MJ DunkZone Animated GIF took me 50 hours to complete. Isn't it beautiful!!! The grace, beauty and skill!!!

The 1986-87 Gatorade Slam-dunk comp was held at the Seattle Kingdome during All-Star Saturday.
The contestants were :

Slam-dunk Contestants
Terence Stansbury
6' 5"
Johnny Dawkins
6' 2" (Shortest contestant)
Ron Harper
6' 6"
Clyde Drexler
6' 7"
Tom Chambers
6' 10" (Tallest contestant)
Michael Jordan
6' 6"
Jerome Kersey
Blazers (Replacing Dominique Wilkins who is injured)
6' 9"
Gerald Wilkins
6' 6"

The rules of the dunk competition were :

1) 2 dunks for the 1st round.
2) 3 dunks for the Semifinal round.
3) 3 dunks for the Championship round.
4) 2 replacement dunks for the entire competition. But can only use 1 replacement dunk per round.
5) Maximum score is 50.
6) Judging is based on style, athletic ability and creativity.

Round 1

1) Michael Jordan drives baseline from the right, "rocks the baby", swings the ball over and stuffs it with 2 hands.
2) Clyde Drexler misses the first dunk. Gets a replacement dunk. He tosses it against the glass, catches with one hand and dunks.
3) Johnny Dawkins from the left, elevates for a two-hand swing, ugly jam!!!
4) Terence Stansbury from the top, elevates 2 feet inside the freethrow line for a 360 "statue of liberty" dunk.
5) Ron Harper. Tosses ball to the left, catches ball with two hands and reverse dunk.
6) Tom Chambers from the right, drives baseline, small windmill but misses. Repeats the move and hits it. Not very neat.
7) Gerald Wilkins. Tosses ball from the right, bounce on keyway, tries to catch it, missed dunk. Repeats the move and gets it.
8) Jerome Kersey drives along right baseline, rocks it with one hand, emerges on the other side of the rim for a powerful/authoritative slam. Awesome!!
1) Michael Jordan from the right, bounces the ball on keyway, can't catch it with one hand and misses the dunk. Repeats the move but catches with two hands and makes a "soft" jam. Gets a controversial 47 points!!!
2) Clyde Drexler drives right baseline, emerges from behind the glass, one hand over for a high kicking move.
3) Johnny Dawkins from the left, take the ball down to his knees for the reverse dunk.
4) Terence Stansbury flips ball to his left and catches it, double clutch, swings it around for the dunk. Nice kick.
5) Ron Harper drives from the right baseline, one hand glide behind the rim with arm extended, and dunks.
6) Tom Chambers from the top and one hand dunk but misses. No replacement dunks allowed!!
7) Gerald Wilkins, tosses ball to the right but not high enough bounce, miss-time his leap and catch and misses the dunk. Shouts "AWW SHIT" in frustration. Brother Dominique who's on the bench (due to injury) appears dissappointed. No replacement dunk.
8) Jerome Kersey. Drives from the right, small windmill and does a 2-handed dunk.

4 players advancing to the semi-finals were Terence Stansbury (99 points), Clyde Drexler (92 points), Jerome Kersey (92 points) and Michael Jordan (88 points).

Semi-final Round

Click picture to download QuickTime Movie"Kiss the rim"

Michael was almost horizontal when he dunked this.


It was his third dunk in the semis.

Click picture to download QT Movie

1) Terence Stansbury from the right, tosses ball, catches with one hand, the swings it for a two-handed reverse dunk.
2) Jerome Kersey right toss of the glass, catches with 2 hands and reverse.
3) Michael Jordan infamous freethrow line slam. Dribbles full court and elevates just inside the freethrow line!!! Memorable. You can hear the jet engines roar...
4) Clyde Drexler attempts freethrow dunk (no full court dribble) misses the first dunk. Gets a replacement dunk. Repeats but 2 feet inside the freethrow line. Not good.
1) Terence Stansbury from the right, tosses ball, catches with one hand, the swings it for a two-handed reverse dunk but misses. Repeats again
2) Jerome Kersey. Drives from the right, rocks with one hand, 2 hand swing, and dunks with power and authority.
3) Michael Jordan from the right, one hand double clutch, ducks head to avoid the rim, small 180 spin for a tremendous dunk!!!
4) Clyde Drexler drives left baseline, little roll move and throws it over.
1) Terence Stansbury from the top, a little toss, catches with one hand, a little clutch and dunks.
2) Jerome Kersey. Long run-up, free-throw dunk attempt but misses. Replacement dunk : drives from the right, goes baseline across the other side of the rim and throws it over with one hand.
3) Michael Jordan from the left, "kiss the rim" turns sideways for a one-hand tremendous dunk!!!
4) Clyde Drexler speaks to Dominique(1985 Slam-dunk champ) and Spud Webb (1986 Slam-dunk champ) for tips. DW told him to go straight up and do a windmill. Drexler drives right baseline, rocks with 2 hand, and slams.
The infamous freethrow dunk. You've seen the posters. First introduced by Dr. J (Julius Erving) in the 1985 Slam Dunk Competition, Michael goes one step further by dribbling full court en route to a 49 in the semifinal round (dunk #1). After the dunk, MJ "high fived" Magic Johnson who was sitting behind the backboard (near the post).

Click picture to download QuickTime Movie

Rock the baby slam. Semifinals dunk number 2 scored 49 for his Airness.

MJ drove from the right side, elevates, one handed double clutch, ducks his head a bit to avoid the rim, tiny 180 degree spin, and throws it overhead. Whammm... Amazing!!!!

Click picture to download QT Movie

Tremendous "Kiss the rim" dunk sequence from Michael. Gatorade score 50 of 50 in semifinals(dunk#3).
Advancing to the Championship round are Michael Jordan (148 points) and Jerome Kersey (147 points).


Championship Round

MJ wins the coin toss and selects Jerome Kersey to go first.

1) Jerome Kersey from the top, one handed, little pump windmill dunk.
2) Michael Jordan drives right baseline, elevates just inside and rocks the ball, reverses with his back to the basket, glides and slams
1) Jerome Kersey. Copies MJ and drives from the right, but misses. Replacement dunk, he rocks from behind the board, throws it overhead with power.
The "Air Jordan" Kick dunk scored 48pts.
2) Michael Jordan from the top, one hand double clutch, with AJ kick!! Nice but no power.
1) Jerome Kersey. From the right baseline, rock, swings left then right for the dunk. Looks messy but in slow-motion, it's not too bad.

"Kiss the Rim" reprise 2) Michael Jordan from the left, does a leaner like superman but misses.

Replacement dunk, drives from the right, sideways "kiss the rim" leaaaanerr and dunks.

He hammers the ball through the net like it wasn't there... great flush

Perfect score!!!


"Air Jordan"

Another view of Michael's AIR JORDAN KICK dunk.

He scored a 48.

It was was weak but boy did he hang in the air...

MJ in Superman mode


His final dunk in the championship round scored a 50. It's a repeat of his "kiss the rim" leaner in the semifinals (dunk #3), which is also a perfect score of 50.

MJ wins US$12,000 and receives trophy from Bill Schmidt, CEO of Quaker Oats (makers
of Gatorade) and Adrian DeGrup, NBA Property Manager.
His Royal Airness, the new King of the Dunk
A beaming Jordan thanks his Bulls teammates for him being here in the All-Stars (for setting
up screens and giving him the ball) and said he promised teammates he'll split the prize
money 12 ways!!!

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