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"Weinberg's Corollary:
An expert is a person who
avoids small errors while
sweeping on to the
grand fallacy. "



Since this site opened, traffic has been increasing steadily. The site is now visited by an average of 1500 individuals per week, and the numbers are still rising! More importantly, its visitors form a well-defined target audience, as they are typically SCADA professionals or users. Displaying your banner on this site will be an effective means of advertising your web site. Many SCADA organisations go to great expense to set up a web site, only to find that it receives a trickle of visits (often 10's per week).

Advertising Rates:

You may advertise on this site at extremely competitive advertising rates. A years advertisement costs US$200. Although your ad will be placed in a rotating group you will be guaranteed your ad is "presented" 50000 times per annum, or 4000 times per month. (if you ad is not displayed this number of times within the time, it will be left there free of charge until it has. ) The rate at which your ad is clicked on once displayed is out of our control and not guaranteed. Experience to date has shown that you can expect that 1%-2% of the times your ad is displayed someone will click on it. Animating the gif file appears to have no effect on this rate! One advertisement offering a free small give away has achieved a 5% rate, so you may wish to think about this.

You may list your company on THESE pages free of charge. Click here and fill in this form. If you wish to display your company logo with your listing, the cost is US$50 per annum.

Other Information:

Banners can be of any size up to 80 pixels in height and 550 pixels in width, and may be animated (preferably not). There is no absolute limit on the file size of banners, but as a general rule, they shouldn't exceed 7k. (The smaller the better! They'll load faster, and are thus more likely to be seen!)

I reserve the right to reject any advertisement.

You may have multiple logos randomly selected for display each time. Both on a banner ad and on a logo. This facility can be used to keep the interest of viewers who would otherwise become used to seeing the same ad each time.

There are facilities to check how many times your logo has been displayed, and how many times it has been clicked on. For example to check this information for the Tek Soft Logo at the top of this page, click here. Select "Review the TekSoftA" ad and the password is pass.

Please email for further details.


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