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Richie Pavledis
THE LATEST NEWS HEADLINES: The Photos page has been revamped to make it easier to view. Check out the great pictures from the gig at Aescher! Richie's Webmaster
Richie Pavledis...

West Australia's own Minstrel, and acclaimed musician/songwriter.

Website Changes and Updates!

  • Check out the new Switzerland photos, this guy gets to some incredible places
  • Changes made to the Gig Guide!
  • Watchout in the coming days for Richie's next Newsletter. You want one? Register on the mailing list on the 'Contact Richie' page

Webmaster - April 18th, 2008

  • Richie has returned to Switzerland and is getting back into the music scene there...
  • Added some more reviews of Richie and the "Movin' On" CD......
  • Changes made to the Gig Guide!
  • Gaby has started working!

Webmaster - December 28th, 2007

  • Richie and Gaby are back in Australia for a short visit and to play a few special gigs
  • Changes made to the Gig Guide!
  • Updated Richie's contact phone number while in Australia

Webmaster - November 5th, 2007

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