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Amateur Radio Station


  Operator - Ian        QTH = Scoresby, Victoria, Australia.  Grid =  QF22OC

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There are many ham sites on the internet.   I am attempting to doing something different with an Amateur Radio Station home page.


  • XYL - Ellen.  Harmonics - Jenny, Cathy, Michael, and Greg.  Grand children - Jasmine, Kayla, Luke, Kimberly, Elizabeth and William. Extended family - Paul and Amanda. 
  • Retirement - Retried from the work force in March 2008 after 42 years in the Telecommunication industry.  
  • Education - I have been interested in teaching people electronics and radio physics to help would-be amateurs pass the examinations.  I am an examination invigilator (exam supervisor) with the Moorabbin District Radio Club. (MDRC)
  • On-Air time - Over the years it has not been great. After all its is a hobby.
  • Most enjoyable activities - Nets, scheds and club activities.  I enjoy keeping in-touch with people and finding out what they have been up to.  People experimenting with many facets of technology and radio communications.
  • Morse Code - In 1988 my own personal celebration of Australia's bi-centenary year was to upgrade to a Full Call.  This was for me one of the hardest things I have ever done.
  • Other Digital modes - I have experimented with packet and other text base modes. They have their place and are useful to support Amateur radio communications.  Amateur radio is a contact hobby and suited to our most natural method of communication with each other voice.
  • Favourite mode - No surprises, voice.
  • Home brew - An area that gives a lot of satisfaction. (and keeps the on-air jaw boning time low) It is w\very relaxing to escape to the shack to do some tinkering.
  • Operation Safety - The old adage comes to mind. "Electricity is a good servant, but a bad master" We amateur operators at all times must have the knowledge and know what we a dealing with.  RF is one of electricitys most dangerous forms.
  • Echolink node numbers  296334 for VK3IFM  or 515584 VK3IFM-L  Link radio operator commenced Jun 2010 (currently off air)
  • Now operational on D-STAR  - My home D-STAR Repeater
  • Enjoy field day including ILLW, VHF/UHF Contests
  • QRP ARCI member number #14024
  • VK QRP Club member number  #804
  • SKCC  member number #8271
  • FISTS Down Under #14131
  • WinLink 2K Gateway station VK3IFM-10 on VHF Packet.  145.200 Mhz accessable via VK3RML-5  VK3IFM-5 WINMOR on HF 
  • Other activities are the International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend and SOTA

So in conclusion, thanks taking the time to reading my AR CV. I hope you have enjoyed the experience.  I commend Amateur Radio to you as a hobby with its many and varied aspects.


My Amateur Radio History.

  • 13 March 1980 - Limited Amateur Certificate of Proficiency. Call sign of VK3YVO Certificate V1176
  • 14 April 1980 - became a member of Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA), Victorian Division. Certificate 15813.
  • 21 February 1990 - Novice Amateur Certificate of Proficiency. Call sign of VK3JFF Certificate V2403.
  • 2 Aug 1990 - Amateur  Operator Certificate of Proficiency. Call sign of VK3DVO Certificate V1709. (now Advanced Certificate)
  • 4 May 2003 - Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of voluntary service to the WIA (Education)
  • July 2003 - Treasurer of Moorabbin & District Radio Club Inc. (on going)
  • Feb 2005 - Joined WICEN Vic. Inc.
  • May 2008 - Retired from full time employment.
  • May 2008 - Call sign changed from VK3DVO
  • May 2008 - WICEN Vic. Region 4 Coordinator.
  • Late 2010 - WIA  project scanning VK Call Book collection to searchable PDF  files.
  • Facilator with Radio and Electronics School
  • Aug 2011 - Life Member - Moorabbin & District Radio Club.
  • Aug 2011 - Learning CW again (see  and enjoying building some QRP gear, current project Ten-Tec 40m CW tranceiver.
  • Jul 2012 - President MDRC

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- First Published - 29 July 2002 - Last Updated - 23 May 2015 -

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