Application vLottoStatistics -Mathematical statistics of Lotto games software for Windows PC
Hardware Desktop (or Laptop) PC
Operating system     MS Windows
Price: AUD $9.90
Vandom vLottoStatistics helps you to analyze, sort, chart, display and print various winning Lotto number statistics. These statistics, combined with your intuition, can be very precious when you play Lotto next time.

Short description
Past winning Lotto results are listed and regularly updated on the internet. Download them, then, using vLottoStatistics, import these lists and analyze them statistically. The software accepts different Australian and American list formats: NSW, QLD, SA, KenoUSA (29 games), USA Maryland. Initial Lotto lists are shipped with the software to help you get familiar with vLottoStatistics. Measures like Frequency and Percentage, as well as Mean, Median, Mode, Range and Standard deviation are calculated. Horizontal/Vertical distribution is formed. The used statistical concepts and the famous "68-95-99.7 Rule" are explained.

Don't expect to win the next jackpot, but be wisely inspired and try it! Relax and enjoy Vandom vLottoStatistics!