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West Australians or visitors - visit the Margaret River wine region and rent a fabulous beach house in Dunsborough as a base.
Adelaide Rd, Dunsborough
Geographe Bay Rd, Dunsborough - pure luxury

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"Weinberg's Corollary:
An expert is a person who
avoids small errors while
sweeping on to the
grand fallacy. "

General Conditions of Contract

Origin - unknown

1. The work we want did is clearly showed on the attached plans and specorfications. Our engineer, whose had plenty of coledge, spent one hell of a lot of time when he drawed up these plans and specerfications, but nobody can think of everything. Once your tender is in that's it brother! From then on, anything wanted by our engineer or by any of his friends or anybody else (except the contraktor) shall be considered as showed, specifide or implide and shall be provided by contraktor without no expense to nobody cept the contraktor.

2. If the work is done without no extra expense to the contraktor, then the work will be tooken down and did over again unitl extry expense to the contraktor is satisfactory to our engineer.

3. Our engineer plans is right as drawed. If drawed wrong it should be discovered by the contraktor, kerricted, and did right at his own expense. It wont cut no ice with us nor our engineer if you point out mistakes which our engineer drawed. If you do it will be one hell of a long time before the contraktor does any more work for us or him.

4. The contraktor is not sposed to make fun of our engineer, his plans, or the kind of work we doing. If he do, its jist to bad for him.

5. Any contraktor walking around the job with a smile is subject to revu of his tnder.

6.If the contraktor dont find all our engineer's misteaks before he tenders this here job, or if he aint got nuff sense to know that our engineer is going to think up a bunch of new stuff that got to be did befor the job is completely did, then it is just too bad for him (meaning the contraktor).

7.The contraktor gotta use all good stuff on this job no crapy material.


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