Measure for Measure


This iPhone, iPod, iPad program converts many common and uncommon quantities. It is useful in business where metric must be converted to old units, as well as for scientific purposes. Measure for Measure at app store.

M4M is great for business - even if you only do one thing like convert Tonnes to US tons for shipping, M4M is easy for this and always starts up on your last selection.

For engineering and science it has all the information in one app.

For education it helps students of primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Find out interesting facts about how our measurement systems came to be as complicated as they are.

Most other converters are designed like calculators – one input to one output. However SI Data Converter displays many results at once, saving the user the tedious step of setting the result units on another dial.

Conversions are logically grouped. For instance, volumes are not just in one big display, but divided into general volumes, cooking volumes, liquid, and dry volumes.


Categories of Conversions                          



…Gunter Survey



…rail gauges







Consumption (vehicle fuel consumption)



…space (your weight in space and on other worlds)









…field strength

…flux density





Character Codes

SI Units

CGS Units


Full Details

Enter a value to convert in the numeric input field.

Select a category as above on the left, and a unit to convert from on the right.

All conversions automatically appear in the bottom panel, scroll down to see more. Details and educational information are below the conversions. This information can be turned off in the Settings application. Conversions and values are remembered at application exit, so that common conversions can be returned to quickly on application restart.

In the bottom panel, conversions are grouped into Metric and SI Units, Imperial (new British system) and US (original British system). Here are all the units that SI Data Converter handles:


Millimetres, Centimetres, Metres, Kilometres, Inches, Feet (decimal and feet and inches), Yards, Furlongs, Statute Miles, Leagues


Metres, Kilometres, Fathoms, Cable (UK), Cable (US), Nautical Miles (UK), Nautical Miles (US), Inches, Feet (decimal and feet and inches), Yards, Statute Miles

Length…Gunter Survey

Metres, Kilometres, Links, Rods, Chains, Inches, Feet (decimal and feet and inches), Yards, Statute Miles


Metres, Astronomical Units, Light Years, Parsecs, Miles


Points, Picas, ens, ems, Agates, Ciceros, Millimetres, Inches

Length…rail gauges

Information on different rail gauges and where they are used.


Square centimetres, Square metres, Hectares,  Square kilometres, Square inches, Square feet, Square yards, Acres, Square miles


Cubic millimetres, Millilitres, Litres,  Cubic metres, Cubic inches, Cubic feet, Cubic yards, Cubic miles


Millilitres, Teaspoons, Dessertspoons, Tablespoons, Metric cups, Litres, UK fluid ounces, UK gill, UK cups, UK pints, UK quarts, UK gallons, US fluid ounces, US gill, US cups, US pints, US quarts, US gallons



Litres, Kilolitres, UK gallons, UK buckets, UK barrels, UK gallons, UK buckets, UK barrels, US gallons, US buckets, US barrels (liquid), US barrels (petroleum)


Litres, Kilolitres, UK gallons, UK pecks, UK bushels, UK barrels, US gallons, US pecks, US bushels, US barrels


From piccolo to Nebuchadnezzar and Melchizedek and Hogshead. All bottle sizes are included.

Consumption (fuel)

Km/Litre, Litres/100 km, mpg (UK and US), km/gallon (UK and US)


Grams, Kilograms, Tonnes, Drams, Ounces, Pounds (decimal and pounds and ounces), Stones, UK quarter, UK hundredweight, UK tons (long), US quarter, US hundredweight, US tons (short)


Milligrams, Metric carats, Grams, Kilograms, Grains, Ounce grain, Ounce carat, Pennyweight, Pound gram, Pound carat, Troy ounce, Troy pound


Just for fun, what would you or other things weigh in space, or on other worlds.



Metres/second, Kilometres/hour, Mach, Inches/second, Miles/hour, Knots


Metres/second, Kilometres/hour, Miles/hour, Light in glass, Light in water, Light in ice, Light in air, Light in vacuum


Ergs, Joules, Kilojoules, Calories, BTUs, Watt-hours


Micronewtons, Dynes, Kilogram-force, Newtons, Kilonewtons, Meganewtons, Ounce-force, Pound-force, Poundal, Short ton-force, Metric ton-force, Long ton-force


Ergs/second, Milliwatts, Watts,  Kilowatts, Megawatts, Calories/second, Kgfm/second, Horsepower, BTUs/second


Millipascal, Pascal, Kilopascal, Megapascal, Barye, Millibar, Torr, Pounds per square inch, Atmosphere, Ton force per square inch


Celcius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Rankine, Réaumur, Rømer, Delisle, Newton


Magnetic…field strength

Amps per metre, Oersted

Magnetic…flux density

Microteslas, Teslas, Gauss


NanoWebers, Webers, Maxwells

Mathematical functions

Identity, inverse, exponent, natural log, 2x, log base 2, log base 10, square root, cube root, error function, complementary error function, gamma


In degrees and radians. sine (sin), cosine (cos), tangent (tan), inverse sine (asin), inverse cosine (acos), inverse tangent (atan), hyperbolic sine (sinh), hyperbolic cosine (cosh), hyperbolic tangent (tanh), inverse hyperbolic sine (asinh), inverse hyperbolic cosine (acosh), inverse hyperbolic tangent (atanh)

Constants SI Data

All physical and chemical constants are given: universal constants, electromagnetic constants, atomic constants, alpha particle constants, deuteron constants, electron constants, helion constants, shielded helion constants, muon constants, neutron constants, proton constants, shielded proton constants, tau constants, triton constants, physico-chemical constants, atomic units (non-SI), natural units (non-SI), X-ray values


Character Codes

Codes show in binary, octal, hexadecimal, ISO 8859 (ASCII), EBCDIC. All control codes (STX, EOT, etc) are listed.

SI Units

All recognized SI units are listed with magnitude prefixes.

CGS Units

CGS units (those not recognized SI units) are given.

Help and About

In application help and about is provided.


for business, engineering, education, and science