The Sum of the Parts - Mark
          Jackson (Community Musician)

Mark Jackson - Community Musician - Newcastle NSW

...that music of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from our community
(... Abraham Lincoln ... sort of :-) )

Ukulele Dream- image link is broken

Tickets for the concert can be pre-purchased from Mark, by emailing him at mark(at) (replace the
(at) with @). Tickets are $20 each, and direct bank deposit details can be found at the bottom of the page for payment on both
workshops and the concert. Please include in your email when you deposited.

To book into a workshop, you can email Mark a the same address, including which workshops you would like to apply for.
Workshops are $15 each, and commence at 5pm. Information for both of them can be found below.
The workshops are as follows:

Workshop 1 : AJ Leonard - 5-6pm - Strumming the American Soundtrack - Auditorium
Workshop 2
: Bosko - 5-6pm - The Ukulele CAGFD System - Lakeview Lounge
Workshop 3
: AJ Leonard - 6-7pm - Strumming the American Soundtrack - Auditorium
Workshop 4
: Bosko - 6-7pm - The Ukulele CAGFD System - Lakeview Lounge

AJ Leonard- Strumming the American Soundtrack
From Tin Pan Alley and the hapa haole songs of the 20’s and 30’s to the contemporary sound of the 60’s and 70’s: from the classic
musicals of the 30’s and 40’s to the modern cinema and TV music, this workshop will take you on a nostalgic journey of discovery.
Many examples will be given to show the enormous diversity of the greatest musical catalogue of the 20th century. AJ will take you
through learning some songs on the uke from both ends of the spectrum, incorporating unique strumming styles learned from
someone who had played in the 1920’s and finger picking techniques that A.J. has developed over 30 years.  The East Coast Tour
2011 workshop package features A Swingin Safari with multiple parts and the nostalgic Under The Maui Moon.

Bosko- The Ukulele CAFGD System
Bosko will take you through this very useful and logical system for understanding the ukulele fretboard. Discover how knowledge of
15 basic chord shapes will enable you to work out every Major, Minor and Dominant 7 chord in existence. You will then be able to
play each of these chords in 5 different positions along the ukulele neck! That's a bargain 180 chord positions for the price of 15! All
without recourse to a chord book.

My bank account details for direct deposit are:

Newcastle Permanent Building Society

Acc# 988103201
BSB: 650000
Account name: M O Jackson
Ref: (Your Name)