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Australian Govt Seattle 1999    

World Trade Organisation:

1st WTO Ministerial, Singapore 1996

2nd WTO Ministerial Declaration 1998

WTO Final Act and Agreements

Semi-annual Dumping Report - Australia

Search Document Dissemination

Uruguay Round Summary and Links

World Trade Statistics (1997)

Sustainable Development
-Singapore Ministerial

WTO Declaration on Information Technology (1996)

Seattle Ministerial, 1999
Country submissions
Events at Seattle

Australian Government

Aust-US bilateral Ministerial, July 1998

Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Directory

DFAT Public Hearings on proposed WTO New Round
DFAT Issues Paper following 120 public submissions

DFAT Calendar of trade-related events

DFAT "Study" promoting
Global Trade Reform (May 1999)
with foreword by Renato Ruggiero

DFAT Home Page

DFAT Trade Negotiations


Other relevant links

Leaked European Commission Proposal for WTO talks

US Information Service Datefile (official US source)

Towards a World Transnationals' Organisation

Trade-related international websites (DFAT list)

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