Application                vProdControl  -   Remote Production Control software for Symbol PDT 3100
Hardware                  Symbol PDT 3100 portable terminal(client), Desktop PC(server)
Operating systems   DOS (client), MS Windows (server)
Price: AUD $299.00

Vandom vProdControl is designed for company managers and project leaders, who coordinate different remote production activities.

Short description
The remote production activities (name, description, category, responsible person, time frames, etc) are entered into the Server PC database. The workers download every day their production task lists into their Symbol PDT 3100 terminals. When a specified production task is finished, then the worker scans the task ID barcode into the PDT. At the end of the day, the worker uploads the list of the finished production tasks the to the Server PC database. In this way, the manager/project leader can design and corelate different projects' activities. He/she has the overview of the finished remote production activities and also has both the actual status and the history of these activities.