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WestNewkestra - Thursday nights

“The ukulele is a noble little instrument... anyone serious about music will eventually come to play one.”
Bob Brozman (stringed instrument god)

"There's not much you can do with a ukulele that doesn't sound happy."
Jeff Lynne (Electric light orchestra)

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Thursday nights - 6:15-8:15 - for intermediate players

The WestNewkestra Sessions started in March 2011, and has been going strong ever since. It was originally set up as a novitiates group but the attendees have been improving so much that it now caters for intermediate players. Jane runs this ukestra and she really likes to bring her acapella and singing passions into the class. Her ukulele tuition includes an emphasis on finger picking, vocal harmonies, and varied strum patterns. This group is even starting to read musical notation and ukulele tablature. For this ukestra we recommend that you know your strings (CGEA) your C scale and about 8 chords.

The Thursday night sessions are pretty rowdy and vibrant, with  emphasis on instruction but also fun. We have a PA system that allows soloists and vocalists to be heard above the ukulele rabble. Our aim is to provide another evening opportunity for people to enjoy a ukestra session, to help people learn in a relaxed environment and to provide a ukestra which is more accessible to Newcastle's western suburbs.

Jane has been playing ukulele for 4 years and now leads a couple of ukestras, teaches beginners sessions, coordinates festival workshops, and conducts ukestra performances. She also performs on uke (and banjo) in SQuidge, The Do Riders and SQ3.

All ukestra attendance is casual ($14) but you can also prepay and get the classes cheaper (10 classes $115, 5 classes $65). If you prepay for classes, you can attend any session at any time, no need to come very week. If you come to a second class within the same week we charge you only $7 for the second class.

The WestNewkstra group have been doing pubic performances since August 2011. As many diehard ukestrans will tell you, the ukestras are a wonderful experience of their own, but public performances are especially inspiring. All are welcome to join in and participate at whatever level they chose.

The perfect place!  The Water Board Bowling Club

The Water Board Bowling Club (the A on the map) is at the top of the hill in Lambton North - 2 Compton St. It is right next to the big enclosed water tanks there. (Don't get it mixed up with Braye Hill Park. Different spot!). Hopefully this map will help you find your way to its magnificent views and friendly atmosphere.

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