable.

You may also send requests for assistance and advice on SCADA matters to Tek Soft Consulting (Ian Wiese). Questions that would take research or major effort to respond to are outside the scope of this offer, but arrangements may be made to undertake these projects. In many cases you will be referred to other sources for assistance.

There are also a number of articles discussing standards in the SCADA industry, and a SCADA primer which explains the basics of SCADA. For more detailed information about RTU's click here or project management of SCADA systems click here. For some details of the application of SCADA to water supply systems click here. To see a simulated water supply system being controlled by SCADA, click here (if you have a 800x600 screen and a relatively recent version of IE4 or Netscape (4.07 say)).
For some SCADA humour click here.

I visit many web pages created by SCADA companies. There are a mixture of standards of web page design, ranging from excellent to poor. The most fundamental problems are not to do with style, graphic design, and so on, but with forgetting to do the obvious such as including your company name or contact information on your web site. Click here to review a list of the most common errors, and check out your web site against this list!

Mnemonic - Said of someone suffering from mnemonia.
Gigabyte - A painful sting on the giga.
Consultant - Someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time.

Introduction to Western Australia

Fremantle Lonely Planet Guide (Western Australia)
Regions of Western Australia
Meelup beach

Weinberg's Law:

If builders built buildings, the way programmers write programs, the first woodpecker to come along would destroy civilization.

MacInnis' Rebuttal to Weinberg's Law:

If builders built buildings with as little information as programmers are expected to write programs, then most buildings would look like those on Hollywood Movie Lots.
- R. MacInnis

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