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Prominent commentators

George, Susan (Transnational Institute, Paris) http://www.tni.org/george/pubs.htm
Harvey, Diane http://www.rense.com/Datapages/harveydata.html
Korten, David C http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Korten/David_Korten_page.html
Monbiot, George http://www.monbiot.com/
Palast, Gregory http://www.gregpalast.com (or direct to Globalisation columns)
Pilger, John http://pilger.carlton.com/


Alternative charters

A Common Agreement on Investment and Society (Alliance for Democracy, US, April 2000 version)

Alternative MAI (OzIdeas, 1999) [replaces earlier Polaris Institute model, now unavailable]

Charter99, a Charter for Global Democracy (Westminster UNA, UK)

Citizen's Public Trust Treaty (Public Citizen,US)

Earth Charter, The (Earth Charter Commission (1997) --Charter launched June 2000)

Global People's Assembly Preamble and Charter (Fogaa Apia, Samoa, 7 Apr 00)

Siena Declaration on the Crisis of Economic Globalization (International Forum on Globalization, 1998)

Treaty Initiative to Share the Genetic Commons (IATP). NGOs sign-on closes 30 May 2002

United Nations Global Compact (launched July 00)

World Social Forum Charter of Principles ( 10 June 01)


Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

Khor, Martin Analysis of APEC Brunei Summit and WTO (Asia Pacific Research Network, Nov 00)


Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Ryder, Gráinne Why consumers and citizens should pull the plug on the ADB (Probe May 00)



Halweil, Brian The Emperor's new crops [PDF/ Registration required] (Worldwatch Jul-Aug 99)

Rural Advancement Foundation Internationsl (RAFI) Suicide seeds on the fast track (Mar 00)



Dobbin, Murray Who’s minding Canada’s trade negotiators? (ex Financial Post, Apr 00)



Internet colloquium, March 2000 Big body heuristics - Are corporations really alive? (Site of W D Kubiak)

Corporate Europe Observatory Doing business in Berlin (Report on TABD, Nov 99)

The Berlin conference made chillingly clear how far the construction of untransparent transatlantic corporate-government structures has evolved and how industry aims to use these structures to further strengthen its grip on decision making. This all happens with the active support of government representatives who see business demands as the natural starting point for shaping policies and pretend that conflicts with other interests (environmental, consumer, social, North-South or other) are negligible.

King, Chris Trans-nationalization, the Fall of Democracy and Ecosystemic Society (book excerpt)

Mokhiber, Russell Top 100 corporate criminals of the 1990s

Rowe, Jonathan Is the Corporation Obsolete? (Washington Monthly, ? 2001)



Rifkin, Jeremy Can Civilization Survive With A Greatly Reduced Government And Cultural Sphere, With Only The Commercial Sphere Left As The Primary Mediator Of Human Life? (Los Angeles Times, Apr 00)



Auriti, Giacinto Ownership of money and the induction of value to money (Moneta Essay, May 1996)

To say that a state cannot pursue its aims because there is no money, is like saying that an engineer cannot build roads, because there are no kilometres. --Ezra Pound



Environment and Trade - A Handbook (IISD and UNEP, Apr 00)

Global Commons Institute Contraction and Convergence - a global solution to a global problem

Müller, Benito Congressional Climate Change Hearings: Comedy or Tragedy? [pdf ] (Apr 00)

[Deliberating on the Kyoto Protocol]. . . the US Congress, in its wisdom, chooses to put itself in a morally dubious position by trifling with the international climate change regime for domestic partisan purposes. . .

The Predicament of Mankind --a Proposal [pdf] (Club of Rome, 1970)



Noble, David F Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education (Oct 1997)

. . .a dismal new era of higher education has dawned. In ten years, we will look upon the wired remains of our once great democratic higher education system and wonder how we let it happen. That is, unless we decide now not to let it happen.



Barber, Benjamin Jihad vs McWorld (Atlantic Monthly, Mar 92)

See also the retrospective interview notes Islam and the New Church (Orig Washington Post, Nov 01)
"On September 10 [2001], when I talked about global democracy, people thought, 'What a quaint, charming utopian that guy Barber is.' On September 12, they were saying what a political realist that guy is."

Bunzl, John "To Give in To the Protesters Would be to Turn Democracy on its Head" (Simpol, 25 Jul 01)

Nader, Ralph Presidential Candidacy Agenda for a New Democracy (21 Feb 00)

"The unconstrained behavior of big business is subordinating our democracy to the control of a corporate plutocracy that knows few self-imposed limits to the spread of its power to all sectors of our society."

Schreibman, Vigdor Attack on ALA's Internet Policy Stand (Librarians' Newsgroup post, Oct 96)

. . . with the collapse of communism, capitalism is now moving to dominate the global people virtually unopposed. This trend can be clearly seen, as documented by scholars such as Kevin Phillips, Benjamin Barber, William Greider, and Lester Thurow, among many others. The ideology, which Barber has called "McWorld", is destroying democracy, enlarging social inequities in obscene terms, and threatening the very survival of the biosphere of the Planet Earth. [A prophetic 1996 post--BJ]



Pollock A and Price D GATS and Public Health (Lancet Vol 356, 9 Dec 00)


Human Rights

Alhadeff, Giampiero A European Charter of Fundamental Rights - the heart of Europe

Amnesty International Solidarity Action for Universal Rights (Feb 99)

Tamás, G M On Post-Fascism - How citizenship is becoming an exclusive privilege (Boston Rev, Mar 00)


"G1" versus China

This concentrated global power is called by various terms, depending on which aspect of sovereignty and freedom one has in mind. So sometimes it’s called the Washington consensus, or the Wall Street/Treasury complex, or NATO, or the international economic bureaucracy (the World Trade Organization, World Bank, and IMF), or G-7 (the rich, Western, industrial countries) or G-3 or, more accurately, usually, G-1. From a more fundamental perspective, though it takes longer to say, we could describe it as an array of megacorporations, often linked to one another by strategic alliances, administering a global economy which is, in fact, a kind of corporate mercantilism tending toward oligopoly in most sectors, heavily reliant on state power to socialize risk and cost and to subdue recalcitrant elements. --Noam Chomsky (lecture at Albuquerque, 26 Feb 00)

Bello, Walden & Mittal, Anuradha Dangerous Liaisons: Progressives, the Right, and the Anti-China Trade Campaign (Food First op-ed, May 00)


General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)

See also specialised list at GATSWATCH

Barlow, M A GATS Primer (Feb 01)

British Columbia, Ministry of Employment and Investment GATS and Public Service Systems (Apr 01)

Caplan, R (Alliance for Democracy) GATS Handbook (Jan 00)

Clift, R Background paper on GATS and post-secondary education (Nov 1999)

Joy, Clare Trading away basic rights: the GATS (Information for Social Change #14, Jan 02)

Morton, Tom Son of MAI (Australian ABC Radio Background Briefing, 23 Jun 02)

Murphy, Ted (NTEU, Australia) The New Free Trade Agenda (2000)

Palast, Greg GATS got his tongue (Observer, London, Apr 15 01)

Palast, Greg The WTO's Hidden Agenda (Observer, London, Nov 9 01)

"For a long time conspiracy theorists thought there had been secret meetings between governments and corporations," said [Barry] Coates. "Looking at these minutes, it was worse than we thought. [The WTO GATS proposals] are a stitch-up between corporate lobbyists and government."

Rikowski, Ruth The Corporate Takeover of Libraries (Information for Social Change #14, Jan 2002)

Libraries start to provide the bulk of their information through the Internet (through the People's Network), rather than traditional books. Micropayments are set up for all transactions on the Internet. Libraries cannot be excluded from the implementation of micropayments (this could be seen to constitute a barrier to trade according to the GATS. . .

Sanders, Richard GATS: The End of Democracy? (Aust Financial Review, 15 Jun 01)


Genetically Modified (GM) Crops

Allsopp, M and Parr, D GM on Trial (evidence in April 2000 UK trial of 28 Greenpeace activists)

Dann, Christine From boom to bust in three seasons - the rapid rise and fall of GE markets (Jul 00)

Smith, Jeffrey 0.1% GMO threshold for seeds is possible (Genetic-ID press release, 26 May 00)


International Monetary Fund and World Bank

Altman, Daniel As Global Lenders Refocus, a Needy World Waits (New York Times, 17 Mar 02)

Bello, W Is Bush bad news for the World Bank? (CorpWatch site, Jan 01)

Chussodovsky, Michel The IMF-World Bank's 'Economic Medicine' (Apr 00)

IMF and World Bank --Two of several instruments of national destruction (Apr 00)

The Brazilian Financial Scam (Oct 98)

Daly, Herman E Global economic integration is disintegration of national economies (9 May 00)

Daniher, Kevin "They'd better get ready, because we're coming!" (Policy.com interview, 14 Apr 00)

Healy, Sean IMF, World Bank, WTO -- Fix it or nix it? (Green Left Weekly, 19 Apr 00)

Klein, Naomi Victory! The IMF and World Bank were shaken to their very core (Toronto Globe & Mail)

Meltzer, A and Sachs, J D Blueprint for a new IMF (National Post, 9 Mar 00, ex Wall St Journal)

The U.S. Treasury, the leading shareholder. . . has now called for fundamental reform. Our report strongly supports Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers in his call for the IMF to refocus its lending on emergencies rather than long-term finance. In fact, we urge the IMF to get out of long-term development finance altogether.

Palast, Greg The Globalizer Who Came in From the Cold ( on Joseph Stiglitz, Observer, 10 Oct 01)

Pooley, Eric The IMF: Dr Death? (Time Magazine, 24 Apr 00)

Stiglitz, Joseph The Insider - What I learned at the World Economic Crisis (New Republic, 6 Apr 00)

. . .if the people we entrust to manage the global economy--in the IMF and in the Treasury Department--don't begin a dialogue and take their criticisms to heart, things will continue to go very, very wrong. I've seen it happen. [This writer was, until Nov 1999, the chief economist of the World Bank.]

Tobin, James and Ranis, Gustav Flawed Fund - The IMF's misplaced priorities (New Republic, 9 Mar 98)

Free-market ideologues have faith that completely liberalized international financial markets will handle all shocks optimally, if only governments and international institutions will stay out of the way. No convincing evidence or logic supports this faith.


International Sign-ons -- current

Declaration of Energy Independence (Natural Resources Defense Council, USA, 2002)

WTO - Shrink or Sink. The Turn Around Agenda (Public Citizen, Jun 2001--organisations only)

Our World is Not For Sale (Council of Canadians, 2001)--an expansion of the above

Safety assessment of GE foods / en fr es (PSRAST, to governments) Physicians/scientists only.


International Sign-ons -- historic

World Economists Call [Tobin Tax] (CEPR/ATTAC) (6 Jun 2000--Closed 17 May 2001).

Statement of Civil Society opposing a Millennium Round (FOEI/Public Citizen, 1999, to WTO)

Cochabamba Declaration (on rights to water, 8 Dec 00)

Citizens' Compact on the United Nations and Corporations (Corporate Watch) Organisations only.

Statement on Life and Evolution (ISIS, 1997- , to State of the World Forum)

World Scientists' Statement on GM crops and life patenting (ISIS, Jan 2000- , to governments)



Chossudovsky, Michel The G7 "Solution" to the Global Financial Crisis - A Marshall Plan for Creditors and Speculators (1998)

Hoedeman, Olivier EC and business prepared for WTO investment talks (CEO email, 15 Mar 00)


Labour rights and standards

Taylor, Geoff A The East Asian Community--APESC not APEC (1995)


Market dogma

Alexander, Bruce K Roots of Addiction in Free Market Society (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Apr 01)

A realistic discussion must recognize that addiction is mass-produced in free market society, and that, therefore, society as well as individuals must change. To define addiction as either a "drug problem" or a "disease" of aberrant individuals, is to prolong a wild goose chase. Addiction is a harmful lifestyle, which may or may not involve drugs, which more and more people in free market society are adopting as a desperate measure to prevent themselves from being crushed by severe, prolonged dislocation.

Bollier, David Public Assets, Private Profits:Reclaiming the American Commons (New America Fdn, Mar 01)

Many of the resources that Americans own as a people--forests and minerals under public lands, public information and federally financed research, the broadcast airwaves and public institutions and traditions--are increasingly being taken over by private business interests. These appropriations of common assets are siphoning revenues from the public treasury, shifting ownership and control from public to private interests,and eroding democratic processes and shared cultural values.

Denny, Charlotte Fellow Traveller (Interview with George Soros, Guardian, London 15 Jul 02)

The idea that a man who made billions betting on the financial markets sides with the anti-globalisation movement might strike some as ironic. Soros is clearly genuinely appalled at the damage wrought on vulnerable economies by the vast sums of money which flow across national borders every day.

Khor, Martin Global Economy and the Third World (IJRS, Oct 99)

[E]conomic colonialism . . . sets into motion the kinds of changes that cause the immigration and also have dire effects on the poorest countries themselves - countries whose economics have fallen under the control of foreign corporations and whose resources are raided and shipped north to the wealthiest industrial nations. The new trade rules leave Third World countries with little ability to resist or protect themselves, or seek alternative economic strategies.

Korten, David C Race to the Bottom (from 'When Corporations Rule the World', Kumarian 1995)

What the corporate libertarians call "becoming more globally competitive" is more accurately described as a race to the bottom.

Monbiot, George Economies of Scale (Guardian, 11 Nov 99)

When a single global marketplace has been engineered, across which single corporations can roam, we shall find them deaf to our entreaties. Were we to tell such monsters that we shall take our custom elsewhere, they will ask us which planet we had in mind.

Ramonet, Ignacio Planetary, Permanent, Immediate, Immaterial (Le Monde diplomatique, May, 1996)

Models of financial markets no longer refer to the natural sciences - Newtonian mechanics or organic chemistry - as a point of reference but the calculation of probabilities, the theory of games, the chaos theory, fuzzy logic and the sciences of the living. At the heart of the system lies money. "Money dominates everything", notes the economist Michel Beaud, "more intelligence and resources are devoted to its care than to saving the lives of people in difficulty. More than ever before in your societies it has become the criterion, the guide, the supreme value; it fascinates and blinds".

George, Susan A Short History of Neoliberalism (Conference paper, 26 Mar 99)

. . . the great new central question of politics is, in my view, "Who has a right to live and who does not?"



Chomsky, Noam What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream? (Z Media Institute talk, June 97)

Halimi, Serge When Market Journalism Invades the World (Le Monde diplomatique)

'A silver elf' Corporate media and the anti-globalisation movement in the U$ (InfoShop, July 00)


OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises

(See also under Official documents)

NOTE: The OECD adopted a new text at the 26-27 June 2000 Ministerial meeting. This, together with relevant press releases, is available from the OECD website.

George, Susan Codes of Conduct suit their purposes, not ours (email, 22 Feb 00)

Speer, Lawrence OECD Revising Guidelines for Multinationals (Int'l Trade Reporter, 3 Feb 00)

Tripathi, Salal Codes of Conduct for Businesses (Conference address, London, 9 Nov 99)

van der Gaag, Pieter A Call to action - including Report of Informal Consultation on OECD Multinational Enterprise Guidelines The Hague, 24 and 25 January 2000 (Email, 17 Feb 00)



Hope World Petition (Heal Our Planet Earth Global Environmental Organisation - HOPE-GEO)

International Youth Declaration [Non-violence] (MoveOn Peace, 2002)

Transform the IMF & World Bank Now! (For individuals. 50 Years is Enough Network. Closed 24 Apr 00)



Fleay, Brian J Climaxing oil - How will transport adapt? (PDF file, 54pp, ex symposium, Nov 98))

Laherrere, Jean Estimates of Oil Reserves (Resources conference paper, Laxenburg, 19 Jun 01)

"The importance of oil was recently denied in front of the emergence of [the] Internet or the huge increase in [GDP] (manipulated to show growth). But the new economy has been badly damaged by the last oil shock."



Ross, Eric B The Malthus Factor (1998) (Edited extract as CornerHouse briefing Jul 00)


Post-Seattle (WTO 1999) analysis

(See also the excellent document list under http://www.ratical.org/co-globalize/index.html#toc)

Bello, Walden From Melbourne to Prague--the struggle for a deglobalised world (Speech, Sep 00)

Caldicott, Helen Why we should be wary of the WTO's mantra of globalisation (SMH, 5 Jan 00)

Chossudovsky, Michel Seattle and Beyond - disarming the New World Order - WTO

Clarke, Tony WTO - By What Authority (Nov 99)

Coates, Barry Friends fall out (London Guardian - 8 Dec 99)

Corporate Europe Observer Post-Seattle Retaliation (CEO, Jun 01)

de Armond, Paul Netwar in the Emerald City - WTO protest war and tactics

de Marcellus, Olivier Impressions from the Battle of Seattle (A-Infos)

Desyllas, Jim Collateral Damage in Seattle

Economist, The (Editorial) The Non-Governmental Order (Dec 99)

Elliott. Larry Byers ultimatum for WTO (London Guardian - 8 Jan 99)

Mr Byers will insist . . .that reform of the WTO is now realistically the only achievement Mr Moore can expect from his 3-year term, and that unless this happens over the next 12 months, the WTO will find it impossible to win over its many critics among both governments and representatives of civil society.

Fried, Jonathan (Canada) Global trading agenda after Seattle (Vancouver debriefing, 4 Dec 99)

"...although the media will no doubt want to portray this as a collapse or a failure, in all honesty and without trying to spin or offer a bias, it is in fact a suspension of ministerial discussions..."

George, Susan Fixing or nixing the WTO (Le Monde diplomatique, Jan 00)

Another World is Possible (Dissent, Winter 2001, and published by World Social Forum, Jan 2001)

Gray, John The end of another fantasy (London Guardian - 23 Dec 99)
Global corporations no longer rule the world and the US is on the retreat from its free trade schemes

Greider, William The battle beyond Seattle (Nation - 27 Dec 99)

After the WTO protest in Seattle, it's time to go on the offensive.. (Nation - 31 Jan 00)

Hawken, Paul The WTO: Inside, Outside, All Around The World

Hellyer, Paul /Canadian Action Party Globalization and the Death of Democracy (2000)

Hines, Colin Moving Seattle to Europe (29 Mar 00)

Jenkins, Brian Defeat of the Cairns Group proposals (letter to the West Australian, 7 Dec 99)

Birth of 'fair trade' principles (Media release for StopMAI, 5 Dec 99)

Khor, Martin et al. Third World Network (many articles of interest)

Korten, David Taking on the Corporate and Financial Rulers (Speech at Seattle, 3 Dec 99)

Lim Li Lin (Third World Network) Montreal Agreement on Biosafety Protocol (31 Jan 00)

Mackay, Hugh The real meaning of Seattle (West Australian, 14 Dec 99)

McCarthy, John Might not right in trade wars (West Australian, 23 Dec 99)

Martinez, Elizabeth (Betita) Where was the color in Seattle? (ColorLines, Spring 00)

Mazur, Jay Labor's new internationalism (Journal of Foreign Affairs, Jan-Feb 00)

Mokhiber, R. and Weissman, R. WTO's Top Ten Reasons organization is flawed (24 Nov 99)

Monbiot, George Still bent on world conquest (London Guardian - 16 Dec 99)

Moore, Michael (non-WTO!) Battle of Seattle (7 Dec 99)

Mumia Abu-Jamal Just Another Form Of Imperialism (3 Dec 99)

Parkins, Keith Some reflections on Seattle and Davos 2000 (revised Mar 00)

Patkar, Medha & Sanjay Sangvai: Seattle Protests - Non-Violent: Disturbance Only By Fringe Groups

Pruzin, Daniel et al WTO Seattle Ministerial fails (Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., Washington D.C)

Raghavan, Chakravarthi et al Third World Network (Many articles of interest))

Ramonet, Ignacio The year 2000 (December 1999 leader, Le monde diplomatique)

Richmond, Paul Undemocratic Institution--Undemocratic Response (Nat. Lawyers' Guild, Seattle Jul 00)

Ritchie, Mark Beyond Seattle (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, - 2000)

. . .a time and place where "we the people" confronted dysfunctional and oppressive global institutions with new ideas and new energy. . .

Schreibman, Vigdor The meaning of "democracy" & Seattle99

Shiva, Vandana The Historic Significance of Seattle (10 Dec 99)

"Free trade is not leading to freedom. It is leading to slavery. Diverse life forms are being enslaved through patents on life, farmers are being enslaved into high-tech slavery, and countries are being enslaved into debt and dependence and destruction of their domestic economies. We want a new millennium based on economic democracy, not economic totalitarianism."

Solomon, Norman A Global Pro-Democracy Movement (Disgruntled Magazine)

'Starhawk' How we really shut down the WTO (Direct Action Network)

Stratfor.com - see Defence Systems Daily here

Tabb, William K. After Seattle: Understanding the Politics of Globalization (Mar 00)

TeSelle, Gene Clueless in Seattle (Witherspoon Society Jan 00)

Weisbrodt, Mark Hoodwinked: The Misleading Numbers Used to Justify Globalization (Mar 00)

Wilkin, Peter Solidarity in a global age - Seattle and beyond (J of World-Systems Research, Spring 2000)

Wolfwood, Terry Seattle - A convergence of globalization and militarization

Woods, David The WTO After Seattle (European Policy Centre Forum)

World Development Movement: Turning the tide: Towards new rules on the global economy (Jan 00)

Zinn, Howard A Flash of the Possible (The Progressive, Corporate Watch, Jan 2000)


Post-S11 (attack on US trade and military buildings)

Barry, Tom Scoundrels and Outlaws (Foreign Policy In Focus, 26 Feb 02)

Brouillet, Carol Demanding a Congressional Inquiry of 9/11 (Jan 02) mirror copy

Chomsky, Noam Interview with Radio B92 Belgrade (c 17 Sep 01)

The New War Against Terror (Public lecture, from MIT audio, 18 Oct 01) text copy

Fisk, Robert Bush is walking into a trap (Independent, London, 16 Sep 01)

We are the war criminals now (Independent, London, 29 Nov 01).[Z-mag copy]

George, Alexander (ed.) Western State Terrorism (Routledge1991--included for current relevance)

Held, David and Hirst, Paul Globalisation after 11 September [PDF] (openDemocracy dialogue, Jan 02)

Trainer, Ted If you want affluence, prepare for war (Democracy and Nature, Jul 02)



Oxfam International Rigged Rules and Double Standards (Make Trade Fair Report, April, 2002)

Make Trade Fair aims to change world trade rules so that trade can make a real difference in the fight against global poverty.

Shiva, Vandana: Poverty and Globalization (Reith Lecture, May 2000)



Cortright, David The Power of Non-Violence (Nation, 18 Feb 02)

Kaufmann, Lawrence The New Unrest - Radicals are finding their voices again (Shepherd Express, Mar 00)

National Lawyers' Guild, Washington Exercising protest rights in Washington DC (Downloadable manual)

George, Susan How to win the war of ideas: Lessons from the Gramscian Right (Dissent, Summer 1997)

Bello, Walden The Battle of Genoa (The Nation, 23 Jul 01)

Harris, Paul et al [on Genoa G8] You could sense the venom and hatred (Observer, UK, 29 Jul 01)

Sarin Bodyhammer: Tactics and self-defense for the modern protester (pdf booklet)



Blackwell, Benjamin Micropolitics and the Cooking-Pot Revolution in Argentina (Aug 02)



Chomsky, Noam Control of Our Lives (Lecture at Albuquerque, 26 Feb 00)



Baker, Dean Taxing Financial Speculation: Shifting the Tax Burden From Wages to Wagers (1999)



Focus on the Global South Focus-on-Trade (online periodical, Bangkok)

International Forum on Globalisation Beyond the WTO - Alternatives to Economic Globalisation

McKeever, Mike Balanced Trade, Toward the Future of Economics

Suggests that nation states can and should control trade flows for the benefit of their citizens and not for the benefit of corporations.


War and Globalisation

Fisk, Robert: The Case Against War--a conflict driven by the self-interest of America (Indep., 15 Feb 03)

Lochbihler, Barbara: Militarism a Facilitator for Globalization

McMurtry, J: Why is there a war in Afghanistan? (Peace Forum Address, Toronto, 9 Dec 2001) As pdf

Talbot, Karen: Backing up Globalization with Military Might (CovertAction Quarterly, Fall/Winter 99)

The World Trade Organization and War: Making the Connection (January 2000, Peacewire)



Ahluwalia, Raj The faces and voices of Walkerton (CBC report, 5 Jun 00)

Barlow, Maude The World Bank must realise water is a basic human right (Globe & Mail, 9 May 00)

Palast, Gregory New British empire of the dammed (on Bolivia) (The Observer, 23 Apr 00)

US Environmental Agency E.coli in drinking water (Consumer advice, 16 Jun 00) Safe water homepage


World Social Forum (WSF)

Bello, Walden When Davos Meets Porto Alegre: A Memoir (WSF 2001 website)

Chomsky, Noam Why the World Social Forum? (Usenet posting, Dec 00) 2nd copy

Cooper, Marc Letter from Porto Alegre (Nation (web only), Feb 02)

George, Susan Another World is Possible (Nation, 18 Feb 02)

Another World is Possible (Different article, WSF 2001)

Kingsnorth, Paul The End of the Beginning? (openDemocracy posting, 13 Feb 02)

Sundry speakers: Opinions of WSF 2001 in Porto Alegre (WSF 2001 website)

Wright, Tom J Thousands of Global Citizens Gather. . .American Press Refuses to Notice (Mar 01)


World Trade Organisation (WTO)

Dobbin, Murray (GATS) Trading away the public interest (National Post, Canada, 26 Jun 00) 2nd copy

McMurtry, John FRSC What econometrics hides: the paradigm revolution (Jun 01)

The FTAA and the WTO: the Meta-Program for Global Corporate Rule (Mar 01)

Montague, Peter Steps toward a corporate state (Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly, 27 Apr 00)

Vander Stichele, Myriam Towards a World Transnationals Organisation (Apr 98)

Globalisation, Marginalisation and the WTO (Sep 97)

Singapore Ministerial and the Developing Countries (Nov 96)


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