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This pages contains links to other pages that will help you with your playing.

On the left you should find links to videos for your inspiration.

On the right are links to the extensive ukulele music libraries which are available.In the middle are other sorts of resources.

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please send me good stuff that you find and I will post them here.  

Please advise me if any of these links are broken.

Videos for inspiration (or frustration!)

Langley School Fabulous videos - they are oh so goooood!! Those Canadians sure know how to teach music! With a ukulele!

'Billie Jean' - James Hill's incredible version of the Michael Jackson song.

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Their very funny version of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights. More info on the UOGB at their website

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra This is a taster (their version of "It's a Heartache" by Bonnie Tyler) - look them up at their website if you wish to know more. Their version of Dreaming of you is already posted on the Ukestra music site

Uke Medley of Stand by me, Beautiful Girls and Every Breath you take

Ain't she sweet - McCartney & Harrison on ukulele + Ringo(1994)

Chord & Strum Charts & other useful resources

Mark's Beginners' Guide to Scales

Mike Dickison's Workshop Notes (inc. strumming)  

Mike Dickison's Indispensible Kiwi Ukulele Chord Chart

Chord Chart for Baritone Ukulele (do NOT use for normal ukulele!!!)

Berkeley Uke Club Chord Chart

Berkeley Uke Club Strumming Patterns a very useful site which transposes and switches between different tunings with ease!

Song not in the right key? Try this! A song transposer! (Thanks to Roy from LakeMacUkestra for this one)


Interval training

Clubs & Song Libraries

George's Music 
Dale came into LakeMac Ukestra with her Dad's banjolins & music. This is the music. Lot of good old songs. The link is to the directory where the pdf files are kept. WARNING!!! Files are 5meg+.

BUMS (Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society

Milwaukee Ukulele Club Song Library - shhhh....this is a secret link I found accidentally....

Dr Uke's Song Library
This has a lot of baritone charts too

Ukulele Hunt This is the #1 uke site in the world - and very very useful!

Seattle Ukulele Players Association another secret link I found ....

Berkeley Ukulele Club

Richard G's Ukulele site - lots of well written out songs (unusual choices too - thanks Suzie of Cessnock for this one)

Wukulele Song Books - more well written out songs in 6 books! (right hand side of page)

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