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Beginners Workshops

The next Beginners Workshop is on this Sunday 3 February at the Wickham Croatian Sports Club, Albert St, Wickham. Cost is $22. Some loaner ukes available, and ukes, books & tuners for sale. Workshop is from 2:00-4:00pm. Jane is taking this class.

The uke is easy to learn. And if you cannot play, you still can Z it (ask later), sing and enjoy yourself. But most people can play and accompany themselves.

The Beginners Uke Workshop is considered, leisurely, detailed, fun and dedicated. Mark still does brief half hour beginners lesson (if people call) up at Paterson or the Bay. However a two hour beginners workshop is far more effective to introduce the ukulele to novices.

During the class we teach learn about 4-5 basic chords, the fundamentals of strumming patterns, finer uke techniques and 2-3 songs. You will (more than likely) sing (pre-requisite - shower singing).

Please ring (0430434291) or email Jane to book (jane(at) as we need to know what you may have done before, whether you have a uke or not, and whether you need to come or not! We have some ukes to borrow for the session, and we often have ukes (Makalas of soprano, concert & tenor sizes), tuners, strings and the Kiwi Ukulele book for sale (we prefer Mike Dickison's book as it allows you to progress further than a lot of other books, from beginner through to a rather advanced level).

Hope to see you at a Beginners Uke Workshop and then we can send you out into the wider wonderful world of playing with others!! Yes. it will be scary for a while, but you will quickly find your feet.

We call our highly sophisticated teaching method the 'throw them in the deep end' method. We certainly look after you at the Beginners Workshop (with a main teacher and, depending on numbers, an assistant) for the whole two hours.

But once you come along to a Ukestra, we (depending upon who is there) will do a couple of simple songs to allow newbies to play along but then we race off on new stuff or more complex stuff to keep everyone amused. New people generally know the new song, get the music, have a good time then go home and practice the new chords and patterns, and come back next week with more skills than they had. It works for most people. All songs generally have parts  that can be played by all skill levels.

If it doesn't work for you, there is always the far more expensive option of individual teaching (again, talk to us).

Ukes to you!