Aussie-Weather Guidelines

Note: These guidelines are still in the draft stage.

The Aussie-Weather Guidelines
Draft 2
(14 July 1999)

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What is the Aussie-Weather Guidelines?

These guidelines are for all aussie-weather subscribers to follow for maintenance and order.

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1. Subjects must relate to weather, however the very occasional off topic notice is ok, as long at it doesnt start a thread.

2. Try to make sure the subject on the email is relevant to the message or reply, this makes it easier for us to sort out our emails.

3. Make sure you have the correct date on your computer, this also makes the emails a lot easier to sort out.

4. The aussie-weather list is a very active list, and while everyone enjoys reading about other occurrences, please do not send short, repetitive emails - instead, one or two larger emails ensures people do not have their inboxes cluttered.

5. It's fine to give your current obs to the list every now and then, but please don't over do it, if you want to talk to people about your current weather, it is suggested that you go into #Weather on IRC, that's what it is there for.

6. Snip previous messages embedded in any replies, this makes the email a lot shorter and easier to download.

7. Avoid using 'thanks mate' type replies on the list, try emailing the person directly instead.

8. Don't send anything as attachments, because most large attachments will bounce and will not get through, plus it makes downloads longer to the ones that do get through, which can be annoying to people who are not on flat rate accounts.

9. Try to use normal text when sending emails to the list, as some email clients can not read html text.

10. Don't get into arguements on the list, leave it to personal emails if you have to.

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Also, a reminder that a lot of us now come on IRC to chat live on austnet #weather, the channel is open 24 hours, and there is usually at least some people there during the day, plus we sill have our weekly meeting where most people attend on Wednesday nights at 9pm EST (11am GMT). You can download mirc at just use an Austnet server, and join #weather. You can also chat on Austnet via the web at or

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Last update: 14th July, 1999

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