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 Winlink 2000 - Radio Mail System.
                VK3IFM-10   VK3IFM-5
VK3IFM-10 is a RMS Packet WL2K gateway on 145.200MHz accessable from VK3RMU-2 digipeater on the same frequency.
Digipeater is operated by WICEN Vic.  VHF RMS Packet map.  Alternative RMS Packet gateway VK3PG-10
VK3IFM-5 is a RMS WINMOR WL2K gateway is operating on HF.  Currently under test since 20-Jan-2012  and only operating
between 8:00 and 11:00 UTC. Radio dial frequency 3.6355MHz USB (center frequency 3.637MHz) 1600 bandwidth.
Watch the WINMOR map for changing frequencies and operating times during testing period.
For Operating times refer the WIMOR map.  Frequency refer RMS Status
RMS Pactor WL2K gateway VK3PG in this area.  See "Channel Select" function in RMS Express.
Other useful links  
Station Photo Albums Photos of Station equipment.
Station Block Diagram. Hardware diagram of the site equipment
Communiaccessiblesion diagrams. Communication Session diagrams for Packet and WINMOR connections
Beginners Guide to RMS Express Link to WinLink 2000 website
RMS Express Client software Soctware specifications and software download
Link to WinLink 2000 website
Date Changes
9-Jan-2014 Un-planned Power Interuption - Gateway restarted   Outage time unknown
7-Jan-2014 Planned Power Supply interuption  - 8:00AM until 4:00PM
4-April-2012 2m TX diviation adjusted
15-Mar-2012 Frequency change.  Dial frequency is 3.6335MHz  Centre Frequency of 3.635MHz
14-Mar-2012 VK3IFM-5 RMS WINMOR software updated to Version
17-Feb-2012 Microsoft Windows update and re-boot occured.   Gateway didn't restart.   Windows Autoupdate inhibited and is now manually controlled.  RMS Gateway software now auto starts on re-boot.
10-Feb-2012 VK3IFM-10 RMS Packet. USB to RS232 device changed. Still hanging and failing to communicate with TNC.  Replaced with ATEN UC232a and drivers updated.
9-Feb-2012 Have also been twicking the levels on WINMOR.    The Debug log file has around 11K per day line of faults decodes on the noise.  I am attempting to reduce this some what.  Hopefully this will increase the reliability of decodes.   It may also reduce sensitivity if I go to far.   Let me know if you can't connect at any time.
Beginners Guide to RMS Express added.
8-Feb-2012 Issues with USB to RS232 device on VK3IFM-10. RMS Packet gateway. Prolific driver 2303 devices.   Reloaded correct driver v1.5.0 24-Oct-2011 -- This issue results in the RMS software ignoring the Packet TNC and not connecting to the Central Message Server network.
4-Feb-2012 Schedule changed to 24/7 operation.
2-Feb-2012 Re Proposed trial on 40m  At this stage the 80m band appears to be clear at this location. Have extended the hours of operation from 2000 - 1100 UTC  (7:00AM - 10:00PM EDST)
31-Jan-2012 - Changed hours for Feb for RMS WINMOR with a morning time slot added.  2000 - 2300 UTC  (7:00AM - 11:00AM EDWINMOR VK3PG PACTOR gateway information in this area.
30-Jan-2012 ADSL/LAN cables rearranged.
- Changed power supply from Switched Mode to Conventional Power Supply.  SMPS causing birdies across the HF WINMOR frequency.
- Station Block Diagram updated.
26-Jan-2012 RMS WINMOR hours changed from 0800-1100 UTC to 5-11 UTC (4:00PM -10:00PM EDST)
20-Jan-2012 RMS WINMOR gateway under test on Dial Frequency 3.6355MHz. Operating Between 0800-1200 UTC  (7:00PM - 11:00PM EDST)
13-Jan-2012 New Gateway Computer went on line.
           Echolink Section  - VK3IFM-L
EchoLink - Link station -  VK3IFM-L  Node number - 515584 - Status -
439.175MHz FM 91.5 CTCSS

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