Communications Technology2018
Mr Gowland
Some links are not working at the moment whilst we take part in "Adobe Dreamweaver" development, uploading host sites into the cloud.

Sample work done by students.

Year 11 AIT TEE

Students creating web pages and linking youtube accounts to them and then uploading ITC related tutorial videos. All videos and photographs were created with smart phones in class or at home. The uploading to youtube was from home or from their phones at school.

Zahraa Year 11 Most of this students work is here on line-notice this student has used free goggle space to create her web site Do check her Youtube tutorial.
Task 1 Youtube Tutorial

Sajad – How to create a gmail account.
Youtube tube tutorial

Alan - installing a fire wire card. 
Youtube tube tutorial

Example of flash work by students

Online work of Jen

One line work of Joyc 

Example of year Nine work
In total there are almost 30 student's work on line here

Professional examples of Flash

How to morph with Flash

Short lower school course structure “Stage 1 in Drone Technology”

Mr Gowlands Sky View Aerial Videography you may have to open link in new tab

Lower School Course 

New Youtube channel
In development

New! Learn to fly a drone in class

WACE Sample course outline

New! Learn to fly a drone in class

Educational Support

Computer basics

Web Wise

Connect from school, home and from your mobile.
You and your family can find many recourses here, including how you are doing in your subjects, notices from your teacher and school.
Term Dates 2018


On line learning and test

Cloud based computing
As a student or teacher you can get free Online storage space and access to free Online software

Free Software for all - the Open Source Revolution

Secure your computer

Anyone can code (programme) you just have to start at the beginning.
Start here - free
In class we will use this first.

Later there are two other options
Code Comp or Code Masters

learn by doing quizzes like playing soccer.

Links you need to do your work