Young Design and Sculpture

Unraveling 041 small.jpg (236954 bytes) Cleo 046 small.jpg (41632 bytes) Turbulence 010 small.jpg (33533 bytes) Tendon & Bone 026 small.jpg (12965 bytes) Erotica Puzzle 009 small.jpg (30081 bytes) Dunes 042 small.jpg (25701 bytes) shady7 small.jpg (11211 bytes) wpe4C.jpg (3842 bytes) Small L30 15.jpg (33262 bytes) Manta Vortex 1 Small.jpg (24662 bytes) Splat Spiral Female Form Infinity Spiral Female Form - detail Katana Katana - detail Prayer Rebirth, ceramic Hooked on Curves Sleepers IV - detail Katana - detail Doughnut, java stone Rebirth - java stone Wave, java stone Interlocking Fins Abstract XV, ceramic hooked on curves, ceramic entwined II-3 small.JPG (5487 bytes) Abstract XV, jarah Bone Puzzle Infinite Loop Abstract XVII  Entwined II Hooked on Curves, beech Love Infinity - detail Abstract XIV Flame Life I Abstract I Breast Life IIClam Shell Mountain abstract 13-4 small.jpg (27226 bytes) Family II Entwined I Surf God Totem Surf God Totem - detail Hang Gliding Trophy Fins SAS Statuette Burl Bowl with Swirl Perfect Wave Palm Sculpture 


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