SQuidgey Music

Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart team together to make SQuidge, the Hunter Valley's premier ukulele duo. Based in Newcastle, NSW they are rather besotted with the uke (and other under-rated instruments), singing sweetly, and being friendly with the audience.


Mark & Jane form one half of The Do Riders, Newcastle's token blurgrass band. Fortunate or otherwise, SQuidge have a taste for country, with their roots also in folk, pop, soul and acapella. 'Eclectic' and 'diverse' are words usually reserved for people such as these. But the same people also seem to add 'beautiful harmonies', 'entertaining', 'funny', 'cute' (erk!), and 'wow! you swap instruments a lot!'.

Mark has written a swag of songs over the years (notably played with Central Victorian folk-ish type band voicepopfoible) and his 'forthright, rather lyrically interesting, engaging and melodic originals' are duly given the SQuidge treatment. But so too are Nick Cave, Ani DiFranco, (the artist formerly known as) Prince and Radiohead.

As evidence of our ukeing abilities, and of our rather inexpensive videoing abilities, we offer you our youtube channel.

As a duo, we are also rather well known (locally, and in Australia) for our ukestration workshops.

See here for our Ukestration flyer.