The Steer Family

This is our story of a roof restoration by Permacoat.

In 2010, we wanted a good, long-lasting roof painting job done.  Wary of the many fly-by-nighters around, we went to Permacoat (who were recommended to us), and paid $7,200 for a job that included a 20 year warranty.

In 2015, I noticed large-scale pealing of the paint on the tiles and ridge-capping, and contacted Permacoat.  A Permacoat representative came around and inspected the roof and agreed that the painting was defective.  In response, they pointed-out the terms of the 20 year warranty - that after 3 years, they only covered the paint, and that the home owner is liable for the full labour rate to apply it.  Their quote to re-paint the roof (under warranty) was $3,696 !

I then wrote back and suggested that they supply me with the paint, and I apply it myself (of course they would have no responsibility for the outcome).  They rejected this offer.

Of course, we are extremely reluctant to spend any more money with Permacoat, because if they couldn't do a proper job the first time around (a "20 year" coating failing within 5 years), what chance they would do a decent job the second time around?

Depending on the cost of their materials, it is quite possible that they could make a profit via their standard labour rates on a warranty claim (which would be a bit rich).

For anyone thinking of using Permacoat - treat the warranty as a 3 year warranty (not 20 years).

Permacoat - not so Permanent?