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'Long Distance Dream'

The Minstrel

I'm impressed
Reviewer: Kjetil for Efree
I listen to your music over and over again and have to say I'm impressed. It's great.

Love what you are doing
Reviewer: Wozza
Love what you are doing here and I really hope your music gets out because it its quality that should be heard. I know I dont get out as much to say g'day with the new baby and all but I still listen to your album especially away on the rig and it always reminds me of home and I realise that I am a happier person for meeting you years ago and having the privilage to listen to your music.

An excellent CD from a local treasure
Reviewer: Phil Bennett: "Nova Magazine"
Long Distance Dream is a journey of diverse musical style. Based on Blues & Folk, uniquie vocal & instrumental skill, imagination & a willingness to express from the heart. An excellent CD from a local treasure.

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the best cd. i love my dad!!!!!
Reviewer: Ellie Pavledis
this cd is the best one he's ever done because between his first cd and this one, there has been alot of changes in our family so it's sounds different, EVEN BETTER!! i love my dad more than anything in the world, and although his trips to switzerland are long and my brother and i miss him alot we still call him as much as we can and see hows he's doing with his songs. xoxo love ya conga man

Reviewer: Alex from Switzerland
Ich habe Richie gestern im Tessin mit Gabi kennen gelernt. Und es war einfach nur genial wie er spielen und singen kann. Daher kann ich diese CD wirklich jedem empfehlen, der auf handgemachte Musik steht. Sehr gefühlsam, einfach genial!!! Weiter so Richie und bis im Januar in Graubünden bei Renè.... Have a nice time in Australia.

Richie breathes spirituality
Reviewer: Kismana Music
This CD is a work of art, weaving together country, folk and blues with acoustic melodies that lift the spirit and ease the blues. Richie breathes spirituality throughout his songs by way of strong soulful vocals, sensitive lyrics and his consummate performance on guitars, percussion and harmonica.

I love it...
Reviewer: Aurora
It is a wonderful CD, I love it. Can listen to it over and over again. All the songs are so relaxing. Well done...

A minstrel in the truest meaning...
Reviewer: Sylvester Fox, Groove Music Magazine
This is Richie's second CD but unlike his first offering which featured a full band, Minstrel displays Richie in solo accoustic and vocal mode. Often here are two acoustics playing in counterpart. Richie's lyrical terrain is one part parable, one part free spirit. An old soul who sees the world around him as a series of connections between the land, the heavens and the space in between. And I write... is also a masterful folk tune which would do Paul Kelly proud. A minstel in the truest meaning of the world delivering the message loud and clear.

Wonderful stuff
Reviewer: Phil Bennett, Nova Magazine Perth
A fine recording of one of our most honest and musically aware performers, Minstrel is an album to savour slowly and repeatedly. Delivered within the gentle pastoral textures of the music - plucked acoustic guitar, light, expressive percussion and occasional wisps of harmonica - the words simply become part of the song and many listeners might not delve into them until later listens. But this is actually on of the quiet strenghts of this album. Its layers reveal themselves slowly. Richie Pavledis' latest offering reflects his love of the ocean and his spiritual outlook on the world around him.

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'The Minstrel'

The Minstrel

'Live at The Charles'

The Minstrel

I love acoustic blues
Reviewer: Przemek Draheim
I love acoustic blues and listening to your album was a pleasure for me. You have an interesting, deep voice and good skills on guitar. And what's also important you are a proove positive that acoustic blues can still burn the house down in a club. Good stuff! It will be my pleasure to play your music in my shows and tell my listeners your story. Richie, thank you again for beautiful music you've sent me. Let us stay in touch. Your Polish promo guy, Przemek Draheim

Playing it constantly
Reviewer: Mike
Well, another two weeks has gone by and I have just managed to get the new CD out of Lorraine's car so that I can have a listen to it again! She has been playing it constantly for the past two weeks - she's a bit of a Richie fan!

Live At The Charles
Reviewer: Bruce Cohen
When one thinks of the blues and where the next fine sounding Delta style musician will hail from, Australia doesn't usually enter in the mind. But now blues lovers of all kinds can add the name of Richie Pavledis to their list of artists to keep an eye and ear on. Just take a listen to Pavledis's release from 2004 (ya I know, a bit slow on the review) recorded live at the Australian blues fave club, the Perth Blues Club at the Charles Hotel (hence the title) where you'll find a wonderful mix of classics and original tunes laid down perfectly by Pavledis accompanying himself with only guitar and harp.

Pavledis is something of a blues icon in his adopted homeland of Australia (Palvedis was originally born in England and moved to Australia in his teens) where in 2001 he was awarded the best blues song at the annual WAMI (West Australian Music Industry) awards show with his tune "Long Distance Dream" from the CD of the same name. Before venturing out on a solo career Pavledis played with the best blues artists the Down Under could manufacture including that great slide guitarist, Dave Hole. After experimenting with various blues based outfits Pavledis decided to record the sounds that were forming in his head. Every trip to the studio Pavledis usually came armed with the finest musicians around to help make his musical visions become reality releasing Long Distance Dream in 2001 and Minstrel in 2002. On Live At The Charles Pavledis does all the Delta musicians proud by his expert vocals and picking on such timeless songs like Robert Johnson's "Last Fair Deal" and Wille Dixon's "Spoonful". He accomplishes this by taking the true Delta style and incorporating his own unique version even coming up with a couple of original tunes like "Mister River" and "I Became...". I have a feeling that someday these songs may become classics as well. If you desire your blues stripped down and pure then check out Richie Pavledis at his website to learn more about the artist and his music at: http://www.richiepavledis.com/. Enjoy.

Bruce Coen, Blues Bytes

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A review of "Holly"

Dear Richie, your new CD is just wonderful, with feeling and a bit melancholy. Your cover painting is very suitable chosen, it matches the songs. The lyrics are so beautiful. We both enjoy listening to your music.

Have a good time and see you soon - hopefully,

Andrea and Marcel from Switzerland

A review of "Holly"

Richie... nice album, his interesting vocal, not so many song ( in blues mood), but his presentation of songs is very authentic and good.

Many best wishes

Mladen Loncar - Mike

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Richie in action...

'Movin On'

Movin On

hi richie and gaby,

yesterday i was listening to your new album. i really enjoyed it. great music, great voice, great sound. a very nice album to work with. well done. it will be a joy to perform it live and people will love it, i am sure.

see you soon. love can

Movin' On
Richie Pavledis
Reviewed by Phil Bennett

Richie Pavledis' fifth solo album sees him presenting his songs in a bare bones manner - just voice, acoustic guitar, the occasional drums and percussion and some brief heavyweight help on bass from Phil Bailey.

Currently residing in the icy climes of the far Northern Hemisphere, the sound of his album, though, is pure Australiana. Close your eyes and you can see him standing in the spinifex strumming his acoustic, singing these songs to the great endless sky.

There are some terrific numbers here, from the righteous Soul Purpose to the torridly rhythmic The Deep Blue Sea and the swampy groove of Armageddon.

Strange thing about his voice - even when he's yelping "I'm Ready" over excited handclaps, he still sounds melancholy. Which may give listeners the impression that this is a downbeat, introspective album, but, on the contrary, it's about spirit, freedom, space and, yes, a little bit of sadness.

Throughout, the production is simple but crisp, so that the essence of Pavledis as a solo performer is captured faithfully and realistically.

And with songs like these, any additional fiddly bits would simply be a distraction.

Big voice, sweet and lovely lyrics, classy performances and warm melodies.

A real grower. Check it out.

We are really enjoying your CD. You are quite the shamanistic poet Richie!

Jen's personal favourite is "In Love" - probably one of your special ones too Gaby I imagaine?? A song like that certainly makes it all even more worthwhile.

Love, joy, peace and much pleasure to you both.
Bill and Jen

Great to see you at the Blues club, we are really enjoying your new CD.

Hope you have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year.
love Maureen & Bob

Dear Richie & Gaby,

Today I got back from a week long vacations and your parcel was already waiting for me, thank you very much!

I am so proud of myself that somewhere down my musical road I have discovered Richie for me and my listeners. He has found his own little spot between acoustic blues, soul and folk - a place in music that is totally his own. With deep and sensual voice, memorable songs and gentle guitar playing he is one of my favorite acoustic artists, no matter what the genre is!

As with Richie's previous discs it will be my pleasure to feature the new one in my shows. I'm sure my listeners will enjoy it as much as I do! I'll keep you posted with my play lists and Living Blues reports.

Thank you again guys for the music you've sent me. Let us keep in touch.

Best wishes,
Przemek Draheim

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Richie in action...

On a recent trip to Switzerland Richie played a gig at the Blues Cellar and what was supposed to be a holiday turned out to be hard work I Richie found himself working several nights a week. The audience and Richie enjoyed themselves so much some gigs went for 5-6 hours and he sold almost 100 CD's.

He has been invited to return to Switzerland next year 2002, with a number of gigs already confirmed. The Swiss audience loved his singing, energy and original style.

Word got around St. Gallen and Appenzell, soon local musicians were turning up to hear Richie and wanting to back him.... Suddenly many Swiss musicians wanted to join him in his "One Man Band".

More than a full house, people standing outside on the pavement to listen. The people loved his blues, rock and country songs. They were rockin' all night long.

A review from a local newspaper "Anzeige Blatt", 2001.

You will be happy to know people were very impressed - many extremely complimentary comments.

Doug Wilkinson

Hallo Richie & Hallo Gabi

Gestern Abend im Falken im Sulzbach war wieder einsame Spitze.
Super Mega Auftritt zusammen mit Peter.
Spitzenmässige Stimmung und ein volles Haus (Saal) mit super Leuten.
Ich freue mich jetzt schon auf den April 2007
Machts gut Freunde ... alles gute ... wünscht Euch Volkmar

Richie Pavledis is an authentic voice on the musical landscape. He performs with a conviction and passion that embraces the spirit of the listener. Every song is a unique expression of his divine creative energy. When one listens to Richies music they are transported to a field of substance and vibration , a garden of sacred life energy and connection to the soul. He is creative force and his songs are a reflection of the voice of his soul.

Richies music comes from a heart that flows with grace. His life honoring creative pursuits are entertaining and enriching. His musical expression illuminates his artistry like a full moon shimmering on the water. Richie navigates the river of creativity in a manner that invites inspiration and conscious creative action. If yours is a quest for meaning and heart then the music of Richie Pavledis will validate your vision.

Richie Pavledis radiating love and light while affecting lives positively. His footprints in the wind lead the listener on a path of beauty and honesty. I honour what he has achieved and look forward to what earthly feasts he will produce in the future.

Have a beautiful day.

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