The forest is traditionally portrayed as a place of transformation. Through story and imagination participants will enter the forest to discover the treasure and wisdom of their journey. Every time we enter the forest the experience is different as the story triggers different paths for different people.

Each workshop is specifically designed as a one-off encounter. As you may re- enter the forest on different occasions so each workshop inspires different stories. Through guided imagery, drawing, working in pairs or groups and listening to stories, these workshops are suitable for all who have a love of story.

Enjoy the magic of your forest again and again.

Like the changing nature of the elements themselves, these workshops provide new experiences and insights for each participant.


It "is the nature of the earth - to receive the seed and to nourish the roots - to foster growth in the dark so that it may reach up for the light" (Helen Luke)

In the rush of modern life we overlook the qualities of the earth with its capacity to endure and patiently nurture. Fallow cycles regenerate the earth and so it is for you and me. As we nourish the ground of our being we germinate dormant seeds waiting to sprout.


" In story terms, air allows us spacious liberty to explore and commune with whatever is above us... Sudden great and liberal movements of mind and heart may be experienced through vast airy journeys" (Nancy Mellon).

When we feel bogged down and trapped by the treadmill of daily routine, stories that encourage us to become airborne liberate and allow us a bird's eye view of new terrain waiting to be explored.


Stories have been told around fires in all cultures since the beginning of time. Without fire there can be no story. "Fire is the agent of transformation, and without it human beings would not have begun to emerge from the unconsciousness of the animal world" (Helen Luke) Fire stories can activate glowing embers into a blaze of light releasing your creative potential.


Like fire, water has the capacity to heal and to destroy. "Water can stimulate mysterious overtones in your hearing and also in the hearing of your story companions, opening up a sense of streaming wonder and refreshment." (Nancy Mellon) When life feels stagnant, arid and parched it is necessary to dive into the depths to find healing waters. Water stories can bring fluidity to old attitudes and stimulate fresh approaches to life.


Taking the Plunge: a workshop for beginners.
Ever wanted to tell a story? This workshop is for those who need some encouragement to tell stories, and who have teetered on the brink, hesitant to take the plunge.

Opening the Treasure Chest: unlocking your story.
Find the key to the treasure of your own story. Bring to the surface hidden gems from your past through discovering stories from the oral tradition that have long been buried and forgotten. Enrich your own story by experiencing the value of old tales once told around the hearth or in the great halls.

Voices from the Past: bringing history to life.
The value of primary and secondary resources in bringing to life stories from the past. Photographs, letters, newspapers, official records can all help build up a picture of characters and settings to help us breath life into events that took place in times gone by.

Castles of Enchantment: exploring fairytales.
A chance to delve into the realm of the imagination where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the extraordinary becomes ordinary. A variety of fairytales, both traditional and modern, from different countries will stimulate the value of these timeless stories.

The Quest for the Golden Ball: a journey into the world of myth, legend and folktales.
A time to listen, tell and recall past warriors who have shaped our life's journey. Characters we have already met on the path, reappear in new disguises and beloved figures will emerge from behind ancient masks. New guides step forward to lead us as we enter unfamiliar territory.