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Australian Kite Ski&Surfing Association

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Kite Surfing Competition Rules Dave Litewave Designs http://WWW.LITEWAVEDESIGNS.COM
Cory Roeseler's
Kiteski Homepage
KiteSki Logo Rolf Østergaard's
The KITESKI Pages 
Perth Weather Forecast BoM Logo Hold the Line Kites Hold the Line Logo
Discussion Group
Luka Baranovic's
Great collection of links
KiteSurf Webring  Laurent Ness's Flysurf School in France
Peter Lynn's
Power Kiting
The Power Kite Site
SkySailor Magazine Skysailor Logo Australian Weather Charts
Buggies Boats and Peels Dave Lord's Traction Kiting
Dave Culp Speedsailing Steeve Chevalley's Swiss Power Kite News
Australian Hang Gliding Clubs Australian Kite Association AKA Logo
Hang Gliding WWW Server
Home Page
Winging it on the Ice in Sweden at
120 km/h! 
KITESURFING; The Flying Dutchman
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