Rhondda landscapes

You know you must be in the Rhondda Valley when you traverse rugged mountain landscapes and come across the world's hardiest sheep. . .
The fleece is torn from scrambling through brambles.and wire fences but stays as pure as the driven snow (or rain or icy winds, etc.)
A mining town in a valley near Maesteg
Houses are clustered near the bank of a mountain stream

  This is Park Street, Clydach Vale, where my father was born in 1910 and lived until 1930 when he joined the army to escape the poverty of a coalmining village.
My grandfather's Enoch's No 86 has been given a modern makeover. This is the doorstep near which my Uncle Dan as a teenager gave a thrashing to young Tommy Farr and his brother!

The old back street is still much the same as I remember from visits as a child in the 1940s.

I remember nothing but black slag heaps where we now see rolling green hills. What a change!
More views of Clydach Vale, where life is now much more relaxed and healthy than in the coalmining era.

The Clydach Vale primary school which was flooded in March 1910 by water bursting from an uphill dam. Click on picture.

The railway station at nearby Llwynypia

Two views of the bustling little centre of nearby Tonypandy

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