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The Home of Ukulele Orchestras in the Hunter Valley, NSW

“The ukulele is a noble little instrument... anyone serious about music will eventually come to play one.”
Bob Brozman (stringed instrument god)

"There's not much you can do with a ukulele that doesn't sound happy."
Jeff Lynne (Electric light orchestra)

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Paterson Pluckestra (sorta Maitland)

Monday Nights - 6:00-8:00pm

The Paterson Pluckestra inherits the mantle of the Maitland Ukestra that started in mid 2010. Many of the people who attended Maitland Ukestra were from the Paterson / Allyn Valleys, so it seemed like a logical step to try the ukestra thing on a small town.

If they can do it in Tea Gardens, why not Paterson!

The deal at Paterson is the same as for Tomaree - $15 for 2 hours (or $135 for ten sessions, usable over a whole year). It runs from 6:00-8:00pm on a Monday night.

If you have never played ukulele before, then Mark will give a beginners lesson ($25 for half an hour for one person, $20 each for two or more people). Beginners lessons run from 5:15-5:45pm each Monday at the Paterson Tavern.

I can hear you thinking!

'I wish it was in Maitland', well.... it sort of is...only 15 minutes drive from many parts of Maitland. And it is really a gorgeous location.

Relax. In Paterson. With a uke.

The Paterson
          Tavern - location of the Paterson Pluckestra

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