Handicapping Rules Summary

The handicapping system introduced into Australian golf in 2011 works as follows:

  1. Take the average of the best ten of your last twenty (18-hole) rounds (minus par for the round)

  2. Multiply by the "bonus for excellence factor" of 0.96

  3. Drop all the decimal places after the 1st decimal place (after 10ths digit) - this is the 18-hole Exact handicap

  4. For the 18-hole Playing Handicap, the Exact handicap is rounded (with 0.5 rounding upwards)

If you haven't played twenty 18-hole rounds (which is fourty 9-hole rounds for the McKenzie Group), then the number of "best rounds" to be averaged is reduced from 10.  Officially, for only 1 or 2 completed rounds, they don't compute a handicap, but the McKenzie Group will use the best 1 of your first 2 rounds (likewise best 1 from 3 to 6 completed rounds).

To get the 9-hole handicap for the McKenzie Group, the 18-hole Exact handicap is divided by 2 and rounded (with the quirk that if the result of the division is x.5, the it is rounded towards the even number - don't ask me, ask Microsoft!).


Of course, the official system uses the Standard Scratch Score for the course on the day, but the McKenzie Group will get by using the par score.


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