These supplementary notes aim to help identify some of the website presenters in brief. Some have been provided by the presenters themselves, others have been drawn or collated from the sites. No responsibility is taken for their veracity.


Water Pressure Group in Auckland, New Zealand, organises direct-action civil disobedience against commercialised water services in the city. Formed 1998. Now over 1000 members. When people are disconnected at the street mains, we re-excavate, lay new pipes, turn-on, then concrete the whole lot in to deter Metrowater Ltd - see photos and reports on website. A recent one-day blitz saw 12 households "permanently disconnected" at the mains. Within 48 hours all but one had been reconnected by the turn-on squads. Active in anti-APEC activites in Auckland, September 1999, and increasingly getting involved in global water conflicts.

World Bank's Development Gateway Portal. This controversial site "is an innovative Internet portal for sustainable development and poverty reduction. It offers a common space for dialogue and exchange of experiences, knowledge, ideas, tools, and other information resources. Its powerful search engine will help users more readily navigate through the wealth of information on the Internet and find useful information and resources on development. By enabling actors in the development field to exchange ideas and build knowledge-sharing communities, the Gateway will harness the use of advanced technologies to support sustainable development and poverty reduction." Contributors tend to be pro-corporate interests.

World Development Movement (WDM), UK, founded 1970, is a democratic membership organisation, with offices in London and Edinburgh, campaigning for international justice. WDM's People before Profits campaign targeted companies such as the Del Monte (bananas), toy companies, Rio Tinto, Disney and Shell over their abuse of workers' rights, coercive marketing and social and environmental damage to local communities. WDM has campaigned for international regulation of tobacco, against Genetically Modified Organisms and against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment and WTO measures including GATS. Since 1984, WDM has pressed for cancellation of the debts of the poorest countries and an end to the harsh conditionality of IMF Structural Adjustment Programmes and was a founding member of Jubilee 2000 Coalition. WDM is pressing for the rights for citizens of all countries to pursue alternative economic policies that benefit the majority world, rather than a few large multinationals. Participant in the successful June 2002 mass lobby at Westminster.

World Social Forum (WSF), São Paulo, Brazil, is a new international arena for the creation and exchange of social and economic projects that promote human rights, social justice and sustainable development. It will take place every year in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, during the same period as the World Economic Forum, which happens in Davos, Switzerland, at the end of January. The World Social Forum will provide a space for building economic alternatives, for exchanging experiences and for strengthening South-North alliances between NGOs, unions and social movements. It will also be an opportunity for developing concrete projects, to educate the public, and to mobilize civil society internationally. The World Social Forum developed as a consequence of a growing international movement that advocates for greater participation of civil societies in international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization (WTO). The richness of Brazilian grassroots organizations represents a source of inspiration for the development of the World Social Forum. The Brazilian Organizing Committee is building alliances with organizations in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe to develop the World Social Forum.

World Vote Field Test. An illustration of the breathtaking, though necessary, goal-setting of global civil society. "A diverse and wide spectrum of individuals composes humankind. Take away all our trappings and you get a respectable mass of breathing, thinking, living people. The world's population is growing at a steady rate of 80 million new members a year. A constantly shifting percentage of around 50% women and 50% men make up the whole of humanity. More than two thirds of us are 16 years or older. These 4,445,000,000 adults can vote in the global human referendum. The contrasts we live in couldn't be more extreme. We are dirt poor, filthy rich, educated, street-wise, shut-out, plugged-in, hungry, happy, sick, secure, exploited and everything in-between. Circumstances, largely set at birth, define our level of health, welfare, opportunity and security. From well-to-do zones it is hard to imagine the daily suffering of the many. From positions of disadvantage there seems to be almost no escape. Statistics alone can't begin to capture our needs, dreams, aspirations and desires. To imagine humanity we have to be able to grasp that the billions of us, side by side, are equals. The world vote doesn't care about our differences. The referendum only registers equality.
One person = one vote. All are invited."

WTOAction.org (Canada/international) Mobilizing opposition to the WTO! An interactive web site with Upcoming Actions, Online Resources, Research Material & Links. 

WTO WATCH is hosted by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), a research institute headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1986, the mission of the Institute is to create environmentally and economically sustainable rural communities and regions through sound agriculture and trade policy.

XBORDER (Australia/international) is principally a platform for the production and hosting of anti-border material, with particular though not exclusive focus on Australia. Such material may be in the form of articles, reports, flyers, digital media, sticker templates and other campaign material. For further information, or to submit material, email xborder_x@yahoo.com.au


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