Videos of Ukastle Ukestra 

'They sound great, emphasis on the vocal, and its magnificent, its huge, its big, and people love it,
a few of the mukkers saw them play and went holy truck, we're in trouble man. it's the first time we've ever been
 threatened by another ukulele group.' (Festival Director - through gritted teeth)

Ukastle Ukestra perform at Night At The Wireless 

A huge group of Ukestrans were given the great oppourtunity of performing on 1223 ABC's 'Live At The Wireless' concert, where our live Civic Theatre performance was broadcast on the radio. The evening showcased a multitude of talents; musicians of all ages. Here is a recording of us performing All I Want Is You, it can be found here.

Dean Denham (MUF Director) comments on the Ukastle Ukestra

Dean was wondering whether he should quit being the leader of the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective after his 7 year stint. Then comes this....but then I saw the Ukastle Ukestra and went, "now does this mean I really should quit now or does this mean I should go for another seven years and make sure I lift the ante?" because they were REALLY good, they are the only thing that has come close to MUK. 

A wonderful video of our performances at the Wallsend Winter Carnivale

Thanks to Charissa and her Mum for this wonderful edited video of the joint performance of the Ukastle Ukestra & LakeMacUkesta at the Wallsend Winter Carnivale on August 8 2010.

   We performed a couple of songs in the street, and then did our one hour allocated set in the town Rotunda. We asked the audience to sit in there with us. The bits and pieces of songs in order are:

Three videos of the public debut of the Ukastle Ukestra

The Ukastle Ukestra performed magnificently at the Olive Tree Markets (held at the Junction Primary School) on May 1st 2010. This was our public DEBUT!!!

This page has our videos. The first uploads here are courtesy of Sue Herd from the LakeMacUkestra.

This first song is Aloha Week Hula, introduced to us by Dennis & Paula Browne who brought the song from Hawai'i. In fact a bunch of Ukastle Ukestrans are planning on a Hawai'i 'study' trip in July 2011. I think they brought Christine from Hawai'i as well, as her hula dancing is sublime..

The NBNTV report prior to the performance can be seen here. Congrats Ted & Betty for your eloquence, Suzie for your harmony and laughter, and Christine for holding the playing together so well!

This second video is a snippet of our attempt at 'Dreaming of You', made famous (in ukulele circles) by the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, but was originally a hit for The Coral in the UK in 2002.

And the final song is Just Like That by Kieran Kane and John Hadley. It features the singing debut of Mister Michael Gallagher, the deep voice at the beginning. The cheery face & voice singing the third verse is Suzie Lochhead, followed by Pommy John Dickinson.

Happy Uking!!!!