The Election of Donald Trump

The Election of Donald Trump is an irrelevance people forget that the 1% control the world in the 1% control America if you start doing things against them they’ll stop him. His biggest Support came from white working class people who have lost their jobs. His way of making the jobs is to stop jobs going abroad stopping free trade the 1% will not allow that. 

What this election has done is to create huge Army millions of people against capitalism against the bosses, against the establishment against the 1%. On the one hand there are millions of Bernie supporters who want socialism they do want free education free health. What millions want is jobs which Trump cannot provide nor could Clinton. Even Obama said that you cannot change things from within the White House.

The USA will never be the same again, a giant has woken up wanting a different path, millions of people will go for a better life and push aside these rich politicians and the 1%.

Frustration will quickly grow when there are no jobs made when there’s no wall built or nothing he says will happen.
Watch this new giant grow!

Posted on FB Wednesday 9th November 2016 the day the result came in.