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FIGHTS BACK to protect clean salmon industry

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When, in July 1999, the Australian Government backed away from its 24-year ban on uncooked salmon imports, a State quarantine ban was soon applied by the Government of Tasmania with unanimous support of its Parliament. This brought Australia into contravention of the World Trade Organisation's ruling. Tasmania has conducted its own Import Risk Analysis on the issue (available below).

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There have been two WTO Dispute Settlement Panel decisions and several resultant appeals since 1998 on the issue of Australia's attitude to salmon imports. ( See Chronology of preceding events .) The most recent appeals were initiated by Canada, resulting in a ruling announced in July 1999, overturning the 24-year ban on fresh salmon imports. Australia then agreed to consider measures short of a total ban, resulting in proposals for heading, gilling, gutting and packaging which would in theory remove the parts of the fish most likely to spread disease. In respect to salmon from New Zealand, there would not even be a requirement to remove the head and gills. [Australia's revised Import Risk Analysis was produced to an "accelerated timetable" (of 3 months) to address WTO demands. Its general conclusions appear in Chapter 9 of the IRA.]. [See an account of some salmonid diseases ]

This was seen as a big concession. However, it was not enough for the WTO. The second WTO panel decision, released in February 2000, rejected these requirements as too restrictive for exporters.  It also decided that the Tasmanian ban was unjustified since it lacked a formal scientific basis. (Tasmania released its import risk analysis justifying the ban on Feb 23, soon after public release of the second panel's report.). The following (Jan 2000) letter from Environment Minister David Llewellyn states Tasmania's position and indicates that the Australian Government had not formally reacted to the Animal Health Amendment Bill before the WTO Dispute Settlement Panel had concluded its December sitting.

11 January, 2000

Dear Mr Jenkins

Thank you for your letter of 20 December 1999 concerning amendments to Tasmania's Animal Health Act and any reaction by the Australian Government.

The December 1999 amendments to the Animal Health Act passed through both Houses of the Tasmanian Parliament with unanimous support and without amendment. The amendments received Royal Assent on 15 December 1999 and commenced on that day. The second reading speech and debates on the Animal Health Amendment Bill are available on the Tasmanian Government's web-site.

Tasmanian Government officials met with senior officers of the Commonwealth Government in November 1999 to advise Tasmania's position on fish quarantine in preparation for the World Trade Organisation dispute settlement meetings in Geneva in December 1999. We have not received any reaction so far from the Commonwealth Government to Tasmania's amended Animal Health Act.

Tasmania is concerned that the Commonwealth unilaterally determines a level of quarantine protection "appropriate for Australia" without regard to the Sovereignty of States and Territories in such matters. Also, in a country as large and diverse as Australia, the suitability of a "one size fits all" set of quarantine measures is highly questionable given that the Sanitary [and] Phytosanitary (SPS) Agreement requires that countries adopt least trade restrictive measures. The need for different quarantine measures in different parts of Australia is quite apparent when considering precautions necessary to prevent establishment of salmonid diseases in Australia. The SPS Agreement provides specifically for countries to recognise and take account of different circumstances in parts of both an exporting and importing country when considering measures necessary to prevent spread of disease,

Thank you for your interest in this matter.

Yours sincerely

David Llewellyn MHA
Minister for Primary Industries, Water and Environment

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Animal Health Amendment Act
Animal Health Regulations 1999
Animal Health Regulations 1996 *
Motion in support, 20 Oct 99*
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Check 1999. Paste in the query New Zealand imported salmon Click OK, then click on the resultant document name.When the section has loaded, click on FIRST HIT in the menu at top. See also Hansard debate on the motion (below).
Tas Govt Gazette, 24 Nov 99 to be advised if available online
Import Risk Analysis
(Feb 00)
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HANSARD DEBATES 1999 (Tasmania) Follow instructions to access these Tasmanian House of Assembly Hansard documents. Essential: check 1999 on the search form.
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Tues 5 Oct 99, Ministerial Statement * Access at
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Wed 20 Oct 99, Motion of support for action Access at
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Tues 23 Nov 99, 2nd Reading of Animal Health Amendment Bill (No. 113) * Access at
Check 1999. Paste in [after 'The query so far is'] 23 November 1999 AND Animal Health Click OK, then click on the resultant document name.When the Hansard section has loaded, click on the last red pointer, after '1999' in the first line to bring up the Animal Health Amendment Bill.
Tues 30 Nov 99, Question Access at
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Assembly Sittings, 2000
HANSARD DEBATES 2000 (Tasmania) (Commencing 30 Mar - to be advised when posted)
SENATE INQUIRY [Cttee] Rural and Regional Affairs & Transport Committee [Hansard]
Interim Report 8/12/99
Hearing Transcript 24/9/99 (Canberra) *
Hearing Transcript 5/10/99 (Hobart) *
Hearing Transcript 11/11/99 (Canberra) *
Hearing Transcript 22/11/99 (Canberra) Mr D Bucke*
Hearing Transcript 8/02/00 (Canberra) AQIS (pp218-223),
Hearing Transcript 18/02/00 (Canberra) AQIS, A-G, DFAT*
Senate Estimates Committee* Go to Salmon select passages



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from "Opportunities in Marine Biology and Aquaculture" (US Dept of Agriculture, 1995)

Nowhere in the biosphere is biological diversity greater than in the seas, and the extent of this diversity becomes increasingly evident as scientists investigate new environments. In the 1980s, for example, giant tube worms (Riftia) were recovered from areas adjacent to deep-ocean thermal vents, and novel mussels (Bathymodiolus) that farm methanotrophic bacteria on their gill tissue were discovered around methane seeps in the Gulf of Mexico. Most newly described species have been and will continue to be microorganisms, although it is clear that new marine plants and animals also await discovery.

Less than 1 percent of the extant bacteria -- marine and terrestrial -- have been isolated and described. The marine environment represents a particularly fertile source for new bacteria, as evidenced by the recent discovery of unusual "cold water" archaea 100-500 meters deep in the oceans. These archaea comprise a high percentage of the total bacterial ribosomal RNA present in seawater samples, yet they have not been isolated in pure culture and described.

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