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Name: John Martin Gowland

Date of birth 16/1/58 that makes me an old bugger.

Mum was not well in my first years so Nana brought me up for the most part.
Imagine watching a movie and seeing the street and the house you were brought up in.
Billy Elliot (movie of 2000) lived in what was about number 5 Alnwick Street, Easington Colliery. It was called Everington in the movie. I was brought up in number one pictured here. 1 Alnwick Street.

and here

These pics make me cry. They are so real, my earliest memories.

Or here in case the link goes as the street has. Alnwick Street was knocked down because of vandalism. Easington after Thatchers closure of the Coal Mine in 1983 is now one of the worst poverty spots in the UK. Thank you to the British capitalists and your politicians Conservative and New Labour.

If you would like a Curriculum Vitae please e-mail me at
If you are thinking of offering me a post it would need to be very tempting, I enjoy my work very much.

Achievements -My greatest achievement I suppose was getting a degree. I have a Dual Bachelors degree in Politics and Sociology (Hon's) from Sheffield University in the UK.
Although I have a Masters in Information Technology I knew I could do that. But the degree I was nervous about, you see I failed at school and never achieved anything academically.

Taken in 2006 Kick on pic to enlarge

Taken 21 Nov 09

This makes me believe that any one, just about can, if they work hard go to university. Sports, I achieved "best all round athlete" at my high school "The Avenue Comprehensive School" -Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, England. There is a great web site of the now demolished school at The Ave. I also represented my school and County at the 400 meters. At 16 I was about the fourth fastest in the England for my age group. I also won the Victor Ludorum at that age, best all round athlete in the school. Now I'm slower, a lot balder and fatter. But I still keep very fit Sue and I do a lot of bike riding. Perth is an awesome city for long scenic bike rides. We also go to the gym most days in the week.

John in stinger suit, Rottnest 2001

Pictures of John in dress suit 15th October 2002

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John aged 7 and sister Louvain aged 5 years old