Application                vPDTinventory   -   Paperless Inventory / Stock Control
Hardware                  Symbol PDT 3100 portable terminal (client), PC (server)
Operating systems   DOS (client), MS Windows (server)
Price: $299.00 AUD

This application is designed for organizations performing stock control activities.

Short description
This software with classical inventory functions, where product barcode, description, amount, set and location are maintained, is a database application, using barcode ID technology. It runs on portable Symbol PDT 3100 terminals. The product database is downloaded from the PC to the portable terminal. The main menu of the application is: 1-Append products, 2-Inventory mode, 3-Browse database, 4-Delete database, 5-Send inventory and 6-Receive database. Using this application, the remote inventory activity is quick, stress free and paperless. After the remote stock control activity, the collected data is uploaded from the portable terminal to the PC.