Application                vPenORDERMobile Ordering System for pen terminals
Hardware                  Symbol PPT 4100 (client), Desktop PC (server)
Operating systems   MS DOS (client), MS Windows (server)
Price: AUD $499.00

This application is a powerful instrument for the companies, who distribute their products through retailers, and regularly collect product orders from them. The application manages ca. 10,000 products and ca. 500 retailers.

Short description
The customers' orders are collected by seller agents. During the order process, the available product relevant information: description, price, category, discounts, and so on, can be presented. The seller agent can apply discounts for the customer and can access different order statistics, customer and product information. The collected orders are uploaded to the central database. The company specific files: products, customers, price codes, discounts and so on, are downloaded from the central database to the Symbol PPT 4100 using a mobile phone or a modem. In this way, the periodical order process is quick, accurate and paperless.