Keith Chatto


Keith Chatto, born in the Sydney suburb of Kogarah in 1924, relieved the boredom of constant childhood sickness by sketching. His work was noticed by Smith's Weekly and he attended art classes. His first job was in the art department of Greater Union Theatres.

After leaving the RAAF following World War II he sold his adventure comic strip, Destiny Scott, to The Sydney Morning Herald. This was followed by such strips as Bunny Allen and The Buccaneer for the All-Australian Comics Group and The Lone Wolf for Atlas Publications. He also had stints ghosting both the daily and Sunday strips of Air Hawk and The Flying Doctors for John Dixon, drew a long run of Skippy comic books and worked on self created titles such as The Twilight Ranger and El Lobo. With the advent of television he became a freelance cine-cameraman and film producer.

Keith was the first Australian artist to illustrate a full-length Phantom story, Rumble in the Jungle, which was followed by two more stories, Return of the Singh Brotherhood and The Kings Cross Connection.

Keith passed away early on the morning of Thursday, 22nd October, 1992. He is sorely missed.

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