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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

JSCOT (Joint Standing Committee on Treaties)
Media Releases:
Related Citizens' page

Community Aid Abroad

Australian Local Government Association
ALGA submission to JSCOT on the MAI (defunct)

Environmental Defender's Office (Sydney)
(MAI submission is no longer available)

A very good 1997 ABC feature: MAI--The Quiet Debate

A useful page assembled by a Wollongong Councillor


In 2000, the most important world email listserve to be on is 'StopWTORound'

To subscribe, you must first be registered with eGroups.  To register, visit the website at and follow the directions. Once you are registered you will be able to subscribe to StopWTORound and/or other lists of your choice.  There are two ways to subscribe.

EITHER send a blank email to:

OR paste into your browser the URL and press return.

You will be asked to confirm by replying to an email. You can unsubscribe at any time by going back to the webpage . From the same website, you can also modify your subscription to send you either immediate email messages or a single daily digest --or cancel all emails and read messages from the website.

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There is an Australian mailing list for the 11 September 2000 (S11) protests against the Melbourne meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). To subscribe, send a blank email to .

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To subscribe to the international list MAI-INTL (of Public Citizen, Washington DC, USA), send an email to with the Subject area blank and the following command in the body of your email message:

subscribe mai-intl

The address for posting messages to the list is >

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The richly archived newsgroup, MAI-NOT (Canada) is accessible on the web at
You can also subscribe for email postings. Send an email to with the following command in the body of your email message:
subscribe mai-not

The address for posting messages to the list is

MAI-NOT has become a vehicle for large numbers of related off-topic postings on general issues of freedom, peace, disarmament, etc. If you want to read MAI-NOT from the web and be registered to have your own contributions automatically posted, send this command instead:
subscribe mai-not-nomail
(That way, you will not receive email messages every day!)

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The UK newsgroup, UK-ANTI-MAIF has been discontinued but may reappear with a new name.

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A very relevant and interesting US economics list is TOES97, now called TOESLIST

This is now hosted by eGroups at

To subscribe, send a blank email to

The address for posting messages to the list is

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ALTERDAVOS -- ATTAC's archived anti-MAI site, an orderly document archive (English, French and Spanish) linked with a discussion forum. Scroll down the left-hand side menu to find docs in English (or marked EN).

MAI References in a US site: Public Citizen Global Trade Watch

The strong, active Canadian MAI-NOT home page:

The failed MAI Treaty itself, if you've got a big appetite:
The April 1998 negotiating text is available on the OECD site at

The earlier leaked draft and a lot of other material including WTO analysis is at

The OECD site still carries a 1997 policy brief at . However, a search for 'MAI' from the OECD homepage will reveal that 'access is reserved' to many of the major MAI documents.

OECD historic MAI Documentation and reports

The OECD's Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises:

The OECD Guidelines in a Globalising World

The Lalumiere Report (English)
--also at
The Lalumiere Report (French)
[Note: This is the report which led to the withdrawal of France from MAI negotiations and the consequent collapse of the treaty process.]

Acceptable ALTERNATIVE MAI Proposals

A Common Agreement on Investment and Society (Alliance for Democracy, US) at
Charter99, a Charter for Global Democracy:
Citizen's Public Trust:
Polaris Institute: