Application                vPalmCars - Car database software for Palm computers
Hardware                  Palm OS computer, Desktop PC
Operating systems   Palm OS 3.0 and above (client), MS Windows (server)
Price: AUD $299.00

The Vandom vPalmCars application is a mobile inventory, marketing and sales tool for professional car dealers. 

Short description
Let's think about having all of your cars' data always available in your hand! The relevant car data (make, model, year, kilometres, gear, plate number, VIN, doors, cylinders, location, different extras and price) can be added, edited, deleted, browsed and selected by combined quick search. All the car data can be downloaded/uploaded easily from/to the desktop PC. You will find, that these functions and the car search facilities make this Palm OS application an easy to use, powerful mobile inventory, marketing and sales instrument.

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