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Being a member of a company that supplies SCADA systems, mainly for electric utilities, and since we are evaluating developing a new RTU or integrating a RTU from a different supplier, I?d be interested on receiving information about suppliers of RTUs and the specifications of their RTUs (pole mount and substation) . Best regards Antonio Carrapatoso

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Re: RTU suppliers

Tue, 18 Mar 1997 12:15:41 -0600

There are several suppliers of RTUs in the Remote Terminal Units (RTU) category of the Products directory of the ElectricNet OnLine Directory at Antonio Carrapatoso wrote: --

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RE: RTU suppliers

Tue, 18 Mar 1997 12:17:27 -0600

The best RTU supplier by far is GE-Harris (formally Westronics) in Calgary Canada. We have used their RTUs in all of our projects and I am continually amazed how versatile their D20 family of RTUs is. Their pole mounted RTU known as the DART, is one of the only poletop RTUs I know that supports transducerless measurements, that is connect directly to the CTs and PTs (Voltage Transformer). The DART uses DSP technology to calculate additional parameters such as phase, power factor, power, energy, etc. The DART can also be used to do fault detection and isolation. GE-Harris have a range of distributed I/O modules which connect to a high speed link in the substation which reduces the cost of installation by reducing labor and wiring. One of the I/O modules, the D20AC module permits transducerless measurements in the substation. Think of the cost savings if you could eliminate most transducers in a substation. Their latest product the D25 is probably their most amazing product yet. I won't attempt to describe this product as it does so many things. GE-Harris has a large protocol library which allows the D20/D200 RTU to talk to most IED (Intelligent Electronic Devices) such as protection relays, revenue meters, PLCs, other RTUs, etc. What I like most about the D20 family is its ability to scale from a small RTU to a very large RTU without having to throw anything away. When you decide to implement Substation Automation, you use the same hardware and simply add applications and protocols. GE-Harris has a large range of Substation Automation applications and I believe they are the number one suppliers of RTUs and Substation Automation solutions in the world. Companies such as Siemens, ABB, and others have supplied D20 RTUs in many of their projects. Anyone interested should contact GE-Harris directly. The GE-Harris person to contact is Gary Moore at or phone Canada (403) 243-3335 Regards

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