Art by Janine Rea

Artist Profile

Janines Photo I currently work as a geologist and spend most of my spare time creating art - mainly acrylic paintings and some digital art. I grew up in Brighton, Victoria until I started work as a geologist. I then spent the next 15 years in Central Victoria, Mount Isa, Qld,Tennant Creek, NT, etc....... until finally settling down in Perth, WA in 1995.

I enjoy immersing myself in wide variety of artistic mediums. I love to place paint onto the canvas and let my imagination take over!
My work to date mostly consists of acrylic and mixed media using bold, bright colours and patterns. Recently I have been creating digital artwork on the computer and manipulating my photos/original artwork using various adjustments, filters and effects.

As a geologist I have lived in many remote locations with the scenery, rock formations, textures and colours adding inspiration to my artwork. I attack my art work with the exact opposite mind frame/approach to my work as a geologist. As a geologist, my work is very structured and exact which is in direct contrast to my art work which is quite random and free.

David Giles and Jacky McFarlane  introduced me to acrylics and both have given me the confidence to express my feelings and work freely.

I have exhibited/sold my art work in a number of club and council exhibitions.

I was a first prize art winner at the Freedom School of Art Exhibition.