Application                vQualControl   -   Remote Quality Control software for Symbol PDT 3100
Hardware                  Symbol PDT 3100 portable terminal (client), Desktop PC (server)
Operating systems   DOS (client), MS Windows (server)
Price: AUD $299.00

vQualControl is designed for companies who perform remote quality control activities.

Short description
A factory specified checklist is downloaded from the central Server PC database to the portable Symbol PDT terminal. This checklist contains information related to the parts to be controled, the relevant control properties, the accepted limits, etc. The checklist is to be completed during the quality control activity. To do this, the operator enters or scans the relevant quality control information. After this remote activity, the completed checklist is uploaded from the Symbol PDT to the central Server PC. The remote quality control activity using the vQualControl application is quick, error free and paperless.