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A global campaign webliography - Part 6
'OFFICIAL' DOCUMENTS - under construction
Australia Bilderberg Biosafety Climate change Consultants
Davos Eur._Union France GATS GMO apologists
Protest_Security Terrorism UNCTAD USA WTO



Calvert, Ashton Australia's Foreign and Trade Policy Agenda (Speech to National Press Club, Aug 00)

Lustenberger, Rebecca Invitation to consult on the OECD's MNE Guidelines review (Feb 00)

Howard, Lyall Unfinished business - global trade reform in agriculture ( National Farmers Federation, 1999)

Goh, G and Witbreuk, T The WTO Dispute Settlement System (UWA Law Review 30(1) Jun 01)


Bilderberg Council

Bilderberg Papers (leaked) Redesigning the International Financial Architecture (Sintra, Portugal 1999)



Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (23 Feb 00) /en fr es ru ar cn



Defence Systems Daily

Desynchronisation of the Global Economy (29 Nov 1999)

World Trade Agenda

"Laissez-litiger" dispute-settlement fever (Feb 99)


Climate change

Common Questions about Climate Change (GCRIO, USA)

Morrissey WA and Justus JR Global Climate Change (CRS Brief IB89005, Sep 00)



Knobel, Lance Insider's guide to Davos (8 Feb - 15 Mar 00)

Winer, Dave Two days at Davos (Experiences of a newbie participant, 28-29 Jan 00)


European Commission

Joint Statement with Canada on A new trade round (Portugal 2000 Summit, 26 Jun 00)

Lamy, Pascal Post-Seattle EU press conference (6 Dec 1999)

WTO Appraisal and Prospects, etc, ongoing (Speeches to EU Parlt)



Lalumière, Catherine et al Rapport sur l'Accord multilatéral sur l'investissement (AMI) (Sep 98) /fr

Lalumière, Catherine et al Report on the MAI (Sep 98) /en (Translation - Council of Canadians)


Trade in Services

Ditchley Park Declaration (Global Services Network)

WTO Proposals for new services negotiations


Genetically modified organisms

Nuffield Foundation, UK (TNC-funded) Genetically modified crops--ethical and social issues

John Innes Centre, UK Patenting and biotechnology

GM Issues (Links to govt reports, conference proceedings, etc)


International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Camdessus, Michel Australia and Asia in the Global Economy (Melbourne speech, 5 May 98)

Schafer, Brett D Bretton Woods Institutions--History and Reform Proposals (Heritage Foundation, Apr 00)


Lesser Developed Countries (LDCs)

Nadi Declaration (Solidarity of Afican, Caribbean and Pacific countries) July 2002


NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

The NAFTA Text


OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)

OECD Revised Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (Jun 2000)

Policy Brief on above

Fatouros, Arghyrios A The OECD (MNE) Guidelines in a Globalising World (16 Feb 99)



Austin, J and Coventry, G Emerging Issues on Privatised Prisons (US Bureau of Justice Assistance, Feb 01)

In 1987, the number of inmates incarcerated in privately operated correctional facilities worldwide was 3,100; by 1998 the number had risen to 132,000. In the United States today there is a total of 158 private correctional facilities.


Protest Security

Canadian Security Intelligence Service Anti-Globalization--a spreading phenomenon (Perspectives, Aug 00)



US Exclusion list of organisations

US Most Wanted Terrorists



Ricupero, Rubens (UNCTAD Sec-Gen) Statement to the Seattle WTO Ministerial (30 Nov 99)

Secretary-General's report to UNCTAD X (Feb 2000)
"Beyond the unification of markets: a global community of cooperation and shared knowledge for security and development - Some personal reflections."


United States

Clinton, Bill Speech to the World Economic Forum, Davos (29 Jan 2000)

Larson, Alan (US State Dept) Worldnet Dialogue on Seattle

White House Release Joint US-EU Statement on WTO (17 Dec 99)



NOTE: The World Trade Organisation website is being radically rehashed. URLs to the former (DDF) document retrieval system became defunct on 2 Feb 01. The new databases can be accessed at http://www.wto.org/wto/english/docs_e/docs_e.htm . We are in the process of locating and changing WTO document references in the webliography. Please email us when you come across links which don't work.

'Trading into the Future', an Introduction to the WTO

WTO Uruguay Round Final Act and Agreements

General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT), 1994

Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)

Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)

Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMS)

Dispute Settlement

Dispute Panel and Apellate Body Reports

Focus Newsletter (all issues, in PDF)

The first WTO Ministerial, Singapore, 1996

Ministerial Declaration. Geneva, 1998

Third WTO Ministerial, Seattle, 1999

Fourth WTO Ministerial, Doha (Qatar), 2001

Moore, Mike Seattle conference doomed to succeed (30 Nov 99 opening address)

Director-general's statement (7 Dec 99) "Despite the temporary setback in Seattle, our objectives remain unchanged"

Report to General Council on consultations after Seattle



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