NPL-WA Grand Finals

NOTE: Grand Finals that decided the State Championship occurred
in the following years ONLY: 1989, 1990, 1991, 1998, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
All OTHER Grand Finals were a separate competition and had no bearing
on the State Championship.

In those years which DID decide the State Championship, we have
included the Minor Premiers (team that finished top of the regular
season) and also the second placed team.


YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP                  SCORE
1961    East Fremantle Tricolore   Windmills                    2-1
1962    Windmills                  East Fremantle Tricolore     3-2
1963    Azzurri                    East Fremantle Tricolore     5-2
1964    North Perth                Swan Valley                  5-0
1965    Swan Valley                (No Grand Final - Top Four Round Robin)
1966    Azzurri                    Swan Valley                  3-1
1967    Azzurri                    (No Grand Final - Top Four Round Robin)
1968    Kiev                       Cracovia                     2-1
1969    East Fremantle Tricolore   Azzurri                      4-0
1970    East Fremantle Tricolore   Azzurri                      2-1
1971    Bayswater United           East Fremantle Tricolore     5-3
1972    Azzurri                    Bayswater United             7-0
1973    No Competition
1974    Azzurri                    Ascot                        7-6
1975    Floreat Athena             Azzurri                      3-1
1976    Azzurri                    Morley-Windmills             7-5
1977    Inglewood Kiev             Floreat Athena               1-0
1978    Kingsway Olympic           Spearwood Dalmatinac         1-0
1979    Kingsway Olympic           Spearwood Dalmatinac         2-1
1980    Kingsway Olympic           Perth Azzurri                3-1
1981    Forrestfield United        Perth Azzurri                2-1
1982    Spearwood Dalmatinac       Inglewood Kiev               3-1
1983    West Perth Macedonia       Spearwood Dalmatinac         3-2
1984    Floreat Athena             West Perth Macedonia         3-2
1985    No Competition
1986    Stirling Macedonia         Floreat Athena               6-4
1987    No Competition
1988    Floreat Athena             Stirling Macedonia           5-2

CHAMPIONSHIP DECIDERS                                                    MINOR PREMIERS

YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP                  SCORE     YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP
1989    Perth Italia               Floreat Athena               1-0      1989    Floreat Athena             Perth Italia
1990    Perth Italia               Stirling Macedonia           4-2      1990    Floreat Athena             Perth Italia
1991    Perth Italia               Floreat Athena               1-0      1991    Floreat Athena             Stirling Macedonia


YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP                  SCORE
1992    Stirling Macedonia         Perth Italia                 2-1


YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP                  SCORE
1993    Perth Italia               North Perth Croatia          2-0
1994    Stirling Macedonia         Inglewood Kiev               2-1
1995    Stirling Macedonia         Inglewood Falcons            3-1
1996    Stirling Macedonia         Inglewood Falcons            3-2
1997    No Competition

CHAMPIONSHIP DECIDER                                                       MINOR PREMIERS

YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP                              YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP
1998    Western Knights            Sorrento                     3-1        1998    Western Knights            Fremantle City


YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP                  SCORE
1999    Sorrento                   Western Knights              5-1
2000    Perth                      Western Knights              2-0
2001    Perth                      Floreat Athena               3-0
2002    Perth                      Floreat Athena               3-0
2003    Perth                      Western Knights              2-1
2004    Western Knights            Sorrento                     1-0
2005    No Competition
2006    No Competition
2007    No Competition


YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP                  SCORE
2008    Perth                      Inglewood United             4-0

CHAMPIONSHIP DECIDERS                                                      MINOR PREMIERS

YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP                              YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP
2009    Perth                      Western Knights              2-0        2009    Western Knights            Perth
2010    Perth                      Western Knights              3-1        2010    Western Knights            Stirling Lions
2011    Perth                      Sorrento                     7-0        2011    Balcatta                   Perth
2012    Sorrento                   Floreat Athena               4-3        2012    Bayswater City             Floreat Athena
2013    Bayswater City             Stirling Lions               2-1        2013    Stirling Lions             Bayswater City
2014    Bayswater City             Perth                        1-0        2013    Bayswater City             Perth


YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP                  SCORE
2015    No Competition
2016    Perth                      Inglewood United             1-0 
2017    Bayswater City             Perth                        3-0 
2018    Perth                      Perth Glory                  4-1 
2019    Perth                      Inglewood United             2-1

FINAL SERIES CUP (Top three plus lower league group winner)

YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP                  SCORE
2020    Floreat Athena             Perth                        3-0


YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP                  SCORE
2021    Perth                      Floreat Athena               6-3 
2022    Perth RedStar              Floreat Athena               3-2

The 1989 and 1990 reports from the above games are from the annual year books. The 1991 Grand Final report is from the magazine "Striker".




Attendance: 5,500 (approx.)

At the culmination of the season it was Athena, followed by Italia, Sorrento and Macedonia to fight it off for the Emu Export crown. This was the first time a final series had been used the decide the premiership.

Sorrento and Macedonia met in the first semi final, a do-or-die clash for both sides. After a torrid encounter it was Sorrento who took the honours, which signalled the end to Macedonia's 1989 campaign. In the second semi final Athena stamped their usual dominace of the game, taking the match 2-1 and forcing Italia into the Preliminary Final with a determined Sorrento. From the outset, Sorrento looked a more complete side, rested after a two week break and desperate for victory. The Percy Doyle side took the lead in the first half fron a flat-footed Italia, when Cliff Collins found the net. However, Italia fought back in the second half, Roy Hogan equalising after 10 minutes and Oriano Colli made it 2-1 midway through the term, giving Italia the match.

Athena went into the Grand Final short-priced favourites after beating Italia in the second semi-final and thrashing them 3-1 in the D'orsogna Cup Final the previous week. However Italia dominated for the better part of the 90 minutes, marching forward through Joe Vecchio and Gerry Christie, winner of the inaugural Chris Gogos medal. It was Peter Murphy to open the scoring, after a number of early chances went begging, when he headed home from a Joe Vecchio cross which beat Alan Davidson. Athena's forwards were unable to stamp their influence on the game with Dave Evans and Robbie Dunn dominating at the back. As much as they tried, Athena could not find the equaliser and Italia took the match and the premiership 1-0.



Attendance: 4,000 (approx.)

The first game of the finals was an elimination final between the fourth and fifth placed clubs Kelmscott and Croatia, with Croatia winning a very exciting contest by 4 goals to 3. They went on to play Stirling Macedona in the first semi-final where they received a 6-1 drubbing, with Macedonia's Frank Bate scoring a hat trick. In the second semi-final Athena should have felt fairly confident having beaten Italia in both league games. But the tables were turned and it was the Championship holders who won, and took the honours by 3 goals to 1.

So to the Preliminary Final at Dorrien Gardens and Athena fighting to prove that they were the ones who should be contesting the grand final, but it wasn't to be, goals from the Macedonian youngest and oldest players, in Keagan and Garvey respectively saw Athena's hopes dashed and a goal from Ronnie Campbell could not save the minor champions from being eclipsed.

With the pre-match build up heightened by a controversial decision to allow suspended Robbie Dunn to play for Italia then the grand final was set up for a fiery encounter between two strong sides. And so it turned out, a crowd of some 4,000 were left breathless with excitment as the play flowed first one way then the other, something had to give, unfortunately it was players tempers that cracked under the red hot pressure and when a couple of fists flashed, referee Andy Hassle had no alternative but to send Alan Armstrong of Macedonia, and Mel Brown of Italia from the field of play.

The first goal did not come until the 70th minute when Italia's Collova converted a tiltman cross, and Italia must have thought the cup and the championship was as good as theirs, but with seconds to go Macies Alan Herscher levelled the score and so it went into extra time. The extra time was as nail bitingly tense as the previous 90 minutes. It was Hersch who scored again for Macedonia putting them in front for the first time, but the lead was short lived as the tall Dave Evans scored with a glorious header from a corner. It was super sub Tiltman who regained the lead for his team, and a further goal was scored by Italia's captain and former socceroo Robbie Dunn with a shot that the diving McNally could only carry into the net. So with this 4-2 victory, Italia as a club took their second step into the most successful season in its history.



Attendance: 4,000 (approx.)

Perth Italia completed a remarkable hat-trick of State championships when they defeated minor premiers Floreat Athena 1-0 in the Emu Export Pro League grand final at Dorrien Gardens. It was a great result for Italia as it put the club's name alongside that of Stirling Macedonia and their own predecessors, Perth Azzurri, in the record books for achieving the feat. For Athena, it was a bitter disappointment to once again fall at the final hurdle after winning the minor premiership so well.

On this occasion, however, there was few excuses for Athena. For a team that had come to this final with a 6-1 thrashing of Stirling Macedonia a fortnight before, they never really threatened a solid Italia defence until late in the game when Stan Lazaridis proved some strong runs. The Floreat club was missing Ronnie Campbell and John Dimitriou and their absence gave a sense of vulnerability to their line-up, a vulnerability that should have been capitalised on by Ori Colli in the first minute.

Colli found some space on the Athena six-yard line and with defenders looking at each other, he miss-hit his shot giving Alex Lackovic the chance to clear. A minute later Athena survived another crisis when Peter Murphy cleverly controlled a well-flighted pass and drove across the face of goal leaving Lackovic desperately scrambling along his goal line.

In the 19th minute Lazaridis curled in a free kick that Tommy Maras safely gathered after a slight fumble and then Shaun Murphy was shown his sixth yellow card for the season for felling Mike Roki. Just past the half-hour Lou Collova robbed John Saunders of possession, passed inside to the waiting Peter Murphy who, from the edge of the penalty area, sent the ball wide.

By half-time the game was crying for a goal and it nearly came in the 55th minute. Dean Nicolaou, playing well before his usual standard, hammered a 2-metre shot that Maras managed to control after the ball had bounced. That was Maras' first and only serious save of the game. A minute later Saunders sent a long lob forward that found Patrick David, but he was too slow and the Italia defence recovered to deny him a direct shot at goal.

In the 64th minute Colli, the villain of the first minute, made himself an instant hero by putting Italia in front. Collvoa was the architect when he chased a ball that Lackovic appeared to have covered. The ball escaped from the keeper's grasp, Collova gathered just inside the by-line, and passed to Colli who gleefully thumped it into the roof of the unguarded net.

Athena rallied for Lazaridis to shoot over the crossbar and then head wide before he fired straight at Maras from a Jeff Faulkner corner kick. Next up was Roki, also wide with a header, but the last word came from Peter Murphy who hit a past with just two minutes remaining. It was a well deserved win for Italia who had played the more constructive football, though more goals would have pleased the big crowd in attendance.




Attendance: 1,500 (approx.)

After winning three consecutive sudden death games to reach the final, Sorrento ran into a red-hot Western Knights outfit in the final. The Knights, playing for the triple were awesome, especially the man of the match Eugene Singerozan. Singerozan scored two and Trim Morgon added a third all in the first 25 minutes of the match to sink any sky blue dreams of a first premiership. Ross Greer did manage to pull one back just before half time but his side could not sneak a second after the interval to give the Knights a few last minute jitters.


(The Top Five Cup was known as the "Champion of Champions" Cup during this era.



Attendance: 1,500 (approx.)

Ross Greer's two first half goals set Sorrento on the path to their first Soccer West Coast Grand Final win with an imposing 5-1 trouncing of last year's Champions Western Knights. The victory is a significant milestone in their 28 year history. Greer's goals, both from the penalty spot gave Sorrento a surprise 2-1 half time lead and when the Knights lost their discipline and had two players sent off in the second half, the match was Sorrento's for the taking.

Sorrento were uncoordinated early and Scott Devine amazingly pushed the ball wide when he set clear by Ramon Westerberger's good work after 5 minutes. Sorrento had another let-off 10 minutes later when John Nicolaou got goal side of his marker Steven Love, but didn't connect fully, allowing Mike Harness to gather the ball. Two minutes later, Sorrento's midfielder, Stuart Banks fired into the side netting. Within a minute Sorrento were a goal behind when Nicolaou powered in a header from Raymon Marinovic cross from the right. Sorrento stood firm repelling the Knight's attack with Richard Turnbull leading the defenders.

On 32 minutes, referee Angelo Nardi awarded the first of the penalties when keeper Tom Tomich clattered into Greer. Greer got up to take the penalty, scoring to Tomich's right. Eight minutes later, Tony Carbone defence-splitting pass was stopped by a Rick Antunes trip. Again referee Nardi had no hesitation in pointing to the spot. Greer held his nerve to blast past Tomich and give Sorrento the lead. Westerberger had an opportunity to put the Knights on level terms, but his shot cannoned of the body of Harkness and Kevin Murphy cleared the danger.

It was all action from the start of the second half, until the sending off of the Knights Alex Cummings who received his second caution for crudely bringing down Harnwell. Marinovic had the next chance, but he took too long to put the trigger allowing Love to tackle. Sorrento then took command after 60 minutes. Harnwell cut the ball back to Simon Harland but his volley was blocked by Tomich. A minute later Bank's attempted lob beat Tomich, but shaved the wrong side of the right post.

Sorrento went 2 goals in front when Harland received a Banks throw in, turned and shot powerfully under Tomich's body. Tomich took most of the pace off the ball, but it agonisingly rolled across the goal line after 62 minutes. On 73 minutes, Marinovic received his marching orders for a crunching tackle on Banks. Sorrento were now playing with confidence, and after 81 minutes were 4-1 up when Harland set up Banks and his left foot drive went in under the diving Tomich. Three minutes into stoppage time Glen Thomas finished off a good interchange of passes with Sorrento's 5th goal from 10 metres. A sensational performance by Sorrento to avenge last season's 3-1 defeat in the Grand Final by the Knights.



Attendance: 1,400 (approx.)

The 2000 Champion of Champions final saw two of the league powerhouse sides face each other at the Litis Stadium on Sunday. It was the Western Knights third appearance in the play-off decider in as many years, triumphant in 1998 against Sorrento only to be thrashed 12 months later by the same team. Perth were making their first appearance since 1993's 2-0 win over North Perth Croatia in what has been a lean period for the club, only the 1998 Night Series trophy coming since.

The teams had played eachother three times prior to this clash with the Knights winning on each occasion by a 2-1 margin and another tight encounter was expected. Both camps had injury concerns over key players going into the match. Karl Medica took his place in the Knights starting eleven having passed a late fitness test on an ankle injury sustained in Boral Cup Final seven days earlier, but Perth's exciting striker Nick Mrdja wasn't so lucky, warming the bench with a niggling knee problem.

The teams made their intentions clear from the outset, playing it hard in an attempt to put the opposition off their game and meaning referee Patrick McCaffrey would be in for a busy afternoon. In the opening quarter of an hour alone we saw Medica bring down Rob Giorgi from behind to join the Perth midfielder in McCaffrey's book. Shane McNally was then carded for a late challenge on Giorgi, and Mark Pottier followed suit for dissent not long after. It was no place for the feint-hearted and full credit must go to McCaffrey who did a sterling job all afternoon, letting the players know who was in control and justifiable in his distribution of cards.

With the Knights defence looking strong, it was Medica that provided the first chance on goal after 5 minutes. He was allowed to run unchallenged from deep before releasing Eugene Singeorzan on top of box, the powerfully built striker letting the ball roll before trying to put it under the advancing Robert Scarparolo who got down quick to smother.

But that was the only time either 'keeper was tested in the opening 30 minutes as both defences wasted no time in doing the job at hand and kept a tight reign on the opposing forwards. While Perth were quick to get forward on the counter attack, they relied almost exclusively on Boni Botha and David Onoforo to do all the work in the final third where their efforts were nullified by the Knights well-organised four man defence. At the heart of that defence was veteran player Andy Wright who was strong in the tackle and never shirked his responsibilities. The Knights on the other hand streamed into attack in numbers and made great use of the full width of the park, but were continually forced back into midfield but an equally impressive Perth backline marshaled by captain Craig Naven.

Playing the game at a frenetic pace, the teams eventually started to string together some good moves which lead to several good chances on goal. In the 30th minute Ray Marinovic knocked a Knights throw-in back to Scott Devine who hit a brilliant drive from close to the by-line and forced Scarparolo to tip the ball over the bar at the far post. Devine's shot lacked nothing in the way of power or direction and would prove to be the match that started the fire. Three minutes later came Perth's first chance on goal - a Stephen Willey corner was met deep by Pottier but his header landed on the top netting.

The Knights were beginning to run the show but, for all their enterprise, had nothing to show as attack after attack broke down inside the 18-yard box. Inside the last ten minutes, Medica surged through the middle of the park only to put the ball wide from 18 metres. A Wright cross from deep flashed past Scarparolo and across face of goal only to find no-one on hand to put the ball over the line. And Dean Nicolaou sent a brilliant ball to McNally, but he mis-timed his jump just outside the 6-yard box, the ball brushed his head on the way down and the Perth defence knocked it to safety.

The final few minutes of the half saw Perth finally spark into life with Onoforo in the thick of the action. In the 42nd minute they had a penalty appeal turned down after Onoforo's flick-on struck the hand of Ivan Ljubicic. The pacey striker should have finished better a minute later when he raced past the Knights defence on the counter attack only to put the ball wide.

But, just as players on both teams were looking forward to the break, it was third time lucky for Onoforo. A neat one-two between Craig Naven and Perry Ielati saw the Perth captain throw himself at the ball to prevent it from crossing the by-line and pull it back into the area. Willey cheekily flicked it across top of the 6-yard box and Onoforo, dead in front and with Williams now well out of position, finished off the move by finding the back of the net. It was a cruel blow for the Knights who had been the better of the two sides over the opening 45 minutes and had deserved at least one goal for their efforts.

The second half started with a bluster - the Knights fired up and keen for a quick reply. Within four minutes John Nicolaou found Joe Vaz inside the box but the midfielder was unable to get a clear shot on goal, rushing his attempt as Naven and Willey closed him down. Minutes later McNally's header looped goalward only to be punched clear by Scarparolo despite the close attentions of John Nicolaou. Four times within the space of the few minutes Scarparolo came to the rescue of his side by taking the ball off the heads of opponents inside the 6-yard box. With all the play talking part in the Knights attacking half, the Perth backline performed admirably under pressure only to see the ball knocked back into the 18-yard box every time they thought the danger had passed.

The barrage couldn't last forever and eventually the pressure and heat started to take effect on the Knights players. Several were beginning to lose their rag as things didn't go their way, lashing out at opponents and teammates alike as they felt their hold on the match slowly slipping from their grasp. John Nicoloau was lucky not to be red carded for a dreadful two-footed tackle on Willey but amazingly it was the Perth player that had his name taken for dissent.

Rather than pump the ball into the middle whenever they turned it over, Perth opted to play it down the flanks in a confident display of first-time passing. Through such moves they were able to steer control of the contest away from their opponents who were quickly running out of puff. In the 69th minute, a fantastic Jamie Coyne free kick saw Williams unable to hold his ferocious shot, Willey pounced on the parry but was unable to re-direct the ball under the bar. Shortly after a lunging Ljubicic tackle bought to a halt a weaving run from Onoforo, from the resulting corner Aaron Cole nodded down Howarth's deep cross but Onoforo hit the ball into the body of an opponent before it was knocked to safety.

The recent introduction of Nick Mrdja provided Perth with a fresh set of legs up-front and, along with Onoforo and Coyne, he was able to find ample space to manoeuver. A lovely 73rd minute in-swinging cross from Coyne found Mrdja at the far post whose flying volley from close range went narrowly wide. Five minutes later Coyne was allowed to walk the ball forward and hit a thundering drive which Williams blocked, Mrdja was on hand to scoop up the rebound but his shot was deflected off the boot for another Perth corner.

With four minutes of regulation time remaining, the game threatened to turn sour with the hot-headed Singeorzan at the centre of several clashes with Perth opponents, McCaffrey calling a halt to proceedings and stepping in to talk at length with those involved. Generally it was a quiet day at the office for Knights strikers John Nicolaou and Singeorzan who found space up-front limited thanks to the efforts of Aaron Cole and Perry Ielati. What was to prove their last throw of the dice came in the 89th minute, Wright pumped a long ball deep into the box which Scarparolo thumped clear despite the pressure of John Nicolaou and Leon Russell.

A 90th minute off-the-ball incident saw the Knights reduced to ten men and their hopes of forcing the game into extra-time evaporate. With the referee dealing with something at the opposite end of the park, Singeorzan ran past Cole and, for no discernable reason, punched the young defender in the left cheek. Singeorzan would probably have got away with it if not for the alert eye of the assistant referee, he reported the incident to McCaffrey who was left with no option but to order the Knights player from the field. Unfortunately it didn't end there as Singeorzan refused to leave the perimeter and had name taken by the fourth official.

Once play got back underway, Perth were not content to run down the clock despite being a goal up, having a man advantage and the game well into injury time. Instead they continued to push for a second goal with Coyne leading the way in midfield. Breaking quickly from a failed Knights attack, Perth out-numbered their opponents four to two as Coyne slotted wide to Mrdja. He ran the ball into the box, skillfully turned Alex Christie before drilling a low right-footer beyond Williams and inside the far corner of the net. It was exactly what Perth were chasing to put the game once and for all beyond the reach of the Knights.

With the final whistle came jubilation from one camp and utter despair from the other. The Knights had their chances in the opening half to take the lead but failed to do so, and Perth snuck in to steal the game from under their nose. Wright had another fantastic game at the back for the Knights, defending resolutely and hardly putting a foot wrong all afternoon. Likewise 'keeper Williams who was twice let down by his defence when it mattered most. For Perth, Scarparolo made up for his lack of height with great work in the air to thwarted the Knights high ball options, while Coyne proved an inspiration operating out of midfield in the sides second half revival.

But it was 31-year old Naven who provided the drive behind the fightback, slicing open the Knights defence shortly before the break to set-up the opening goal with a run that surprised even himself. "I didn't think I still had it in me," he said after the game. "It's a great boost for the club. Apart from me, we're a young side - 12 in the squad are under 21 - and that's the first time most of the players have won something." It was also the first trophy for coach Graham Normanton, who admitted his side was lucky to have the lead at the break. "It wasn't a good performance, but I managed to sort out a few things at half-time and we started to play the ball around a bit," he said. "I was delighted for Craig. He showed the boys what the game's all about in one move."

Perth : Robert Scaraparolo, Gareth Naven, Aaron Cole, Perry Ielati, Stephen Willey, Todd Howarth, Mark Pottier, Rob Giorgi (Gary Upton 54), Jamie Coyne, Boni Botha (Nick Mrdja 66), David Onoforo (Michael Vassiliou 84)
Western Knights : Darren Williams, Andy Wright, Ivan Ljubicic, Alex Christie, Carl Medica (Dean Nicolaou 38), Shane McNally (David Annall 74), Ray Marinovic (Leon Russell 74), Scott Devine, Joe Vaz, Eugene Singeorzan, John Nicolaou
Referee : Patrick McCaffrey
Bookings : Giorgi (3), Medica (9), McNally (12), Pottier (15), Willey (56), Devine (59), Ljubicic (90), Christie (90+)
Explusions : Singeorzan (90+)



Attendance: 1,500 (approx.)

Perth went into Sunday's Champion of Champions Grand Final with Floreat Athena tipped to go home with their third trophy of the year. Seven days earlier Perth completely destroyed today's opponents in a one-sided Boral Cup Final and, utilising the very same starting line-up, the general consensus was that the only thing worth wagering a bet on was what the final margin would be. Athena coach John Hunter expressed pre-match concerns over the number of key players carrying injuries into the game, the coach making several tactical and positional changes as a result to accommodate those players. Leading goal scorer Ryan Newhill shifted out to the left wing, Doug Ithier taking his place in attack, while the talented Costa Socratous came into the team for Jamie D'Arcy who was sent off last week.

With a point to prove after last week's thrashing, Athena started with a bluster and inside the 1st minute Jason Smith's rising shot from 16-metres grazed the wrong side of the crossbar. With Socratous and Newhill working hard on their respective flanks, Athena dominated the opening 20 minutes. But for all their possession and enterprise, Athena would find few holes in a well-organised defence that was quick to close down and forced their opponents into shooting largely from distance. Robyn Dyers had a great chance to give his side the lead when he met Miguel Ortin's cross but the big striker flicked the ball just wide of the mark. Another golden chance went begging in the 19th minute when Socratous' low ball into the area narrowly evaded the out-stretched leg of Ithier.

Yet to rattle off anything even resembling a shot on goal, Perth dealt their cross-town rivals a cruel blow in the 27th minute after striker Boni Botha was brought down inside the area by Ortin. Referee Steve Muldoon immediately pointed to the spot and, while goalkeeper Anthony Mori guessed the right way, Mark Pottier placed his penalty beyond the 'keeper's reach to hand Perth the lead. The goal seemed to spark Perth into life and just three minutes later it was very nearly 2-0, Vince Tana's cross to the far side was expertly met by Jamie Coyne who forced Mori into a desperate save on the line.

The remainder of the half saw some good chances come at both ends as the sides slugged out what was becoming a very tight match. Socratous turned on the skill in the 33rd minute to go past two opponents before centring to Ithier who was notably frustrated with his poor finish. Wing-back Todd Howarth was featuring heavily in play for Perth and his Botha-bound cross was punched into the up-right by Mori, who breathed a sigh of relief when it rebounded back into play. Shortly after Perth custodian Robert Scarparolo made sure his team stayed in front with two tremendous reflex saves, first denying Adrian Sutton and then Newhill within seconds of eachother. And right on the stroke of half-time a dipping free-kick from 18-metres by Robbie Gaspar ended just the wrong side of the bar.

Two minutes into the second half and another dangerous Howarth cross landed on the head of Botha who'd drifted in behind the defence unchecked, but his header was comfortably saved by Mori. Athena pushed regular sweeper Troy Bernard into midfield at the break, and in the 52nd minute he sprinted the ball forward only to slam it well over the bar. With the very next play, Perth went forward through Howarth who skillfully threw off his marker, stepped past another opponent and knocked it to the feet of Oliviera, he also wriggled between two defenders before thundering the ball past Mori from outside the area. 2-0!

Not to be outdone, Ithier and Socratous combined in the 54th minute to slice open the defence, Socratous slotting the ball under the advancing Scarparolo only for his shot to cannon back off the base of the up-right. Shortly after, Newhill was lucky to stay on the park after a dreadful challenge on Botha that went largely unpunished. Desperately in need of a goal to keep alive their hopes, Athena threw everything into going forward but found time and space limited in their final third. A 65th minute shot by Socratous called Scarparolo into play, the 'keeper tipping the speculative effort over the bar.

It was all one-way traffic over the final 20 minutes as Perth really hit their straps. With their midfielders stringing together some very impressive moves, and Howarth and Tana working tirelessly up and down the park, Perth continually opened up the Athena defence with ease. In the 71st minute Coyne's tremendous shot from the top of the 18-yard box crashed into the side netting. A few minutes later substitute David Onoforo showed some flashy footwork to go inside the area, Botha dummied his centring ball and Howarth slammed the shot narrowly wide. Perth captain Stephen Willey seized upon some hesitancy in the Athena defence with eight minutes remaining but was denied by an alert Mori. A minute later Onoforo blazed high from 14-metres.

Shortly after Mori was again Athena's saviour, this time keeping out Botha's close range effort. Oliviera finally put the icing on the cake on the four minutes from full-time. The teenager delicately clipped a well-taken free-kick from 20-metres over the defensive wall, the ball kissing the underside the bar as it crossed the line. A few minutes later Onoforo manoeuvred his way past a defender to hit a cracking shot which slammed into the angle and came back into play. It wasn't long after that the referee's whistle signalled not only the end of proceedings, but also that Perth has captured their third trophy of the season.

Few would disagree that Athena had looked the better side over the opening 45 minute period but their inability to break down a stubborn defence would prove fateful. Midfielder Socratous was the stand-out performer for the runners-up with a solid effort in the middle, but otherwise Athena had too many players unable to maintain a presence in the game. Perth didn't come into the game until they'd scored, but once they'd got their nose in front there was no looking back and the side ran out deserved winners. With their midfielders unable to assert their usual influence, Tana and Howarth stepped in to fill the breech and orchestrate the victory from out wide with a couple of all-class showings. Two top-draw goals from Oliviera capped a fine performance from the youngster, while between the posts Scarparolo made some vital saves which enabled him to keep his third successive clean sheet.

Floreat Athena : Anthony Mori, Troy Bernard, Hugh Miller, Peter Nikoloski, Costa Socratous, Ryan Newhill (Manuel Arapis 65), Adrian Sutton, Miguel Ortin, Jason Smith, Robyn Dyers, Doug Ithier
Perth : Robert Scarparolo, Stephen Willey, Aaron Cole, Michael Icanovski, Todd Howarth, Vince Tana (Jason Colli 88), Mark Pottier, Jamie Coyne, Robbie Gaspar (David Onoforo 70), Boni Botha, Andreas Oliviera (Scott White 87)
Referee : Steve Muldoon
Cautions : Newhill (56), Smith (58), Dyers (68), Miller (86)
Dismissals : None



Attendance: 1,300 (approx.)

The local season came to a close with the Final of the top-five Champion of Champions series on Sunday at the National Stadium between local rivals Perth S.C. and Floreat Athena. Perth coach Graham Normanton had the luxury of a full squad to select from after his players earnt themselves a rest last weekend. He opted to make just one change to the side which swept aside the Western Knights a fortnight ago with teenager Dino Djulbic replacing Perry Ielati at the back. Athena on the other hand went into the game without key striker Robin Dyers and ever-present Adrian Sutton due to work and family commitments respectively, while James Afkos and John Xigas overcame late tests to take their place in the starting line-up.

The game was barely three minutes old and spectators were still settling into their seats when unexpectedly Perth snatched the lead. A strong run from Michael Icanovski took him behind the Athena defence wide on the right to cross into the area where Athena custodian Xigas spilled the low cross and young midfielder Rob Giorgi found himself perfectly positioned to sweep the ball home from close-range. Stunned at being behind so early in the piece, Athena took some time to re-gain their composure as Perth pressed to make the most of the situation. 11 minutes into the game and Howarth pounced upon a partially cleared corner to volley brilliantly from 18-metres but Xigas made the save without having to extend himself.

With the Perth midfield dominating possession, Athena were make to work hard for the ball and it took until the 18th minute before they threatened as Dejan Djukanovic's glancing header from Afkos went just wide of the up-right. A minute after Jamie Trandos thwarted Mark Pottier on top of Perth's attacking area, the Athena midfielder went down under an Icanovski tackle which would eventually see him replaced with an ankle injury. It was a very cruel blow for Athena who were just beginning to find their rhythm, string together some good passes and caught their opponents defence trouble.

The closing stages of the period produced some good end-to-end football that kept the crowd onthe edge of their seats. Another dangerous Icanovski cross into the area this time found Andres Oliveria who was unable to steer the ball in the direction of the goal. Three minutes later, and at the opposite end of the ground, Anthony Jones pumped a high ball into the dangerzone where Perth goalkeeper Robert Scaraparolo made a flying save to deny Afkos. And shortly after David Onoforo shook off the last defender to go one-on-one with Xigas who smothered at the young strikers feet. But the half came to a sobering close after Pottier and Jones collided when contesting a high ball, the Athena defender eventually carried from the field on a stretcher before being rushed to hospital by ambulance with a suspected neck injury.

After a much deserved break, the two sides emerged from the tunnel to play out the last 45-minutes of the 2002 season. The half was only 39-seconds old when Perth extended their lead through Oliveira who knocked in a deep corner from the left by teenage midfielder Adam Bunce. Two goals up and with the trophy well within their reach, Perth eased off a little in an effort to gain some perspective on things and stay focused on the task at hand. This allowed Athena to have more of the ball, but for all their possession they found it very difficult to break down the defence of Stephen Willey, Aaron Cole and Djulbic who formed an impregnable wall at the back for Perth. Lacking penetration, Athena were frustrated into chancing their luck from distance with few attempts troubling Scarparolo.

But as the half wore on Athena turned to making better use of the flanks, the end result being they were now able to get in behind Perth's defence with some frequency. A 61st minute corner was cleared of the 18-yard box as far as Eugene Tan who unleashed a thunderbolt from 20-metres which unfortunately flew straight to the Perth 'keeper. Shortly after Ryan Newhill's cross from the right landed perfectly for Marc Nauer but his blistering drive rose narrowly over the crossbar. The momentum was now with Athena who were desperate for a goal that would bring them back into the game. Newhill found himself in space on top of the area after 72 minutes but Scarparolo moved sharply to keep out the striker's goalbound effort.

Content to sit back, soak up the pressure and press forward on the counter-attack, Perth won themselves a corner eleven minutes from full-time which Howarth hit deep and Bunce looped over Xigas to make it 3-0 and end the game as a contest. The goal renewed Perth's enthusiasm and in the time remaining they came close on several occasions to finding goal number four. Onoforo's smashing drive was brilliantly tipped wide by Xigas after 81 minutes, and from the resulting corner Cole crashed the ball into the wrong side of the bar. Six minutes later Onoforo spotted the Athena 'keeper off his line and sent a clever chip over his head which bounced off the crossbar. The final opportunity of the day came the way of Athena when Troy Bernard snuck in behind Willey but his toe-poke was kept out by the sharp reflexes of Scarparolo.

Being crowned Champion of Champions was a fitting end to Perth's 2002 campaign in which the added the pre-season Night Series, the E.C.U. Centenary Cup and the Premier League championship to the Dorrien Gadens trophy cabinet. In a solid overall team performance, Cole kept Athena dangerman Newhill quiet while Pottier provided the drive from the middle of the park. "I wanted to see a bit more quality early on but the last 30 minutes was much better," said coach Normanton after the game. "It could've been five or six-nil on another day - but three will do in a final." In a match that never reached any great heights as a spectacle, Xigas was the stand-put performer in a depleted Athena side that was unable to get their natural game going.

Perth : Robert Scarparolo, Stephen Willey, Aaron Cole (Paul Natale 90), Dino Djulibic, Todd Howarth, Michael Icanovski (Perry Ielati 68), Rob Giorgi (Albert Osei-Tutu 76), Adam Bunce, Mark Pottier, David Onoforo, Andres Oliveira
Floreat Athena : John Xigas, Troy Bernard, Anthony Jones (Eugene Tan 43), Fernando Coron, Marc Nauer (Matthew Novatsis 84), Kosta Kalavroutziotis, Jamie Trandos (Andreas Pantelis 29), Costa Socratous, James Afkos, Dejan Djukanovic, Ryan Newhill
Referee : Angelo Nardi
Cautions : Icanovski (22), Djulbic (45), Newhill (64)
Dismissals : None



Attendance: 1,800 (approx.)

A quality days entertainment is always assured when traditional rivals Perth S.C. and the Western Knights go head-to-head, and the Final of the 2003 Champions of Champions promised to be no different. A fortnight ago the Knights progressed to the series decider courtesy of a 2-1 defeat of Perth who were keen to make amends for being forced to take the long route. The Premier League champions would be looking for big efforts from goalscoring sensation Shane Crampton as well as creative midfielder Robbie Puca in order to add to their trophy cabinet. Crowned winners of the Night Series in pre-season, the Knights were at full-strength with Alex Christie and Paul Cooke proving their fitness in the days leading up to the game. Both clubs possess impressive play-off records, Perth aiming to capture the trophy for the fourth consecutive year while the Knights were making their fourth Final appearance since their triumph in 1998. In case either side needed added incentive to win there was the retirements of Gareth Naven, Stephen Willey (Perth) and Paul McVittie (Knights) - three of the local games' loyalists servants - to take into account.

Perth got underway a fast and furious opening period in which chances on goal presented themselves at both ends of the ground. The first came via a Knights free-kick which teenage midfielder Luka Jukic curled narrowly wide of the upright from 30-metres. Some hesitancy in the Knights defence allowed Mark Pottier in after 8 minutes but he sliced the ball wide, and shortly after Rhys Graham sent a low cross into the path of Robbie Puca only to have goalkeeper Tommi Tomich come quickly off his line and snuff out the move. With several overly-enthusiastic and late tackles going unpunished by the referee it was surprising that Jukic received the first of the days yellow cards for a seemingly harmless challenge. Having found their rhythm early Perth were by this stage going forward at will courtesy of some crisp first time passes only for strikers Shane Crampton and Adam Bunce to find themselves out-numbered by the Knights four-man backline. But after 20 minutes the Blues persistence paid off as Crampton fended off Claus Nielsen as he raced onto Bunce's clever header over the defence before calmly slotting past the advancing Tomich to open Perth's account.

Stringing together some lovely exchanges when going into attack Perth looked to consolidate their position. In the 24th minute Tomich read the play brilliantly and moved quickly off his line to smother at the feet of Puca, and shortly after the 'keeper made a similar save to deny Graham from rifling off a shot. With an elegant counter-attack the Knights got themselves back in the game after 29 minutes as Paul Cooke created space for himself wide on the right to send a low cross to the top of the 6-yard box where Daniel Trim nipped in between two defenders to slide the ball past goalkeeper Rob Scarparolo. The game threatened to boil over minutes later following Scott Devine's crunching tackle on Pottier but referee Michael Nugus was able to maintain control and restore calm despite a war of words erupting between the coaching benches. Seven minutes from the break Perth were awarded the softest of penalties for Tomich's innocuous push on Aaron Cole who, it could be strongly argued, had impeded the 'keeper as they competed for a high ball. In any event there was no doubt over the outcome as Puca drilled it low and to the left of the 'keeper to restore his sides' lead. Totally contrasting with the penalty decision was Graham's rash late challenge on Leon Russell two minutes into stoppage time for which play wasn't even halted let alone a card issued.

The second half began similarly to the first as opportunities came the way of both sides. A well-weighted pass from midfield by Gareth Naven found Graham who lifted his shot high under pressure from Nielsen. Carl Medica knocked the ball on to Cooke to slipped in behind the Perth defence and the midfielder delivered a low cross to Trim whose powerful strike on goal looped over the crossbar via the boot of Stephen Willey. Tomich came to the Knights rescue by smothering a close-range strike from Crampton after Pottier's shot in a crowded area was blocked by a desperate Alex Christie. Having won possession in midfield Graham raced through on goal only to have Nielsen to get the slightest of touches to send the ball into the waiting arms of a relieved Tomich. With the pendulum beginning to swing in Perth's favour Knights coach Ronnie Campbell sacrificed the creative Jukic and introduced a third striker in John Nicolaou. The move almost produced immediate dividends as David Annall pumped the ball long into the heart of the 18-yard box where Nicolaou rose above the defence to glance on target only to have Scarparolo steal it on the line at the second grab.

Both teams resorted to playing the long ball into attack over the closing stages in the hope of catching the other out. With the respective defences battening down the hatches and playing it safety first, the ball was turned over with regularity with neither Perth nor the Knights managing much in the way of shots on goal. As the clock ticked down it became apparent that the Knights had nothing to lose by throwing extra men forward, forcing their opponents onto the back foot in a tense final few minutes. Paul McVittie played a free-kick short to Medica just outside the area which he slammed under the defensive wall only to find Scarparolo positioned to save. Early in stoppage time Nicolaou stabbed the ball just wide of the far upright after Steven Zuvela swung a free-kick from the right flank into the dangerzone. A minute later Nicolaou featured again, this time controlling the ball just outside the box before turning towards goal and shooting past the 'keeper as well as the far post. In the dying moments Neilsen shrugged off an opponent and sent the ball goalward but on this occasion Michael Icanovski thrust out a leg and deflected it wide for a corner.

With the final whistle came the official end to on-field activities for the 2004 State League season. Few would deny that Perth deserved to lift the trophy at the end of 90 minutes, but had luck been on their side the Knights could just as easily gone home with the silverware. The Blues win came about through a very structured performance in which there were key contributors all over the park. Having kept a tight reign and limited their opponents to only scattered goalscoring opportunities it was the defensive combination of Cole, Icanovski and Dino Djulbic that were Perth's unsung heroes. By no means out-played, the Knights were equal to their opponent in many respects but a lack of penetration in their attacking third proved to be the difference between two very evenly matched sides. From his position wide on the right Cooke was the instigator of the Knights best attacking moves with a lively display, while the central defensive pairing of Nielsen and Evan Wallace worked tirelessly for the duration.

Perth : Robert Scarparolo, Dino Djulic, Aaron Cole, Michael Icanovski, Todd Howarth, Rhys Graham, Gareth Naven (Paul Natale 84), Mark Pottier, Robbie Puca, Adam Bunce (Steven Willey 45), Shane Crampton
Western Knights : Tommi Tomich, Alex Christie (Steven Zuvela 87), Evan Wallace, Claus Neilsen, Leon Russell, Paul McVittie, Scott Devine (David Annall 41), Luka Jukic (John Nicolaou 60), Paul Cooke, Carl Medica, Daniel Trim
Referee : Michael Nugus
Cautions : Jukic (13), Christie (21), Devine (35), Annall (56), Graham (71), Howarth (83), Pottier (89)
Dismissals : None



Attendance: 1,800 (approx.)

Western Knights completed the Premier League and Champion of Champions double by defeating Sorrento 1-0 at Litis Stadium this afternoon. Going into the match as the red hot favourite, coach Ronnie Campbell had a full squad of players to choose from which meant Paul Cooke and teenage sensation Andrija Jukic had to be content with spots on the bench. It was a much different story for Gulls' boss Trevor Morgan who was minus several of this stars, namely Jamie Harnwell and Neil Young (suspended), Danny Hill (work commitments) and Brad Hassell (injury), while James Morgan, Andrew Bowyer and Simon Harland were included the matchday squad although less than fully fit. Even so, the Sorrento coach was confident as the two teams made their way out onto a pitch bathed in sunshine.

Much of the early running came from the Gulls who made good use of both flanks to throw the pressure on their opponent. Glen Thomas adapted best to the bouncy surface by displaying some neat touches as he and James Morgan established control on the centre of midfield over the experienced duo of Alex Christie and Scott Devine. The first genuine opportunity of the day came via a 13th minute free-kick from just outside the area which Thomas rocketed past the defensive wall and just to the right of the target. Although enjoying the better of possession, Sorrento were finding it difficult to break down the Knights defence and shots on goal were accordingly scarce. Chris Smith played a terrific diagonal ball into the path of Thomas but Tommi Tomich spotted the move early and was quickly off his line to snuff out the danger.

For their part of the Knights spent much of the opening half hour on the back foot with only the occasion foray into attack. But as the period came to a close the Knights suddenly sparked into life and began to menace the Gulls rearguard. Goalkeeper Phil Straker had to be on guard in the 33rd minute to pluck the ball off the head of Evan Wallace who rose highest in a crowded 6-yard box following an in-swinging Mark Lee corner. Shortly after Carl Medica showed terrific skill in throwing off his marker to cross into the dangerzone where Daniel Cain edged in ahead of Stuart Montgomery to nod it to safety. Three minutes from the break Chris Smith put his body on the line to block an explosive close-range strike by Medica following a surging run down the right by David Annall.

Sorrento began the second half positively with Thomas' low cross into the area that caught the opposing defence ball-watching, but with no-one on hand to convert the opportunity went begging. Montgomery should have put his side ahead in the 58th minute when he was sent through with only the 'keeper to beat but Straker produced a marvelous reflex save to deny. By this stage the pendulum had swung in the Knights favour and it seemed only a matter of time before they claimed the lead. From just outside the area Ivan Zuvela rolled a free-kick to Montgomery whose blistering strike was deflected wide by a defender. With 67 minutes gone Montgomery turned provider with a fine cross to the top of the 6-yard box where Daniel Trim snuck in front of his marker to put his downward header past Straker and break the deadlock. Eight minutes later Trim very nearly increased the gap with a rasping shot that cleared the crossbar.

With nothing to lose and time running out, Sorrento threw caution to the wind by adopting a four-man forward line and a more physical approach in an effort to squeeze their way back into the match. Having created space for himself Todd Harnwell laid the ball at the feet of Steve MacDonald who scooped his shot from 20-metres into the awaiting arms of Tomich. The Gulls were earned themselves a free-kick just outside the 18-yard box and while Thomas did find a hole in the wall Tomich was again well placed to prevent the shot from going in. Just minutes after coming off the bench Carlos Vega turned sharply inside the box to rifle off a shot but he too was unable to beat the Knights 'keeper. Sorrento's frustrations were none more evident than when Morgan became the only player booked following a late tackle from behind on Christie close to the end of regulation time.

Following a couple of tense minutes of stoppage time referee Angelo Nardi sent the Knights faithful into riotous celebration in honour of their team completing a much sought after double. Trim, the hero of the hour, said the Knights considered their recent League championship success as the pinnacle achievement but that they had been determined to end the season with another trophy. "As far as we were concerned the League it is - that's the one you want," said the 24-year old. "But there was no way we were going to lose this today." Campbell said the Knights' decision to push Trim into a more attacking role had paid off handsomely. "We wanted to put him on the right and give him the licence to become a third attacker. That was the game plan today and we've obviously got the result. We've shown a lot of character to win the Grand Final, having only played two games in six weeks and the credit has to go to the players."

Sorrento: Phil Straker, Daniel Cain, Richard Watson, Andrew Bowyer, Chris Smith, Brodie Martin (Simon Harland 52 (Carlos Vega 79)), Glen Thomas, James Morgan, Todd Harnwell, Steve MacDonald, Jared Love
Western Knights: Tommi Tomich, David Annall, Jason Williams, Evan Wallace, Ivan Zuvela, Daniel Trim, Alex Christie, Scott Devine, Mark Lee, Carl Medica (John Thornley 79), Stuart Montgomery
Bookings: Morgan (88)
Dismissals: None
Referee: Angelo Nardi





Attendance: 700 (approx.)

Popular captain of Perth S.C., Michael Icanovski, has bowed out of football by holding aloft the 2008 Top Four Series trophy. Todd Howarth, Geneveo Human, Trent Kay and substitute Michael Black found the net as Perth thumped Inglewood United 4-0 in today's one-sided play-off final at Litis Stadium. Gareth Deeg turned a Jason Colli shot around the post and Danny Kovacevic headed high as Inglewood started with a bang. Perth's first chance was a speculative effort from Steven Campbell that bounced off the crossbar. A long-range strike by Michael Baczynski flew wide in an open, free flowing game before Human just failed to connect with a David Onoforo cross. The breakthrough came in the 22nd minute when Human cut the ball back for Antonio Naglieri to thread a sublime pass which Howarth finished low past Oliver Taseski. It was two-nil six minutes later as Human latched on to a long ball down the right, went past James Duncan and neatly slotted under the oncoming goalkeeper. Inglewood twice threatened to open their account before the break but both Wardle's long-range effort and Baczynski's back post header were wide of the target.

Perth increased their lead five minutes after the re-start through a Howarth corner which an unchallenged Kay headed powerfully past Taseski. As Inglewood went looking for a way back into the game, Kevin Griffiths was denied by a superb diving save from Deeg. Onoforo went close to delivering the knock-out blow with a cracking volley that cannoned back off the bar from Greg Sharland's delivery. Taseski came the rescue in the 78th minute by blocking a close-range shot by Onoforo, whose frustrations were compounded when he sent the follow-up high. The result was soon put beyond doubt as Onoforo and Sharland combined to release Black who motored down the right before sliding a clinical shot past Taseski from 9-metres. To their credit, Inglewood continued to push forward and David Houston flicked just wide from Wardle's free-kick. And in the final minute of regulation time Colli crossed from the right to Griffiths who head just high the games last chance.

The final whistle was warmly greeted by Perth as Graham Normanton captured the play-off title for a fifth time. "We outplayed Inglewood today, we set out our stall early and we stuck to it and thoroughly deserved the win," said the jubilant coach. "We had a set plan today and it worked, our midfield was great and all played their parts in the win." Lee Bamber, coach of Inglewood, felt his side's big game inexperience contributed to their downfall. "I think the occasion today got to a few of the players and they've not been able to handle it. We went one down and lost a little discipline and our shape and we were punished by Perth," he said Bamber. "But when you look at the overall season, if someone said at the start of the season we'd finish fourth and reach the Top Four final then I would have taken it."

Perth S.C.: Gareth Deeg, Trent Kay, Gianfranco Circati, Michael Icanovski, Jared Brooks (Nicholas Tatasciore 87), Todd Howarth, Steven Campbell (Oliver Swords 80), Antonio Naglieri, Greg Sharland, David Onoforo, Geneveo Human (Michael Black 75)
Inglewood United: Oliver Taseski, Shane Pryce, James Duncan, Danny Kovacevic, Matt Wardle, Jamie Mitsopoulus (David Whiteside 75), Michael Baczynski, Kevin Griffiths, Jason Colli, Mladen Kovacevic (Ashley Picker 61), Rodrigo Aguirre (David Houston 56)
Bookings: M.Kovacevic (10), Campbell (37), Baczynski (41), Black (87)
Dismissals: None
Referee: Mathew Cheeseman




Attendance: 1,720

Perth SC captain David Onoforo turned in a best on ground performance to guide his team to a 2-0 Grand Final victory - and the title of State Champions for 2009 - over Western Knights on a sunny afternoon at Clipsal Stadium. Ian McMurray put one Perth hand on the trophy when he opened the scoring early in the second half with Onoforo sealing the win after 72 minutes. “It was a great all-round team performance from us today,” said Onoforo, clearly delighted with his teams performance. “We spoke about it in the week, about being focused and every player, including the subs, contributed to a great victory for the club today.”

The bumper crowd of 1,720 had hardly time to settle into their seats when the Knights threatened for the first time through Anthony Campbell whose cross-shot from the right drifted wide of the post. Perth weren’t to be outdone and four minutes later a crisp first time shot by Matt Danskin brought a good low save out of Frazer Siddall. There was no let up in the tempo with the two teams trading attacks in search of an opening goal. On the quarter hour Andy Bourakis’ long-range attempt was held by the Knights custodian, the ball was quickly spirited to the opposite end where Campbell flashed a header wide from Barry Devlin’s cross.

Perth had the benefit of a swirling breeze for the first half and in the 30th minute Bourakis’ 25-metres free-kick was caught by the wind, forcing Siddall to back pedal and tip the ball on to the crossbar at the last moment. Five minutes later Siddall again came to his sides rescue, saving well from Danskin’s long-range shot. At the other end, Perth youngster Luke Martino had to be alert to punch clear a David Micevski in-swinging corner. But it was Perth who ended the half on top with another Bourakis’ free-kick tipped over by Siddall, then minutes later Danskin’s shot from the right whistled narrowly the wrong side of the upright.

The second half was given a crackerjack start with Dom De Felice crashing the ball into the base of the post with Siddall well beaten, and soon after Greg Sharland’s first time strike whizzed just wide. The Knights should have taken a 53rd minute lead through Devlin but after driving inside the 18-yard box the midfielder blazed high from 10-metres. It was a costly miss as, three minutes later, Bourakis’ superbly released Onoforo whose low centre from the by-line was rammed into the net at close-range by McMurray. Controversy reigned soon after when Stuart Ferguson’s header was prevented from entering the net by De Felice, despite Knights’ claims the Perth midfielder was over the line.

With the Knights committing players forward they were always running the risk of being caught out at the back. And that’s exactly what happened on 72 minutes when Sharland’s terrific diagonal long ball found Onoforo, who expertly skipped around Ivan Zuvela before angling his low shot beyond Siddall’s reach to double Perth’s lead. Campbell and Danskin were fortunate to remain on the park following a heated clash that sparked an ugly melee, however, referee Craig Cheeseman was quick to defuse the situation. Craig Simpson had a header clear off the line by Zuvela as Perth attempted to add a third to their tally

The Knights weren’t ready to throw in the towel by any means and bombarded their opponents’ goal throughout the closing stages. Marco Warmt-Murray’s low shot was well saved by Martino, then David Annall should have done better that lift over the bar from 8-metres. 82 minutes were on the clock when Daniel Micevski teed up brother David but the midfielder blazed disappointingly high from the edge of the box. David Micevski almost made amends soon after with a cracking volley from 15-metres which cannoned back off the bar, before the final chance of the day saw Martino deny Daniel Trim.

With the final whistle came the beginning of a long night of celebrations for Perth, whose coach Graham Normanton was over the moon with his team’s performance. “We played really well today. We were primed for it and ready to go,” he said. “The conditions were difficult, the wind caused us problems. But we played some good football and the goals really speak for themselves, both were well set up and well finished. We could have scored a couple more but to win 2-0 in a final - I’m delighted!”

Knights coach Paul Price was disappointed to have fallen at the last hurdle. “Perth was the better side on the day, we had some chances but it wasn’t our day,” said Price, who rued the decision not to award a goal for Ferguson’s second half header. “The boys were convinced the ball was over the line which would have made it 1-1. Those things can change matches, but to be honest we had a few players that didn’t perform particularly well today, and Perth deserved their win.”

Perth SC: Luke Martino, Trent Kay, Michael Icanovski, Craig Simpson, Matt Danskin (Andres Oliveira 84), Greg Sharland, Gary Greenhill (Michael Black 75), Dom De Felice, Andrew Bourakis, David Onoforo, Ian McMurray
Western Knights: Frazer Siddall, Ivan Zuvela, Stuart Ferguson, David Annall, Cormac Dawson (Stanford Hepburn 70), Daniel Micevski, Barry Devlin, David Micevski, , Marco Warmt-Murray (Karl O’Reilly 87), Anthony Campbell, Daniel Trim
Bookings: Devlin (41), Campbell (75), Danskin (75)
Dismissals: Nil
Referee: Mathew Cheeseman



Attendance: 1,400

Graham Normanton brought the curtain down on a remarkable coaching career by guiding Perth SC to a 3-1 victory over arch-rivals Western Knights in this afternoon’s All Flags State League Grand Final at 6PR Stadium. It was the twenty-second trophy Perth had won under Normanton in eleven year, and the seventh time they’ve savoured Grand Final glory. First half goals by Dom De Felice and Ian McMurray set the scene with David Onoforo converting a stoppage time penalty to secure the trophy, but only after Simon Versaico had pulled one back for the Knights.

After a relatively even start Perth gained the ascendency amid some controversy. Referee Mathew Cheeseman dismissed appeals for a penalty despite Garth Lecky appearing to handle a Hayden Doyle cross. The drama didn’t end there are minutes later Knights goalkeeper Frazer Siddall escaped without so much as a booking after handling the ball outside his 18-yard box. Antonio Naglieri stepped up to take the resulting free-kick which crashed into the upright, much to the relief of Siddall who was well-beaten.

Perth deservedly took the lead on 32 minutes when Dom De Felice was on hand to tap in from close-range after an exquisite Robbie Puca free-kick had been nodded down by McMurray. Falling behind may have spurred the Knights into life, however, genuine chances on goal were few as they struggled to break down a resilient defence. The pendulum swung back in Perth’s favour after McMurray was on hand to fire into an empty net after Siddall did well to save but was unable to hold onto a David Onoforo shot a minute from the interval.

Needing a goal to get back in the game, Knights coach Carl Medica threw caution to the wind by bringing on attack-minded Daniel Trim for Lecky just before the hour. That move paid dividends eight minutes later when Stuart Montgomery crossed for Simon Versacio to head in at close-range and half the deficit. Medica did his best to inspire his troops to a second goal and the introduction of David Micevski, who was suffering a severe bout of flu, had a noticeable effect on the Knights attacking impetus.

David Micevski had been on the park only a few minutes when he took the ball deep inside the area before squaring across the face of goal only to see Shaun Kilkelly set in and clear the danger. As the Knights threw everyone forward in a desperate attempt to send the game to extra-time, Perth delivered the knock-out blow. Referee Cheeseman had no hesitation in pointing to the penalty spot after Jack Doyle brought down Onoforo, who picked himself up to fire past Siddall and seal the State Champions title.

Perth SC: Devon Spence, Trent Kay, Craig Simpson, Hayden Doyle, Sean Kilkelly, Robbie Puca, David Onoforo, Andreas Oliveira, Antonio Naglieri, Ian McMurray, Dom De Felice
Western Knights: Frazer Siddall, Duncan Hind, Stuart Ferguson, David Annall, Garth Lecky (Daniel Trim 58), Daniel Micevski, David Price, Simon Versacio (David Micevski 74), Anthony Campbell (Fiachra McArdle 84), Jack Doyle, Stuart Montgomery
Bookings: Simpson (18), Annall (35)
Dismissals: None
Referee: Mathew Cheeseman



Attendance: 2,000

Perth SC completed a hat-trick of State Championships by thrashing Sorrento 7-0 in this afternoon’s State League Grand Final at Frank Drago Reserve. David Onoforo and Andreas Oliveira put the blues into a comfortable half-time lead then struck again after the interval along with Robbie Sciascia, Josh Wilkins and Adam Bachiller to seal a historic win. “I can’t say enough about the players who played today and all that have given everything all season for our football club,” said captain Onoforo. “We were great today and to win the Grand Final for a third time is very special, and we’re going to enjoy it tonight.”

The first opening of the afternoon came on 3 minutes when Greg Sharland picked out Onoforo whose shot on the turn was deflected just wide. Sorrento failed to heed the warning and nine minutes later they went a goal down, Onoforo firing low past Curtis Aspden at close-range after receiving Sharland’s quick free-kick. Two minutes Shaun Timmins took the Gulls forward, crossing from the left to Joe Allanson whose header flashed just high of the crossbar. Sorrento’s search for an equaliser continued with Ryan Pearson’s long ball released Todd Harnwell but he was denied by a smart save from Jason Saldaris.

Perth couldn’t believe their luck in the 23rd minute when poor marking gifted them a second goal, a totally unmarked Oliveira lashing into the net from 7-metres after meeting Trent Kay’s low centre from the left. A spiteful clash between Matt Danskin and Timmins sparked an ugly melee involving both sets of players, referee Mathew Cheeseman eventually restoring calm to issue his first booking. Sorrento were unlucky not to reduce the deficit on 39 minutes, Pearson’s shot deflecting off the crossbar and retrieved by Timmins whose cross was met by Todd Harnwell but his header landed on the top netting.

The second half began positively enough for Sorrento but Timmins’ shot was blocked by Shaun Kilkelly and a few minutes later Todd Harnwell threaded through a crowded 18-yard box only for Saldaris to make the save. The floodgates were pushed fully open in the 56th minute, Sharland getting clear down the left to deliver a pinpoint cross which an unmarked Sciascia converted from 7-metres. Sharland was again provider two minutes later, this time picking out Oliveira who made no mistake at the back post. Sorrento were exposed for a fifth time on 70 minutes, an unmarked Wilkins converting from an Onoforo cross.

Perth clearly had no intention of ending things there, Wilkins shot was blocked by Aspden with Onoforo’s follow-up cleared off the line by Jared Love. Goal number six arrived in the 82nd minute, Bachiller applying a clinical finish from the left of the penalty area after being found by Onoforo. The icing was put on the cake seven minutes later when Onoforo placed into an empty net after Oliviera’s attempt at a hat-trick was thwarted by Aspden. Post-game, Perth attacker Greg Sharland was awarded the ‘Gary Marocchi Medal’ as the best on ground.

The 7-0 trouncing was equal to the largest Grand Final winning margin, recorded in 1972 when Perth, or Azzurri as they were then known, battered Bayswater United. “Any final I don’t think should finish 7-0 and obviously everything went right for us and something went wrong for them,” said Perth boss Gianfranco Circati. “We were a little bit worried after the final of the Cup and we didn’t want to lose this game … we had a little bit of luck but we played very well. I don’t think it was the best Sorrento today but it was definitely the best Perth of the season.”

Perth SC: Jason Saldaris, Trent Kay, Craig Simpson, Shaun Kilkelly, Matt Danskin, Greg Sharland (Adam Bachiller 72), Josh Pereira (Dom De Felice 62), Antonio Naglieri, Robbie Sciascia (Josh Wilkins 70), David Onoforo, Andreas Oliveira
Sorrento: Curtis Aspden, Danny Cain, Darryl Platten, Jamie Harnwell, Ryan Pearson, Shaun Timmins (Jared Love 62) David Price (Jason Mirco 85), Brodie Martin, Adam Luca, Todd Harnwell, Joe Allanson (Dejan Gurovski 57)
Bookings: Danskin (30), Simpson (45), Kilkelly (54), Pereira (57), J.Harnwell (78)
Dismissals: Nil
Referee: Mathew Cheeseman



Attendance: 2,534

Sorrento have completed a historic League and Cup double by coming from behind to triumph 4-3 over Floreat Athena in this afternoon’s pulsating Grand Final at Frank Drago Reserve. Retiring great Johny Mirco opened the scoring for Sorrento from the penalty spot on half-time only to have Benny Kovaoio and Mark Pritchard turned the game in Floreat’s favour. A final minute equaliser by newly introduced substitute Jamie Harnwell sent the game to extra-time where Jason Mirco and Ryan Pearson put Sorrento’s hands on the trophy. Jack Allen grabbed Floreat’s third goal in the closing stages of the game.

Johny Mirco could not have wished for a better end to his career. “It was a really good game and to get on the score sheet and be part of the third goal it’s a great way to go out,” said the Sorrento striker. “We really like to do things the hard way but it was terrific, we’ve done the same for the last three weeks. To end my career like this - I’m really delighted.” Floreat captain Pritchard was awarded the Gary Marocchi Medal for his best on ground performance.

Floreat made clear their intentions from the get-go with Pritchard putting a rising 1st minute strike over the crossbar. Six minutes later Ludovic Boi flashed just over the top after brilliantly swivelling onto a David Heagney throw. With Pritchard and Jon Brooks bossing the midfield Floreat were well in the ascendancy. On the quarter hour Pritchard unleashed a fierce drive from 15-metres which Curtis Aspden was grateful to see go past the post. Sorrento eventually settled and should have taken a 22nd minute lead through an unmarked Brodie Martin, who skied from 8-metres after meeting a ball in from Jason Mirco.

Michael Aspin joined the attack six minutes later to deliver a low cross which passed through a crowded goalmouth, just out of reach of several team mates. Floreat sustained a body blow on 37 minutes when Boi, who came into the game with a hamstring injury, signalled to be replaced, coach Chris Barbas doing so by bringing on club stalwart Jarrad Smith. Half-time was a minute away the deadlock was broken by Johny Mirco, who got his angles right in beating Brad Eiffe from the penalty spot following a harsh handball decision against Bobby Wilson.

Smith was presented a chance to level three minute after the restart but Aspden battered away his attempt after Steve McDonald coughed up the ball to Heagney. Jack Allen got away down the right only to pull his shot across the face of goal as Floreat turned the heat up on their opponents. The goal they sought came via a swift counterattack on 58 minutes, Pritchard and Heagney combining to release Kovaoio who rounded Aspden before stroking a low shot inside the far post. The roles were reversed off soon after with Kovaoio teeing up Pritchard whose angled strike flashed across the face of goal.

Pritchard got the goal he was after on 76 minute by converting from the penalty spot after referee Josh Manella blew for McDonald’s trip on Heagney. Sorrento needed a quick reply and almost had one when James Morgan’s free-kick was flicked on by McDonald to Daryl Platten whose close-range effort brought a superb reflex save from Eiffe. Heagney and Brooks were both presented chances to secure the game but the former placed high and the latter wide. Jamie Harnwell needed just six minutes to make his mark, the Sorrento veteran rising high to nod Gavin Knight’s clipped cross into the top corner from 5-metres.

Sorrento came out swinging for extra-time. On 95 minutes John Mirco’s angled strike was parried by Eiffe, Knight crashed the rebound into the post and with the third opportunity Jason Mirco lashed into the net from 12-metres. Aspden denied Mikey Roberts an equaliser by tipping the striker’s fierce strike from just outside the 18-yard box. Sorrento strengthened their grip on the game in the 105th minute when Pearson played out wide to Knight who got deep down the right before delivering the ball back into the middle where Pearson made it four-two with a terrific diving header.

Knight looked to extend Floreat’s woes after the turnaround but Spencer Harris deflected his shot wide, and from the partially cleared corner Reece Vittiglia curled over. Aspden ensured his team’s two-goal buffer remained intact with a tidy save to Heagney’s low long-range shot, and a minute later he did even better in tipping over Roberts’ powerful strike. Time was running out for Floreat when Allen’s cross from the right drifted over Aspden and snuck inside the far top corner. There were no risks taken in the final couple of minutes by Sorrento, who did what was needed to secure their first ever double.

Floreat Athena: Brad Eiffe, Jack Allen, Bobby Wilson, Mark Walsh, Callum Fransz, Ludovic Boi (Jarrad Smith 36), Spencer Harris, Jon Brooks (Mikey Roberts 98), Mark Pritchard, Benny Kovaoio (Vince Sweeney 98), David Heagney
Sorrento: Curtis Aspden, Michael Aspin, Steve McDonald, Daryl Platten, Ryan Pearson, Jason Mirco, James Morgan, Brodie Martin (Gavin Knight 56), Reece Vittiglia, Johny Mirco (Danny Cain 111), Todd Harnwell (Jamie Harnwell 86)
Bookings: Todd Harnwell (12), Harris (65), Pritchard (67)
Dismissals: Sweeney (122)
Referee: Josh Manella



Attendance: 2,700

A late Todd Howarth strike proved the difference as Bayswater City beat Stirling Lions 2-1 in this afternoon’s State League Grand Final at Litis Stadium. Irish midfielder Gareth McGlynn had given Stirling a first half lead before Gustavo Giron-Marulanda equalised and Howarth struck in the dying minutes to give Bayswater their first ever State Championship. “It was a fantastic finish to a successful season for us,” said Howarth. “Credit to Stirling, they made us work extremely hard. They probably had the better of the first half but I feel we over ran them in the end with a bit of extra desire.”

There was a big crowd on hand at kick-off and it was Bayswater that opened the brighter. With only 5 minutes gone Giron-Marulanda put a free-kick just past the post following a handball decision against Stirling custodian Aleks Vrteski outside of his 18-yard box. Bayswater were well on top and on the quarter hour Adrian Caceres picked out Brian Farrell, who cut past James Cogley only for Vrteski to produce a smart low save to deny him. Stirling settled and went close to the opener two minutes later, Miki Vujacic’s cross headed over by Rory Grant from 6-metres.

Vrteski twice came to the rescue, saving in each occasion from Gustavo Catarcione as Bayswater pressed to make something of their dominance. So it was against the run of play that Stirling went ahead on 29 minutes, Dean Evans playing down the left for Daniel Micevski whose cross was dummied by Phil Arnold and fired in from 18-metres by McGlynn. This gave Stirling the lift they needed and five minutes before the break Evans close-range shot was met by the gloves of Devon Spence after Arnold had skipped past Chris Saldaris on the right.

Stirling carried on after the break where they left off, Rory Grant centring for Arnold to neatly roll the ball back for Evans whose fierce strike from the edge of the area was well-saved by Spence. Giron-Marulanda restored parity in the 53rd minute by tucking into an empty net after Howarth’s low shot was parried by Vrteski, who was helpless at the follow-up. It was now Bayswater that was dictating terms and Jamie Coyne’s long-range effort drifted just wide before Andy Brown’s last gasp tackle denied Giron-Marulanda. Stirling, too, had their chances but shots from Andy Todd and Arnold were taken by Spence.

The game looked destined for extra-time when Farrell, from his position on the left, delivered the ball into Howarth who slid past his marker and fired low into the net. Stirling pushed men forward late in a desperate attempt to equalise, and they would have had one deep in stoppage time had Spence not brilliantly turned away Evans’ powerful header at the far post from a Matthew Harold cross. The final whistle sounded shortly to trigger scenes of jubilant celebration in the Bayswater camp. Howarth’s afternoon was made complete when awarded the man of the match honours, the ‘Gary Marocchi’ Medal.

Bayswater City: Devon Spence, Patrick Quinn, Trent Kay, Andy Reale, Chris Saldaris, Brian Farrell, Jamie Coyne, Adrian Caceres (Hassan El Yassiri 75), Todd Howarth, Gustavo Giron-Marulanda (Ross Cosgrave 89), Gustavo Catarcione (Steve Burton 76)
Stirling Lions: Aleks Vrteski, James Cogley, Andy Todd, Andy Brown, Clayton Arnez, Daniel Micevski, Dean Evans, Miki Vujacic (Tim Hill 71), Gareth McGlynn, Phil Arnold (Josh Booysen 89), Rory Grant (Matthew Harold 83)
Bookings: Giron-Marulanda (45+1), Quinn (51), Burton (82), Arnold (92)
Dismissals: Nil
Referee: Mathew Cheeseman



Attendance: 2,000

A second half strike from Bayswater City’s David Heagney has given them a 1-0 win against Perth SC, in the inaugural National Premier League WA Grand Final, in front of 2,000 supporters at Dorrien Gardens. The former Huddersfield Town and St Johnstone striker’s long-range effort clinched Bayswater the NPL-WA championship and fourth trophy of the season to go with the Night Series, Cool Ridge Cup and league, in a historic day in WA football. Heagney was voted the player of the match and was awarded the ‘Gary Marocchi medal’, and he was just happy to do his job in a good team effort. “It’s an amazing feeling today, we played well and I thought we deserved the win,” he said. “We’ve been the best team all season and today we showed that, we all stood up when it was required it was a great team effort.”

The win was built on a good defensive display from Chris Coyne’s side. Perth had beaten them 5-0 in the semi-final two weeks ago, and defensive midfielder Declan Hargreaves was delighted with the win. “We had a game plan and the lads stuck to it, and we deserved to win in the end,” he said. “We needed a bit of confidence in the new system, and the goal came at a great time for us and we then knew if we kept our shape we would be hard to breakdown and that was the case.” “We knew it would be a tight game especially in the middle of the park, as some of their players have played at high level. I real enjoyed the battle, and we never gave them time on the ball and I thought we came out on top.”

It was a great day for football with a big crowd still entering the ground as the game got under way, and Perth dominated the early exchanges. Mark Doninger and Ashley Rosindale both testing Devon Spence, but the Bayswater custodian was up to the challenge. But on 12 minutes Perth should have taken the lead. Tim Robertson was sent down the right, and he outpaced Adam Bachiller and cut the ball back form the bye-line to the unmarked Aden da Luz, who blazed over from six meters.

Then on 18 minutes Spence almost handed the lead to Perth. Mark Pritchard’s corner was spilled by the keeper, the ball heading towards goal, but Spence reacted well to save the ball on the line. Perth was celebrating the goal, but assistant Mathew Cheeseman was well placed to rule the ball hadn’t crossed the line. Bayswater awoke from their slumber and Chris Saldaris’ header was straight at Francis Soale, and on the half hour Gustavo Giron-Marulanda cheeky back heel sent Heagney in on goal, but Soale was out bravely to block his shot. It was Bayswater who ended the half the stronger; Paul McCarthy’s long-range strike was deflected wide, before Soale had to be alert on the stroke half time to save Marulanda’s low shot from the edge of the penalty area.

After the break Bayswater had a strong penalty claim turned down by referee Adam Fielding after only five minutes, after Marulanda was brought down in the box by Clark Keltie, but four minutes later they hit the front. Heagney picked the ball up in the middle of the park and was given far too much room and the striker made Perth pay, rifling home from 25-yards to send their faithful into raptures. Perth were still in the game and on the hour midfielder Andreas Theodosiades sent a perfect ball over the top to Rosindale, whose shot beat Spence, but Kay got back to clear the ball off the line.

Bayswater sat back and let Perth come at them, but with Kay and the rest of the Perth backline outstanding, they struggled to create any clear cut chances, and Bayswater were hitting on the counter attack, with Brian Farrell and Heagney going close. Still Perth pressed and on 84 minutes they went close to the equaliser. Prichard’s corner was headed goalwards by second half substitute Harley Orr, but Declan Hargreaves was alert to clear the ball off the line. That was the final chance of the game and after three minutes of stoppage time the final whistle was greeted with delight from the Bayswater coaches, players and supporters alike, as they wrote themselves into the history book, becoming the first WA side to win four major trophies in a season.

Bayswater assistant coach Stewart Moses knew they had to play different to the way they played in the semi-final and said the team delivered their game plan to perfection on the day. “We had a game plan today and the lads stuck to it, they showed great character, especially after the 5-0 defeat last time we played Perth,” he said. “In saying that that defeat did us a favour, it brought us back to reality, and we worked on things on the training track. “They got in behind us last time, but we worked hard to deny them space and to the lads credit they did it superbly today.”

Perth had begun the game positively and had a number of good early chances that they failed to convert, and Coach Taki Nicolaidis said they were made to pay for their profligacy. “At the end of the day the lads gave me everything, but we couldn’t find the target, especially in the first half when we created a number of good chances but didn’t take them,” he said. “We knew it would be a tough game today and a superb strike from Heagney won it. But it’s all about if’s and but’s, we’ve come a long way from last season and things are looking up for our club and we have to take positives from the season.”

Perth SC: GK Francis SOALE, 2 Josh WILKINS, 4 Craig SIMPSON, 6 Clark KELTIE, 8 Aden DA LUZ, 10 Ashley ROSINDALE, 12 Tim ROBERTSON (13 Alex CASTIELLO 67’), 14 Mark PRITCHARD, 15 Mark DONINGER, 19 Andreas THEODOSIADES (22 Harley ORR 78’), 20 James MAROCCHI (9 Friday ZICO 89’) - Subs not used: RGK Alex DUNN, 5 Laurence GAUGHAN
Yellow Cards: Nil

Bayswater City: GK Devon SPENCE, 2 Declan HARGREAVES, 3 Adam BACHILLER, 6 Todd HOWARTH, 8 Paul MCCARTHY, 9 Gustavo GIRON MARALUNDA (16 Jamie COYNE 69’), 13 Trent KAY, 15 Brian FARRELL (10 Damien CATALANO 90’), 20 Sam MITCHINSON, 21 David HEAGNEY (18 James ISAIA 78’), 23 Chris SALDARIS - Subs not used: RGK Joel DRISCOLL, 5 Andy REALE
Yellow Cards: Nil

Referee: Adam Fielding
Assistants: Mathew Cheeseman and Josh Mannella
Fourth Official: David Bruce


GRAND FINALS PLAYED - 2016 onwards for the "Top Four Cup" but not for the State Championship

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