Application                vBILL    -    Bill Data Management System
Hardware                  Desktop (or Laptop) PC
Operating system     MS Windows

The user friendly vBill application is designed for individuals, families, small businesses, clubs and churches. The application offers flexible bill data management opportunities and as a result, the user has a clear overview of the existing bills. The application is useful also to prepare bills for taxation.

Short description
After the installation, this application can be customized by the user. User name and password and also six different user specific bill categories can be defined. The bill data: date, description, value, category and comment can be added, edited, deleted, sorted, reported, displayed, printed, and saved on floppy disks, zip drives or CDs. Bill reports and totals for a period can be made simply by entering the from- and to- dates. These features range this software as extremly useful also during taxation preparations. 

Price: $149.00 AUD