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My Study of the Coins of the Knights of Malta 1690- 1798

Over the past 5 years I've been working on cataloguing the 2 Scudi and 30 Tari coins, trying to list each die variety. My study of these two denominations is nearly complete and now I intend to expand my study to to include all coins minted between 1690 - 1798

I'm going through hundreds of scans of these coins I've collected over the past few years. Click on the coin below to go to these pages, but please remember this is still 'work in progress' and any information, suggestions or new varieties you have are most welcome


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Coin of the Month

1723 12 Tari Grand Master Antonio Manoel De Vilhena RS 83.

This coin is listed in RS as PU, but as this coin is not the same coin shown in RS it can't be unique. What is different with this coin is that there is a major Celator (die maker) error.

The legend on the reverse says:

(Magnvs Magister Hospitalis Sancti Sepvlcri Hospitalis)
Grand Master of the Hospital and Holy Sepulchre Hospital

It should say
Magnvs Magister Hospitalis Sancti Sepvlcri Hierusalem)
Grand Master of the Hospital and Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem

Pass pointer over image to see other side.

Rarity as listed in RS:-

S - Scarce

R1 - Rare

R2 - Very Rare

R3 - Extremely Rare

R4 - Highest Rarity

PU - Probably Uniqu

Books on the Coins of the Knights of Malta

New Book by Emmanuel Azzopardi

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I have listed various numbering systems, but the main one used is as per RS (The Coinage of the Knights in Malta by Restelli and Sammut) This is a 2 volume catalogue which is a must for collectors of the coins of the Knights of Malta. It is available from Said in Malta

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